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Titjob Models 221 Titjob Models Now I know that some of you may be confused with the domain name of this site, cause I certainly was, so what is this site all about? Is is about models that have had their titties enlarged.
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Titjob Models

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Titjob Models

Short Review

Now I know that some of you may be confused with the domain name of this site, cause I certainly was, so what is this site all about? Is is about models that have had their titties enlarged? No my friend this site is all about chicks with large natural boobs getting their tits rapidly fucked by some horny well hung studs. So if tit fucking is your thing then drop in and check out their exclusive vids.

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Holy cow talk about a huge titties over load, everywhere you look on this site you'll see huge bouncy titties just waiting for your cock to slide between them. All of the chicks on this site are obviously very busty and are prime for titty fucking, most of the chicks on this site look to have naturally large breasts though there were a few models I spotted that have the tell tale scaarring and marks you usually find on a chick that has had her boobs done. There are a few chubby chicks that star in their videos but I suppose they're kind of cute, they've definately got big titties though. Anyway there is a wide variety of different large breasted women to choose from which include, blondes, brunettes, redheads, milfs, 18-19 year olds and Asians, there aren't any ebony ladies though which is kind of a shame for memebers who dig their black sistas, lets hope they keep this in mind when they upload more videos.

Currently there are 31 tit fucking scenes for members to check out. All of the scenes are only available to download in full scenes which can run from anywhere between 10 to 20 mins, which would kind of suck for members that are still on dial up connections, as some of the video files can get quite large. It would have been nice if they included short chapters of the scene to make things more convinient for members with slow connections. All the video files on this site are available in mpeg format and from what I've seen it looks as though the quality of the content is quite decent and is consistant through out the different scenes, for the most part the lighting and colors are spot on and the image on screen is usually quite clear. You may come by a few scenes that look terrible if you were to watch them through a full screen, but wacking them in a smaller screen should fix that right up, keep in mind that this is the case with only a minor amount of their videos as most of them are quite alright to view through a larger screen.

Now 31 scenes may not seem like a whole lot, so the development team of the SMDN network decided to allow their members full access to their entire collection of sites. The sites on the SMDN (Suck my dick now) network cover a good amount of the main stream niches and a few kinkier niches, so it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll find a site you'll like on this network and not only that, there are 45 bonus sites that members also have full access to, these sites aren't part of the SMDN network and look as though they largely revolve around the reality niche. Having all these sites at your disposal is like owning your own porn DVD archive, I mean at $29 a month this is one sweet deal that no one should miss out on.

I'm sad to say that you won't find any picture content on this site, but don't get your hopes down just yet as the SMDN network does provide members with a few picture galleries. These picture galleries consists of very high quality still photos that I'm sure everyone can appreciate. Currently they have 1 picture set of a lesbian shoot and 2 pornstar shoots, needless to say these pictures are just absoloutly superb to look at and being only 3 of them, it's such a tease, I really hope that they intend on adding more picture galleries to their collection and if they're anything like the galleries they currently have available then we are sure in for a treat.

Well it's pretty obvious that members are in for a shit load of porn, having over 80 sites worth of porn at your disposal it's guaranteed that you'll never have to join another porn site ever again as there is enough porn here to last you a very long time, plus there are always new sites being launched every month, so there's always something new for members to check out. So it's pretty safe to say that the membership fee is well worth it, if anything it's like members are stealing from the guys at SMDN.

Nav, Design & Features

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If I were to describe how navigating around this site is in a single word I'd have to say that it's quite revoloutionary. At first new members may get a little confused, cause after loging in through the tour page, you are automatically taken to a site called Suckmydicknow.com and I'll admit that the first time I've had to review one of the sites on this network I thought I'd been taken to the wrong page as I was expecting to be taken to a page called, titjobmodels.com, anyway the reason why you are taken to the suckmydicknow.com page is because this is the actual homepage to their entire network and you can pretty much access all of the sites on the network from here.

The SMDN homepage is where you will find information in regards to the upates on the network, which currently includes their update history which spans over the past year, thumbnails of the next 3 videos they intend on uploading and information on their last 9 uploads, there's just so much information here concerning their updates, that members will never fall behind on whats been happening on the network.

Further down the home page you'll come across the SMDN exclusive sites section. This section basically consists of several thumbnail links that direct you to the individual sites, each of these thumbnails strongly portrays the niche that the sites are dedicated to and just beside the thumbnail is a short description on what type of content you can expect to see on the site. Clicking on anyone of these thumbnails will automatically take you to that site's video downloads page. Thats right you don't need to re-enter your login everytime you enter a new page, seeing as how they eliminated that whole process, people who tend to constantly go from site to site will be quite impressed with this function as this will definately speed things up and you can take my word for it that after re-entering your user name and password for the 100th or so time ends up becoming a very tedious and repetitive process,

Clicking on one of the thumbnails I mentioned earlier will take you to a site's video downloads section. This section consists of multiple pages, each of these pages contains 3 scenes, each of the scenes has its own section which takes up a portion of these pages. Each section includes 7 thumbnails of the scene, a short description and the download links to the full scene and the short chapters.

Alright lets backtrack to the home page, towards the very bottom of the page you'll come across the various links to the 45 bonus sites, this section is pretty much layed out like a thumbnails gallery. Clicking on any one of these links should automatically take you to the content section of that page just like the links for the exclusive sites, I must admit I'm very impressed with not having to enter my login everytime I enter a new page, as this task can end up being very tedious after doing it a few hundred times.

Well there's not much else I can say about the navigation side of this site. I know I may have said this a few times in my review already but I'm very impressed with the set up they've used and it's safe to say that it's far superior than anything else I've seen as far as porn networks go, hopefully other networks will catch on and make something similar or something cause there have been only a few networks I've been impressed with, but the thing with this one is that they concentrate on all the different aspects of the site and not just their videos, which makes the overall experience of browsing the sites on this network that much more easier and fun, good job to the guys that came up with this awesome layout.



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Wow talk about titties galore, there's just so many titties on this site you won't know where to start, the content is good, the site is easy to navigate and you have access to over 80 sites, what more could you ask from a porn site? Nothing that's what, quite an impressive site if I do say so myself, check it out now if you love big titties and titty fucking!

Pros & Cons

  • + Huge bouncy titties
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Tonnes of bonus content
  • + Good quality vids
  • - No featured pics