Big Dicks Round Ass
Big Dicks Round Ass 2281 Big Dicks Round Ass Here we have the winning combination of girls with juicy round butts getting their asses filled with meaty fuck rods attached to dudes.
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Big Dicks Round Ass

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Big Dicks Round Ass

Short Review

Here we have the winning combination of girls with juicy round butts getting their asses filled with meaty fuck rods attached to dudes! Yup if you're one who can't say no to a healthy booty then this site will certainly rock your socks off featuring some of the hottest anal content starring oh so hot ladies giving it their best for the camera. Enjoy steamy exclusive episodes along with outstanding picture content and on top of all that you also gain access to the entire Evil Angel network.

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I found it quite appropriate to team up bubble butt ladies with dudes with huge cocks I mean those big round asses have a fair bit of room to fit a mounstrous wang in there. Anyways as you might have guessed this awesome team up has resulted in some of the hottest episodes I've seen around oh and the best part is that it isn't all about the black booty, there's also a fair share of chunky white ass in the mix which is a refreshing change from the big butt sites filled to the brim with sexy black mamas. So what kind of naughty acts of sexuality can you expect to witness within the members area of this awesome site? Well anal fucking seems to be the main staple though you will also see some steamy orgies, interracial fucking, girl on girl play and plenty more. As long as the dicks are big and the asses are round they've got it!

All up there are 44 round assed hotties to stimulate your visual bones all of which star in their very own episodes which are as hardcore as can get. The one thing that I did find quite disappointing is that the site has been up and running since late 2006 so if you do the math there 44 episodes isn't that big a number. However I will give them credit providing exclusive content which is so damn hot you'll probably cream yourself before the fucking even starts! Yup they're that fucking arousing! Good news is the site hasn't completely stopped on updates though they are coming in at a crawl. Even though the site may not be overflowing with content members do gain access to quite a bit of porn when you look at the bigger picture. Why is this you ask? Well purely because you gain access to the Evil Angel network which consists of 21 sites boasting over 1300 exclusive scenes, no if that doesn't make a porn fan's mouth water I don't know what will.

So now you know how hot the videos are and the amount you'll gain access to let me fill you in about the specs and quality of the videos themselves and let me just tell you right here and now that quality buffs are going to be in for quite a treat because I was blown away with what I saw. Ok so all the scenes can be downloaded or streamed off the site in mov and wmv files. The episodes are available to download in full scenes and short chapters the same can be said for the streamed versions as well, also the downloadable videos aren't held back by DRM restrictions so once they're on your computer they're as good as yours to keep. Well I could go on all day about how great the videos look but I'll shut up and give you the specs to give you an indication on just how awesome the videos look.

wmv: (1600kbps @ 640x480) download
mov: (1000kbps @ 640x480) download
wmv: (1600kbps @ 640x480) streamed

Picture lovers will be glad to know that they haven't been left out of the scene either as the site has also provided some stunning photo content to keep them at entertained and they also give video lovers a nice side dish to nibble on as they wait for their downloads to finish. Now the picture collection may not be overly extensive with only 12 photo galleries to choose from but where they fall short on quantity they really make up for it with quality. I'm used to seeing picture galleries packed with images so I was a little disappointed to see that these galleries came with an average of 20 images each, either way the photos do look great and really do the models justice as they look so damn hot in the clear and coloful photos.

Nav, Design & Features

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Aside from the site title making it obvious that the site is filled with round asses the tours are overflowing with firm round asses attached to some of the most attractive girls you'll ever lay eyes on. In the top banner your eyes are treated to some of the most delicious asses getting plugged with massive rods and damn if these pictures don't do it for you (which I'm sure they will) then the various free trailers on offer will certainly seal the deal. Potential customers will find it even harder to resist a sign-up as they make it to the bottom of the page where the links to all the bonus sites are situated, a click on these and you will be taken to the tour pages of the corresponding site.

The site presentation of Big Dicks Round Ass is quite professional looking to put it quite simply. The site looks nice and clean with a color scheme that won't make you go blind from staring at the page everything is nicely spaced out and ads have been kept to a bare minimum you probably won't even notice they are there. At the very top of the page is where the navigation menu is situated from where you can access the movie archive, photo archive, latest news for the entire Evil Angel network and bonus site updates. within the top banner there's a search engine which will allow you to search the content via porn star or niche and below the top banner you'll notice a drop down menu consisting of quick links to the other sites on the network. Clicking on these links will automatically direct you to the main members area of your chosen site, a nice and easy way to do your site hopping.

Scrolling down the members area the first thing you'll come across is a section dedicated to the last 2 updates followed by thumbnail links to the latest photo updates. The past updates are situated towards teh bottom of the site and to access the entire archive you will have to click on the provided link marked view entire scene archives or the movie archive link which can be found in the navigation menu. The movie archive is made up of 3 indexed pages including up to 20 thumbnails on each. These thumbnails are links to the download and streaming area for the episodes. From there you can choose to watch the entire scene or view the short clips, the only thing I did find a little annoying is every time you want to watch or download a movie you have to re-enter your password which can be a little hard if you're surfing with one hand if you get what I mean.

Well there's not much else I can point out that's worth mentioning about the features and navigation of the site. The site has been designed for easy network access and the few search tools are quite handy when you want to be specific with your porn. Again the only annoying thing would have to be the re-entering of your password every time you watch a scene though I wouldn't go crying home to mommy about it. All in all the site looks good and the tools which allow you to go from site to site make site hopping a breeze.



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The only thing Big Dicks Round Ass could really improve on would have to be quantity. The site passes with flying colors as far as quality goes because the videos look absoloutely gorgeous and even though there's only a handful of picture galleries they too look awesome. However with the entire Evil Angel network to back the site up I'm sure members won't find themselves running out of porn in the long run, a great join in my books it's just the content numbers which get to me.

Pros & Cons

  • + Outstanding video quality
  • + Juicy round asses
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Access to 21 bonus sites
  • + Easy network access
  • - Needs more content