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Jug Fuckers 226 Jug Fuckers This site was made for those of you who enjoy fucking tits just as much as you like fucking pussies.
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Jug Fuckers

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Jug Fuckers

Short Review

This site was made for those of you who enjoy fucking tits just as much as you like fucking pussies! Thats right this site is all about very hot and busty ladies getting their jugs rapidly slammed by a well hung horny stud, so if this sort of porn rocks your boat, then come check out the review and see if the site is worth your while!

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Alright I wanna say this straight up, the women on this site have HUGE titties so if your a big tit fan your going to fall in love with the ladies on this site and most of them seem to be natural, which came as a big surprise to me, cause nowadays porn stars are getting their tits enlarged left right and center and in my opinion most of them would have been better off as they were as I've seen some very bad tit jobs since I've worked in the porn industry. There is a wide variety of busty women starring on this site, they've got blondes, brunettes, ebony hoes, redheads, 18-19 year olds, milfs, Latinas and Asians, so it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll find a chick here that'll tickle your love muscle oh and did I mention that they're all very busty?

So far there are 113 tit fucking scenes up and running which is a damn good number as far as network sites go. All the videos files on the site are in both wmv and mpeg format, members have the option of downloading the scenes in one whole file or in short chapters, having the option of downloading the scene in chapters will be quite convenient for customers who are still on dial up. It looks as though the wmv videos are lower in resolution than the mpeg videos, this is what I gathered judging by the file sizes of the two different formats and sure enough upon watching them I found it quite noticeable that the clarity of the mpegs is slightly better. There isn't really anything bad I can say about the mpeg videos the site has to offer, but I wouldn't recommend watching the wmvs through a full screen as they do tend to get quite pixelated.

Picture content on this site consists of high quality still photos and video stills. First let me get the video stills out of the way, cause we all know how much I hate video stills, ok first off let me just say that the media team has done a pretty decent job on keeping the awkward angles down to a minimum, but blurring and pixelation are still noticeably present through out the stills, I'm not going to bother saying much else about the video stills, cause I'm so sick and tired of bagging them out, anyway lets get to the still photos. It's a good thing that they decided to include these still photos cause I'm sure that no one is going to enjoy viewing those god awful video stills. Anyway the still photos are just amazing, they're big, they're clear and they're bright, the three aspects that make a quality picture, which are apparent through out all of the picture galleries on this site, these are definitely worth a look at, especially for those of you who prefer viewing pictures over videos.

So you think that 113 tit fucking scenes is a shit load huh? Well then your going to flip when I tell you that members also have the luxury of full access to a further 50 sites and you don't need me to tell you this but that is a shit load of porno, especially knowing that most of the sites included here have over 40 videos and if you do the maths, that is a mind boggling amount of content to go through, needless to say that you probably won't have to join another porn site again, cause there is obviously enough porn available here to last you a lifetime, so the videos are plenty and the women are busty, I give the content side of this site a big phat thumbs up!

Nav, Design & Features

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Ok I'll just say this straight out the site looks absolutely stunning, the background is easy on the eyes and the color scheme is not to dark or bright, in other words it's just right and everything is neatly spaced out, the site just screams of professionalism. Navigating around this site is as simple as utilizing the navigational menu found just underneath the top banner of this site, the various buttons on this menu obviously take you to the different sections of this site, making the task of backtracking a lot quicker.

All of the information you'll ever want to know concerning this site can be found on the homepage. On this page you'll come across information on the latest uploaded video, thumbnail links to the highest rated featured videos, news on updates for the upcoming week and links to their entire collection of scenes. They even have a members poll asking what type of scenes members prefer viewing so they know what type of scenes to upload in the future, talk about looking after their customers huh?

All of the video files can be found on the bottom half of the home page or in the Our Girls section of the site, either way your going to come across the same scenes anyway. Each scene is presented by a thumbnail picture of the starring lady, above the thumbnail you'll find the exact date that video was uploaded and underneath the thumbnails is the average rating and how many times that video has been viewed, giving you a rough idea on whether the scene is worth watching or not. clicking on the thumbnail will take you to that scene's downloads and information page. On this page you'll come across a short description of the scene and a rating system if you wish to rate the video. Now the bottom half of this page is unlike anything I've seen yet and I must admit, the set up they got is quite handy.

The different types of media for the scene have been organized into 6 separate tabs, the bottom half of the page will change depending on which tab you click on, for example if you were to click on the Watch movie tab the bottom half of the page will change and provide you with the streaming links for that scene, or lets say you wanted to check out the picture gallery for the scene, simply click on the High Quality Pics tab and the bottom half of the page will turn into the picture gallery, a really great and innovative set up they got going on here and I must say that I'm quite impressed with it. All up there are 6 different tabs to choose from, these include, high quality pics, screen caps, download movie, watch movie, 1 minute clips and comments, so you can pretty much access all the different types of media for that scene on this one page, which I must say is quite convenient.

The network girls section of this site lists all of the latest videos uploaded to their collection of exclusive sites on their network which members have full access to, this is a nice and quick way to find out whether or not your favorite sites have been updated with fresh new content, much easier than having to go to the individual sites for updates information.

And last but certainly not least is the bonus sites section. This section is essentially a very extensive thumbnails gallery, all of the thumbnails on this gallery strongly portray the niche of the site that they represent, you'll also find the links to their exclusive sites, reality networks, bonus feeds and the pimp niche network. clicking on anyone of these thumbnails should take you directly to that sites content section, which I was quite surprised about because usually you have to re-enter your user name and password before you are let in to the actual site, but they've some how managed to eliminate that process all together, traversing through out different porn sites has never been so quick.

Well to tell you the honest truth this is probably one of the best laid out site I've had to review in a long while, everything just works so brilliantly and everything is just so quick and easy to access, there wasn't a single flaw I could pick out as far as the mechanics of the site go, in fact I really hope more sites copy this layout, cause this will make the members porn experience a lot more enjoyable, I don't know what else to say about this site other than it's perfect.



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Wow this site really has outdone itself as far as content and navigation goes, Content on this site is immaculate and with a good amount of videos on offer you just can't go wrong, navigating a site has never been so easy and enjoyable, everything on this site is like clock work, there's nothing bad I can say about this site, cause they put effort into all of the factors that count and even the small tid bits that we usually take for granted, so if you love big titties join up now!

Pros & Cons

  • + Lots of featured content
  • + Pictures are great
  • + Tonnes of bonus sites
  • + No Cons