Ass Titans
Ass Titans 2801 Ass Titans If you were to lock a comic book and anal porn in a room together fed them viagra and slapped on some Barry White music you'd end up with the type of porn available on Ass Titans.
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Ass Titans

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Ass Titans

Short Review

If you were to lock a comic book and anal porn in a room together fed them viagra and slapped on some Barry White music you'd end up with the type of porn available on Ass Titans. If that doesn't paint a picture than just imagine a well hung dude wearing a super hero costume banging the fuck out of a hot pornstar's ass! Definitely something I haven't seen before but in all honesty it does look quite entertaining. Lets delve in to the site and see if it's worth a join.

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As far as originality goes Ass Titans certainly takes the cake. This would have to be the first site I have ever come across which has either the male or female pornstar wearing super hero costumes! Now I'd imagine the content available on this butt porn site would be quite the hit for comic nerds and the like but the steamy anal action would appeal to even the most hardcore of anal fans out there. So aside from the comical use of super hero outfits to some what spice the tried and true anal category, this stuff is actually top notch ball busting porn at it's wackiest.

Needless to say there's a generous amount of anal pumping which members will be witnessing, but do the horny individuals starring in the scenes get up to any other naughty acts of sexuality? Well there's quite a few threesome episodes in the mix including both two males on one babe and two babes on one dude. That being said there's also scorching hot girl on girl pussy eating segments to enjoy as well, you'll also see appearances of naughty toys and chains for the more kinkier episodes where we find either the guy or girl being dominated by their partner. Basically it's a general hardcore site with a dress up twist and to be honest I find it quite arousing indeed.

When it comes to porn sites Ass Titans is still relatively new having been live for roughly 4 months now. The first episode was uploaded last year in 2008 on the 25th of September and is still very much active on updates with the last episode being uploaded only a day before this review was written. Updates come in as regularly as 7 to 8 days and so far there's a total of 22 episodes which is quite a good effort for a site which has been up for 4 months, also given the fact that all the episodes are exclusive to the site gives the collection more credibility.

I'll say this straight up to get your juices running, all the videos on Ass Titans are available in HD quality. Having said that it's obvious that there's certainly no issue when it comes to quality on this site as you can't get much better than HD. Members have the option of streaming and downloading the episodes in both full scenes and short segments, the downloadable videos have no DRM restrictions so members can keep them for as long as they wish. The highest quality videos come in wmv format encoded in mouth watering bit rates of (5000kbps @ 1280x720) making these videos some of the best I've laid eyes on in a while. Members who find the file sizes for the HD videos too large can resort to the lower quality mp4 files which clock in at (700kbps @ 320x240), this version is also great for watching on portable devices which support video playback like iPods and PSPs, but you can take my word for it that you'd want to stick with the HD videos as the download wait is certainly worth it.

Included with the videos comes two sets of images, one containing screen shots and the other containing high resolution photos. Usually people would associate screen shots with bad quality but thanks to the extremely high quality of the videos the screen shots turned out pretty damn nice (for screen shot standards of course), however picture lovers always run straight to the high-res photos when they're after sheer quality. The picture galleries are swelling with an average of 200 images per set, the clarity is high and the colors vibrant though I felt the dimensions are quite mediocre at (900x600 pixels). Even though the pictures don't take up too much of the screen at least they're looking very nice, also the models look gorgeous in the softcore shots where they show off the goods.

As a bonus members can watch hilarious bloopers taken out from the various episodes, once you watch these you'll find that the pornstars are just like average day people who know how to have fun and are light hearted enough to be able to laugh at themselves. In addition there are also 48 bonus scenes which members are treated to, these can be treated as general hardcore scenes which are just as hot as the featured episodes however you won't find any of the models donning kinky super hero costumes. They are certainly a welcome addition to the featured content that's for sure.

Nav, Design & Features

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I have to admit at first I had no idea what this site was going to be all about, judging by the site title Ass Titans I thought it was going to be just another big butt site but when the top banner loaded up and had a picture of a dude in a Spider Man costume getting his cock sucked by a beautiful brunette while another masked man is taking her from behind made me think "ok this is something new!". Needless to say I was quite enthusiastic to find something original and my enthusiasm grew as I scrolled down the tour pages with my eyes being treated to some high quality sample pictures which are to say the very least "juicy". If the sample pictures aren't convincing enough there non-members are always welcome to the free trailers which I'm positive will have them signing up in no time.

Within the main members area the first thing members will come across is a section dedicated to the latest update. This section includes a trailer of the episode, a detailed description of what is involved, and links to both the picture and video gallery. The bottom half of the members area includes 14 of the past updates with direct links to the media section for each one. On the right side of the members area is a section dedicated to the upcoming update, this includes a trailer and information on the ETA of the upload. If members wish to view the rest of the archive they can either use the "view all movies" link found towards the bottom of the page, or click on the "all movies" link found in the top navigation menu. The top navigation menu also includes links to the bonus movies, and the models section.

The episode archive currently spans over 2 indexed pages carrying up to 12 episodes per page. All episodes are presented by a single thumbnail which features a hot portrait of the starring model. Below the thumbnail is information in regards to the episode including the model's name, when the episode was uploaded, how many times it has been viewed, the average rating, and the duration. Below the information there's a detailed description along with links to the videos page and the photos and screen shot galleries from where you can proceed to download and view the high quality content.

So that's all there is to the navigation of this site, as you can probably tell it's all very simple and straight forward as the site developers have gone with the no bullshit approach and have only included sections which are necessary. Site presentation is great making the site look very professional and clean thanks to the evenly spaced out items on the page. All in all a very easy site to browse with the great site presentation as the icing on the cake.



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The site may still be fairly new but it has the trimmings of a must see site once the archive of episodes starts growing, and grow it will thanks to the information on future updates. The video content was extremely delicious to watch and although the photos were a little small they were still very easy on the eyes. What will really have members by the balls though is the originality of the episodes where super heroes get their piece of the hardcore action.

Pros & Cons

  • + Unique concept
  • + Gorgeous models
  • + Extremely high HD quality
  • + Regular updates
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Site looks great and is easy to browse
  • + All around great site
  • + Access to Clara G Site