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Vivid Celeb 5286 Vivid Celeb Vivid Celeb is a celebrity focused adults only membership collection that is quite different than most.
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Vivid Celeb

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Vivid Celeb

Short Review

Vivid Celeb is a celebrity focused adults only membership collection that is quite different than most. Unlike other celeb mega sites that feature short clips from Hollywood movies and grainy magazine scans from the 1990s featuring fleeting moments of celebrity nudity, Vivid Celeb offers an exclusive celebrity sex tape collection that truly qualifies this collection to be called "porn." From the original Paris Hilton porn tape to the most recent sex tape scandal, you'll find them all here at Vivid Celeb.

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Vivid Celeb is a brand-new site that just launched in November of 2011. By mid-December when I visited, the collection was still very tiny with just 15 videos available here. Nothing stated, and I'm not sure if or when updates are being made. I would imagine that the very nature of the site means that new updates can be made until more celebrities release sex tapes.

I was pretty surprised to see that the term "celeb" seems to have a pretty loose definition here. I had never heard of the vast majority of the so-called "celebs" found in the Vivid Celeb collection. They do have the big names like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Tila Tequila, wrestler Chyna and Montana Fishburne, but names like Toastee, Brittney Jones and Karissa Shannon were completely unfamiliar to me and even after looking them up their claim to fame often seems rather dubious. Even my tabloid addicted friend didn't know who most of these people were. Also worth mentioning is the fact that at least one sex tape, the Jimi Hendrix tape, just isn't real. This tape was proven to be faker than a three dollar bill years ago, yet here it is being presented as authentic.

It difficult to compare the quality level of the materials found here at Vivid Celeb to that on your general hardcore porn site. First of all, these tapes are all filmed in private homes, Julie by the celebs themselves. That means that some of the scenes are dark, blurry, or have incorrect color balance. Additionally, the movies are offered only for streaming without any downloadable options available. These flicks are offered in Flash format only at a size of 640 x 360 pixels. Enlarging for full-screen viewing causes noticeable quality loss to videos that don't always look crystal clear to begin with. Differences in the quality of recorded material are understandable, but I would at least like to see these being offered at a size that makes them suitable for full-screen viewing.

In addition to the celebrity related streaming video materials here at Vivid Celeb, members also get access to a large bonus section filled with third-party streaming materials. These do help to add some value to the price of membership, but this kind of low-quality streaming content is available all over the place and probably won't be deciding factor in whether or not you join this otherwise very small collection.

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While the tour pages for Vivid Celeb do a pretty good job of previewing the kind of celebrity related sex tape materials you can expect to see inside, there aren't really any hard facts to let potential members know just how small this collection is poor that it doesn't seem to be updating. If the celebrity status of some of the people featured here seems dubious, at least the site lists them right here on the tour pages and there's no mystery about it.

The members area here is about as simple as they come. All 15 of the sites streaming sex tape videos are listed on the same page, and a tabbed interface allows access to the bonus section as well as a live cams section that is essentially just an ad.

As I mentioned, all of the video materials here are offered only for streaming. Some of the videos have a small set of thumbnail images to accompany them, but I wasn't able to view these images in their full-size due to some kind of site error. In any case, they seem to simply be screen caps taken from the video and are quite blurry and discolored.



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While I was pretty excited at first to explore this very different version of a celebrity site, things just didn't stack up the way I thought they should and could. Obviously a site based around celebrity sex tapes isn't going to have thousands and thousands of titles, but I also didn't expect to see so many C, D, or even Z list "celebs" among the collection. This one is probably only worth a quick join rather than a long term membership.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive celeb sex tapes
  • - Tiny collection
  • - Unsure about updates
  • - Flash streaming videos only, no downloads
  • - Quality can be a bit off
  • - At least one fake tape