Paparazzi Stalkers
Paparazzi Stalkers 5914 Paparazzi Stalkers A voyeur's work is never done, there are so many celebrities to keep track of and they sure love parading around so there's plenty of material available for a site like Paparazzi Stalkers.
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Paparazzi Stalkers

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Paparazzi Stalkers

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A voyeur's work is never done, there are so many celebrities to keep track of and they sure love parading around so there's plenty of material available for a site like Paparazzi Stalkers. Photos and videos seen here include pretty much anything, from photo sets from awards and events to accidental nip slips at the beach. This is not a porn site, nor an adult site for most of the time, just a big resource of celebrity photos and videos for your viewing pleasure.

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Becoming a celebrity has many good sides - fame and fortune being just some of them, but it's got some downsides as well, main of which are paparazzi! These guys would go at any length and do anything just to get a good shot of a celebrity they are tailing, more provocative the shot, more fun they are having getting it. Oh, it's not all about the pleasures of stalking someone famous, exclusive nip slips, nudes and kinky photos can bring in a lot of money to a paparazzi, and they're more than willing to do whatever it takes to make these photos, including placing spy cameras and tailing someone around the city day and night. If you want to see some of the interesting material paparazzi have made over the years with popular US celebrities, check out Paparazzi Stalkers, a corner of the Gossip Members Network dedicated to all things paparazzi. This is not an average porn site as there are no hardcore photos and vids to be seen, best you can hope for is a provocative dress showing more than intended and things like that, but that's more then enough for many people when we're talking about their favourite celebrities.

Content on Paparazzi Stalkers includes both photo sets and videos showing celebrities in public. Some of these are outright voyeur videos with celebrities caught going shopping or having a lunch, but some are from public events that were well documented and televised. There are thousands of photos in here to be seen and if watching celebrities in interesting outfits than you are in for quite some fun browsing these galleries.

There is no set update schedule, new photos and videos are posted when they become available, so don't expect new content every day. Bundled with membership on this site is membership on the entire Gossip Members Network, a network dedicated to various form of celebrity content, from celebrity porn to ebony celebrities, all in all 11 sites dedicated to various themes and topics of world's most famous women and men.

That's not everything you get for the money you pay to get access to Paparazzi Stalkers. If you're bored of just watching celebrities parade their bodies, there's always a hardcore bonus set of the network, some 12000 porn DVD's and scenes featuring porn stars in all kinds of action. Every niche you can think of is covered and the amount of bonus porn content dwarfs all of the celebrity content by far.

Price may be an issue for some potential members because for a price of 27.95 per month you can pay your way into one of the popular top tier porn networks, but this site is not about porn, it's about getting to peek into the life of someone popular with a bit of help from a voyeur camera.

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Site design is just as important to a good experience when browsing any web site as the content itself. I can't say I am thrilled with how Paparazzi Stalkers site is set up due to several facts. First of all, there are third party adult adds all over the place, and flashy ones at that. It's something I've hoped we have grown out of as an industry, but I guess not all sites got the memo. Only the basic search tool will let you filter out the content, forget about any advanced search features. While most of the content on site is about photo galleries, they are only to be manually browsed, there are no slide show options available. You can download the photo sets in a form of a zipped file for offline browsing if you want to. As far as videos go, there are no multiple quality settings available, at least not on the main site. Bonus porn content does have quality settings for both streaming and downloading so you can pick the quality that suits your needs and internet connection the most. Basic navigation bar lets you filter out movies, pictures and leaked tapes as well as to visit the bonus section, and a drop down menu in the corner of the screen allows you to easily hop to other network sites with just two clicks.



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If you are really determined to look at your favourite celebrities while they are having lunch or doing some other miscellaneous thing, than by all means, grab a membership here. Personally, I think of this site as more of an addition to a big celebrity-themed network than as a stand alone site as the amount and type of content available in itself is not very likely to attract members. Bonus porn section definitely makes the deal much more interesting.

Pros & Cons

  • + Network access
  • + Bonus hardcore porn section
  • - Third party adds
  • - Varied content quality
  • - No update schedule