Sexy Male Celebrities
Sexy Male Celebrities 5916 Sexy Male Celebrities Sexy Male Celebrities is one site in a set of 11 Celebrity sites and when you sign up here you also get to access the others.
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Sexy Male Celebrities

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Sexy Male Celebrities

Short Review

Sexy Male Celebrities is one site in a set of 11 Celebrity sites and when you sign up here you also get to access the others. They range from Celeb Teens to homemade Celeb porn, and include gossip and scandal sites as well. But here we are looking at the male version, the hunks and stars, the kinds of content that will appeal to straight girls and gay guys and everyone into a bit of voyeurism. There are video clips and pics on offer with a great collection of names, stars and celebs.

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You will see the top names on the top banner: Chris Evans (a bit of a 10/10 in many books), and David Beckham (yawn/yawn seen it all before), but it is not until you get inside that you really find out what is going on here. I wont give you a wall of names, there are plenty of known men in here and plenty that I don't know but you might. So there's not much point in that, what I will tell you is exactly what you find when you log in.

You start off at a page showing the most recent updates, which is kind of standard in any adult site. Looking at the dates that are published with the content there is something new being added here every day. But it may not always be an exposed, or fully nude, shot. The site title only promises sexy not sex, which is something to bear in mind. At the top of the page are icons for each of the other celeb sites and these are mainly female orientated. Above this is the main menu with links to Celebrities, Sex Tapes (which suggests videos, and which takes us to female/male tapes under Homemade Celebrity Porn), Movies which does have some female action in it, but which is really your male movie section, and then the menu leads us to other bonuses and up-sells.

Looking at the Movies area then, I found 216 movie clips. What you have here are moments from TV or film and some last only a few seconds. Others are longer, the quality varies considerably depending on where the clip came from and much of it may have been seen before elsewhere. That's the trouble with these kinds of sites, if a star has shown his dick then the chances are we've seen it already. But on the other hand, there are always some moments that the site has managed to find that are totally new and eye-opening; moments from obscure films, clips from TV shows before the star became famous and even some porn movies. Like the Sylvester Stallone one; you can find that here.

Check the sample shots for a very rough idea of what each clip contains, and then check the titles, click the image and then the next page shows you the same image, click that and finally you get to the streaming clip. On the way you will find an opportunity to download the clip, or you can simply stream it in the one choice of Flash that is offered.

Thanks to the Celebrities tab in the main menu, you are able to search out your favourite guy from the alphabetical list of names (which works by first name, so C for Christian Bale, not B). Each guy has a write up, at least the main ones do, and these can be quite extensive. You then have lists of pics and video clips of your chosen guy and some have many more than others. Christiano Ronaldo drags on for five pages, Nicholas Cage just one, bless. Over in the Photos area I found page after page of sexy images, though not all sexy, there were plenty of image sets and individual pics to view here with 1,425 galleries holding various numbers of images each.

Basically, the content at Sexy Male Celebrities is made up of clips, videos, and photos from TV, film, magazine shoots, some hidden cam and caught on cam moments and eve some fakes. There are loads of celebs to view, everything from fully clothed to fully naked and hard and then a load more similar content involving ladies as well.

Nav, Design & Features

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The only thing I had to look out for, and it wasn't really a problem, was being drawn off into another of the sites and finding mainly female led stuff to look at. This happens for example, when you head to the Sex Tapes area. But generally speaking I found it easy enough to stay with the sexy men I'd come in to see. The index pages are neatly set out and every site ruins in the same way, so navigation isn't really a problem. You have the basic search and sort options with a constant A to Z list of letters so you can find celebs by first name. There are keyword and category searches to run, pages can be sorted by date, name and popularity, and index pages are numbered so it's easy to browse.

Video viewing choices are limited to the one download and the one stream, but again that's not really a great problem as a lot of the videos are not great quality so there is no point in having them as HD. When viewing a video you will find tabs to jump straight to the screen caps or photos that come with it, and there are links also to the celebs entrance in the model index, as it were. Photos come with simple navigation buttons as well, and there are add to favourites functions to use. When you want to change site there is a drop-down list at the top of the main pages.

You will also find some extras in your menu: There's a link to Porn DVDs which takes you to a huge DVD theatre feed site with over 12,300 scenes offered (straight), and a link to live cams which is one of those places where you have some free action but then have to pay to go all the way. A Calendar of updates keeps you informed as to what is being added to the network and when, and there is a lot of it, and the bonus sites make sure you never go short of even more celeb and gossip content to watch.



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You become a Gossip Member when you sign up for Sexy Male Celebrities and you get well treated. There are daily updates, lots of content already, various other sites to view, though not all male themed, if you see what I mean, and then a large DVD theatre of straight porn thrown in for good measure. There are some very hot celebs showing all, and lots of minor ones showing nothing of any great interest. It is a large and varied site that sticks to its guns.

Pros & Cons

  • + Lots of content
  • + Lots of bonuses and extras
  • + Easy enough to use
  • + Daily updates
  • + Video clips and pics
  • - Only once choice for video viewing
  • - More sexy softcore than sex