Wacky Jugs
Wacky Jugs 4517 Wacky Jugs Wacky Jugs is a site with a lot of interesting big boob content; wait scratch big boobs and replace the phrase with colossal, enormous, ultra massive instead.
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Wacky Jugs

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Wacky Jugs

Short Review

Wacky Jugs is a site with a lot of interesting big boob content; wait scratch big boobs and replace the phrase with colossal, enormous, ultra massive instead! The ladies at Wacky Jugs all seem to be chubby and big beautiful women of all ages and sizes in the plumper game. Their tits are big, bigger, and even bigger - I am seriously speechless at the sheer size of them! Part of Jug Ticket, here you will get more than 7 sites for the price of 1!

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

Jugg Ticket is serious about big and huge boobs and now we've gave us this interesting site to review full of wacky jugs and more. The site is a mix of food sex, BBW's and big melons all in one place. The plumpers play and rub their big tits with mashed potatoes, flower, rub bananas and melons in their cleavage and more. It's truly wacky and tacky but if you love big beautiful women, you will definitely get a kick out of the stuff here.

Most of it is softcore, there are some scenes where two mature big boobed babes rub tits, oil each other down, or rub paint all over one anothers body. There isn't any hardcore, at least I didn't come across any during my due diligence of the photos/videos listing pages.

I've gotten busy and counted how many scenes there really are, and the numbers are surprising! There are 87 high quality picture sets, and 142 videos. These numbers are inflated because they broken up the sets into multiple parts, so if we divide the numbers by 3 then we get an approximate total of the actual scenes/photo sets/videos.

Nonetheless, the site is great in a wacky kind of way updated once a month, which is not too good but its better than no updates. As a member you will also get access to many other sites through the Jug Ticket mega network.

Nav, Design & Features

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  • Features: 0/10

Wacky Jugs is a site with a lot of interesting content if you like chubby women and big tits.

The content is fairly exclusive for the most part with some showing up on other sites within the Jug Ticket network. There's a boatload of scenes to check out here, through an easy to use top menu that breaks it down into videos/photos sections.

The videos are fairly low resolution which is quite disappointing, especially on the live flash player. They only seem to also offer MPEG downloads and in some cases WMV too. The file formats and download options are very inconsistent throughout, and there are no mobile formats anywhere to be seen, nor video clips (although they do split the scenes into different parts for the most part, still video clips would be a nice additional feature to have).

The HQ images can be checked out through a simple thumbnail gallery where they open at 1,296px 1,944px resolution. There are no navigation options to browse previous/next image nor do they have the more advanced auto playback feature. While each set has anywhere from 30 to 50 images on average, they make no zip pack download available for a quick series download.

The top menu also has quick access to the models where each models scenes can be viewed effortesly and a link back to the jug ticket main page where one of the many bonus sites can be selected.



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Wacky Jugs was quite a disappointing experience for me, mainly because I was expecting some hot girls with big tits doing wacky things. Instead I saw big, fat women playing with food and rubbing their tits all over the place. The site inflates the number of scenes it has by splitting up episodes into multiple segments and publishing them weeks or months apart. There's a bonus package included of 7 sites via the Jug Ticket mega network for free. I've seen better big tits sites.

Pros & Cons

  • + Weird original scenes
  • + Monthly updates
  • + Part of a bigger network
  • + High resolution photos
  • - No slide show viewer
  • - No zip packs
  • - No mobile video formats
  • - Live streaming flash is low resolution