Leaked Celebrity Sex Tapes
Leaked Celebrity Sex Tapes 6763 Leaked Celebrity Sex Tapes We all like to take sneak peeks into other peoples lives and who better to have a perv on than celebrities.
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Leaked Celebrity Sex Tapes

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Leaked Celebrity Sex Tapes

Short Review

We all like to take sneak peeks into other peoples lives and who better to have a perv on than celebrities? That's why I love sites like this; sites that offer you the chance to see secret sex tapes, scandalous photos and all that naughty stuff the celebs hoped would never see the light of day. Celebrity Sex Tapes is a gossip site, with some videos and pics, presented in a blog style. It probably doesn't hold much that's original, but it's neatly set out and easy to use.

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I reckon that this site is also pretty new, it is hard to tell as there are no publish dates listed with the content. What you see on the tour is more or less what you currently have inside, and that is: Around 154 news items, some with pics, some with videos, some with lengthy descriptions and some with just notes. You can stream the clips or download theme, though there is only one option for each, and you are also able to browse and keep the images, which are mainly screen caps. It's all very easy to use and straightforward.

Now then, the important thing about a celebrity site such as this is who appears on it. We've all seen some of the older and bigger sites where you get (now) ancient images of Brad Pitt naked (allegedly) and the more recent ones of Paris Hilton having sex in Paris or whatever it was (that's on here too). So the thing is to find new content and to show us real celebs, stars, people we have heard of. I have to say I wasn't too sure about who I was looking at here. That may be because I am not an American TV and gossip junkie, I don't spend all day watching 101 cable channels and obscure music videos. You may know some of these celebs but I found myself in the dark about many.

Yes, I have heard if Justin Bieber, and caught a video of him getting a blow job from a girl in a hotel room, but it was so fuzzy that could have been anyone. And I have heard of Ice T and Coco and their sex tape and here it is, though I wouldn't really call it a sex tape. But who is Sara Tommai, and Chyna Lyn is who? Maybe those names mean something to you. I also have to ask, if a girl is a Playboy or Penthouse starlet and shes made an erotic video, is that really a celebrity sex tape? Surely it's just work?

So, I was a little cynical about some of the content here and decided that the pages more resembled a gossip blog than a site where you will find hidden camera tapes that you've not seen before. There are a few other issues with the site too: there's no way to search or filter the content other than a search box for keywords, I didn't see categories, and there are limited viewing options. The movies I downloaded came out at Mp4 files at 576 x 713 @ 713 kbps, and the resolution and quality of the videos is variable; it depends on where they have been taken from. The images too are variable in size and quality, with mainly screen caps and sizes around 640 x 480.

So, content wise, Leaked Celebrity Sex Tapes looks like an image blog, it holds good details about the tapes and pics, but they are not great quality, probably not that exclusive and there's no telling how often more will be added. But, for a bit of fun and to find some of your favourite celebs, and for all fans of this genre, myself included, this is a good new site to have on your list.

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The site is easy to run, there is no doubt about that. You simply click through the numbered index pages and when you see something you like the look of you click it and find a simple viewing page. Here you have one option to stream and one right click and save as to download. There are descriptions of what you are seeing, and some are quite long, and there are some links to other, related clips. You can comment on what you see and click Facebook Like buttons. That's about it.

Across the top of the site there are links to other similar sites and their tours, so you can go and find more scandal and more stores, but you might need to sign in to see the action and the full news. There is though a really useful Celebrities index, which can be searched alphabetically. Mind you, there was only one page of 22 celebs when I was viewing and that's because the site is still young.



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So, not a lot to tell you about this new site really except that it's well laid out, easy to use, simple, slightly expensive and not yet terribly well stocked with anything new or original. But it does have some interesting celebrity based clips and screen caps to view and it does look like it's going to grow and do well. More content, more scandals and less tittle-tattle, and we will be looking at a new and original celebrity scandal and sex tape site; so, one to keep an eye on.

Pros & Cons

  • + New site
  • + Good looking
  • + Easy to use
  • + Some interactivity
  • + Not expensive
  • - Not very large
  • - Limited viewing options
  • - Variable quality