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Famous Comics 2628 Famous Comics Famous Comics could be compared to a celebrity fakes site only the pictures have been drawn to perfection, so much so you'd think it was an actual photo of the hot celebrity.
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Famous Comics

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Famous Comics

Short Review

Famous Comics could be compared to a celebrity fakes site only the pictures have been drawn to perfection, so much so you'd think it was an actual photo of the hot celebrity. The site is mainly focused on picture content with no videos in store. Expect to see big name celebrities drawn in some of the most explicit pictures, amongst the celebrities there are TV stars, Movie stars, comic book super heroes and many more.

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Sometimes with celebrity fakes the editing is just so crap you can't even imagine them to be true. Well here at Famous Comics you won't believe your eyes as the awesome drawings on offer are so much better than fakes, my hat certainly goes off to the drawers for doing such a great job as they've got the celebrity's faces and bodies exactly like their real life counterparts. They've also picked the hottest stars around which I'm sure you'll all be familiar with, take the insanely hot Megan Fox for example, also you'll see Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Rhianna, and the lovely Jessica Alba, and that's just the start of the list as there are plenty more lovely celebrities to drool over.

I'm not entirely sure how long the site has been up and running for as they haven't dated their updates, so there's not much information I can go off. Good news is there's quite a bit of content to check out, all up there's a total of 239 photo sets with an average of 15 pictures each. There's quite a few drawing styles used on Famous Comics to down right cartoony to so life like you'd think they were photos. Obviously the life like drawings are probably the most arousing as they look exactly like the celebrities getting their holes ploughed. Clarity is high and the dimensions the pictures come in are fairly large at (1024x768 pixels) though that does tend to differ through out the photo sets.

Well that's really all there is to the site, not much to review about as far as content goes as it is just the toon celebrities. No videos as such but that's understandable. There's a bonus section though there's nothing in it at the moment so here's hoping they've yet to fill this out with other porn members can keep themselves busy with. There's no news on further updates to the archive and with no dates on their updates it's hard to tell how active the site is on updates but here's hoping there's plenty more of these hot drawings to come as they're still missing a few celebrities I'd like to see drawn in erotic pictures.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour pages is quite the feast for the eyes, it's got the theme of a theatre with red curtains and spotlights and is crawling with drool worthy pictures of perfectly drawn celebrities a lot of which have their pussies spread enjoying a cock. In the middle of the page is a nice flash animation giving you quick samples of hot drawings apart from the ones sprawled across the tours. There's information on the content stating that it's all 100% exclusive to the site. Overall toon and celebrity fans will certainly be grabbed by the balls and won't be able to resist a sign-up from all the extremely hot toons found on the front page.

Aside from the content the site itself looks quite cartoony and overall I was quite pleased with the detail they've put in to the site presentation. The members area will keep members up to date on all the latest news, there's also a poll which will allow members to give the site developers feed back on how good they think the site is. Scroll down the page and you'll come across the latest updates along with the most popular photo sets, and at the very bottom of the page members can choose to leave comments about the content or the site in general.

There's a nice looking navigation menu which again looks very toony giving the site a lot of character. This menu includes links to the featured content, a chat room, F.A.Q on the site, and a search tool which I found a little redundant to be honest. Also a little unfortunate is the fact that there's nothing to be found in the bonus section which is a little mis-leading but here's hoping they're still working on this section. If you wish to view the entire archive of celeb drawings you'll have to utilize the "pictures" link found within the top navigation menu.

Once you've made it to the picture archive you'll immediately be presented with a comments text box, I did find it a little strange that they decided to put this at the top of the page rather than the bottom which they have done on the other sections. As of now the picture archive consists of 12 indexed pages with up to 16 thumbnails per page, obviously the number of pages will grow as more content is uploaded. The thumbnails I mentioned feature one of the drawings found within giving members an indication on what the drawings look like, also below the thumbnails is the celeb's name along with how many pictures are included in the gallery.

Upon clicking the thumbnails I mentioned earlier you will be taken to the main gallery of the particular drawing set you chose. At the top of this section is a rating system which is great as current members can help new members find which of the drawing sets are the hottest. Below the rating system is where you'll come across the drawings, they're organized in a film strip manner and you'll simply just have to click on the provided thumbnails to view the large picture within the browser. Below the picture there's also a comment box and by the looks of things the current members are quite active with these.

Well that's pretty much all that can be said about navigating the site and it's mechanics. I'm sure by now it's pretty obvious that the site is very easy to navigate, and with all the comment boxes and member polls it seems as though the developers really care about their members opinion and want to make their page exactly how their members want. I was really impressed with the site presentation and the theme is reflected by the cartoony nature of the designs.



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As a picture only site Famous Comics is awesome! The site does lack a little on information and I'm not entirely sure how active it is on updates but to be fair the site already has a fairly decent amount of content for members to drool over. Not only is the quantity decent but the quality of what they have provided is outstanding, you'll be amazed how life like the drawings are, and how accurate they are to their real life counterparts.

Pros & Cons

  • + Life-like celeb drawings
  • + Nice amount of content
  • + All exclusive
  • + Well known celebs drawn
  • - Lacks on update information