Much Junk In The Trunk
Much Junk In The Trunk 2708 Much Junk In The Trunk Who ever said big butt sites were only meant to be for hot ebony babes.
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Much Junk In The Trunk

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Much Junk In The Trunk

Short Review

Who ever said big butt sites were only meant to be for hot ebony babes? Here we have an entire site dedicated to white girls who have round bubble butts on par in chunkiness with their sexy black sistas! Watch and drool as the lovely ladies flaunt their asses and get them slammed by horny well hung men in scorching hot episodes complete with videos and picture content all of which are 100% exclusive to the site.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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Now I have to admit I'm quite the ass man myself, I can't help but appreciate a women with a round bubble butt with curves in all the right places. That being said I am quite attracted to hot ebony babes though I absolutely love it when a white babe has the big ass trait, sure a petite ass is cute and all but I'm the kind of guy who loves an ass I can chew on and if you're on the same wave length as me then you'll go absolutely nuts over the beautiful broads on this site and by the looks of things they all deserve to star on a big butt site such as this.

Besides the main niche of big butts the site also covers a secondary niche which is interracial purely because of the fact that all the round assed ladies get their pusses and buttholes plugged by well hung black dudes. Aside from the usual one on one romps you'll get to feast your hungry eyes on there are also some threesome scenes featuring 2 round assed girls ganging up on 1 lucky black dude. There's plenty of anal fucking to be seen along with brutal blowjobs, to put it simply the episodes are as hardcore as can get and will please even the most hard pleased gonzo fanatic.

There's not much diversity in the line up of models but this is most likely due to the fact that there's only a handful of content on offer. So far there's a mix of blondes, redheads, and brunettes to feast your eyes on. Lets hope they add some Asians and Latinas in to the mix for future updates, of course the site is leaning more towards white girls with big butts rather than black girls so I have a feeling we won't be seeing and chocolate hotties in the mix any time soon.

As I said earlier there's not a whole lot of content on the site at the moment, and seeing as none of the episodes have been logged it's a little hard to gauge how well they are going as far as content numbers go because for all I know the site is still quite new which would explain why there's only a handful of episodes on offer. As of now there are currently 12 episodes which run for approximately 25 minutes each, the latest update hasn't been logged so I'm not entirely sure how active the site is on updates. One thing's for sure though, with only 12 episodes on offer they will definitely want to have more additions in the future otherwise members will be quite sore indeed!

Quality of the videos is quite decent though I wouldn't go as far as saying they're spectacular. The highest quality videos are available in a bit rate of (1700kbps @ 352x240), now the resolution may not be impressive at all, however given the higher kbps the videos still look quite nice even if you were to enlarge the videos to full screen so it's not all bad. Members have the choice of streaming or downloading the videos both in wmv and mpeg format with no DRM restrictions giving members the option to keep their episodes for as long as they wish. The only thing I found a little strange is that members can only download the episodes in short segments with the option of downloading the entire episode in one scene left out of the picture.

The photo content is quite impressive, they're very clear and the colors are great, also the photography work is professional and to top it all off the come in large dimensions of (900x1300 pixels). All 12 episodes come with a set of high quality photos which contain an average of 100 pictures each. These photos would have been taken around the same time the video footage was shot as they feature the same hardcore action, it's also nice to see that the developers have included some softcore photos in the mix where the models strike tasteful poses. Needless to say the photos really do the models justice as they look stunning in these galleries, truly some top notch images which even the most hard pleased photo enthusiasts could appreciate.

Now even though the site doesn't offer a whole heap of content, the membership you hold does give you access to a ton of bonus sites which are a part of the very network Much Junk In The Trunk is a part of. Including this site there are 16 sites which make up the network and they all contain exclusive content which is on par in quality with the content available on this site. Across the entire network there are hundreds of scenes to indulge in under a myriad of various niches to keep members entertained with a diverse collection of porn. That being said members will always have something to do as they wait for new content on this site.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
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  • Features: 0/10

Prepare your eyes for more juicy butts than a single man can handle as you make your way to the tour pages of Much Junk In The Trunk. Right from the get go you are pleasantly greeted with gorgeous plump asses in the top banner of the tours and as you make your way down you'll be bombarded with endless more. Potential customers are given sample pictures taken from some of the hottest episodes on offer, unfortunately there aren't any free trailers on show however if you're quite the ass and interracial fan I'm sure the free pictures will certainly have your attention.

Once you make your way to the homepage you'll immediately notice the latest update which is presented in thumbnail form. Unfortunately the update hasn't been logged so we've no idea on how long ago this episode was uploaded. Below the latest update of this site is the latest update section for the network as a whole, so even though this site may not be too active on update the network is update on a regular basis. There's a navigation menu found just below the top banner however you probably won't find much use out of it as it basically contains links to third party services such as online personal ads, live web cam shows, and online adult store.

Now you're probably wondering why the navigation menu doesn't have a link to the featured content, basically it's because members can access all of the featured content available directly from the main members area. These can be found below the latest updates in the form of thumbnail links which feature a picture of the starring model. Below the episode archive are the links to the 16 bonus sites, a single click on these will take you straight to that particular site's main members area from where you can proceed to download and view as much of the content as you wish.

Clicking on the episode thumbnail links I mentioned earlier will take you to that episode's main media section from where you can access the different types of content. From here you can read a detailed description on what goes on in the episode, check out the average rating according to other members, view the picture gallery, and of course access the streaming and download links to the various segments and formats of the videos. So that's pretty much all there is to the navigation of the site, as you can probably tell it's all quite simple and I'm sure even the most novice of net surfers should be able to navigate through this site and the network it's a part of with ease.



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The site certainly has a few rough edges though I have to admit the models are insanely attractive. The main aspect which is holding the site back would have to be the low content numbers coupled with the lack of update information, also a few more video options would have been nice. At the end of the day though the models have big butts, the videos are a decent watch, and the pictures look delicious. Lets just hope they plan on adding to their humble collection.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot big butt models
  • + Videos look nice
  • + Pictures are great
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Access to great bonus sites
  • - Not much content
  • - No update logs
  • - Could do with more video options