Jeans Lez Dom
Jeans Lez Dom 6463 Jeans Lez Dom Jeans Lez Dom combines aspects of jeans fetish scenes, lesbian domination, and softcore teasing into one very sexy and high-quality collection.
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Jeans Lez Dom

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Jeans Lez Dom

Short Review

Jeans Lez Dom combines aspects of jeans fetish scenes, lesbian domination, and softcore teasing into one very sexy and high-quality collection. You can watch as a sexy young Russian models playfully dominate one another with spankings and fully clothed face sitting. This is an exclusive collection, and members can get access to additional, similarly themed sites in the network at a discounted rate.

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After what I estimate to be approximately 3 years online, Jeans Lez Dom is still modestly sized site with just 46 videos/photo combo scenes. There's absolutely no update information found inside the site, but I did see one new scene appear over the period of 10 days or so that I was visiting the collection. My best guess is that the site updates about once per month or possibly twice per month at the most. Some actual firm information about this would certainly be appreciated. It's worth noting that members can pay for an upgraded membership here in order to get access to a total of six different blue jean themed websites for a single monthly price.

Even without the blue jean element, the combination of lezdom and softcore action is pretty unusual. Both the dominant and submissive lesbian in each scene keep their clothes completely on, including their skintight blue jeans. The denim wearing subs get spanked and pushed around a bit and are sometimes forced to like the Domme's pussy through her jeans or are put on the ground to have their faces sat upon by a bluejean covered rear end. I was somewhat surprised at the complete lack of dialogue here, but these are just pure teasing action with a playful feel. All of the models come from Russia or other Eastern European countries, but there's not much information provided about them beyond that.

Jeans Lez Dom, along with the other jean themed sites run by the same team, feature very high quality video materials that are available at up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, 5000 kbps. While these are filmed in what appeared to be apartment and private house settings and have a somewhat amateur feel to them, the quality is very nice and perfect for full-screen viewing even on very large screens. The images are perhaps even a little more polished than the videos and display at 1500 pixels on the long side.

Nav, Design & Features

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Once inside the site, I found the members' area here to be straightforward and easy on the eyes, if a little short on options and tools. Scenes are listed five to a page, and you can also opt to view alphabetized list of all of the models who appear on the site in order to see all of their scenes listed together. Several small images and a little bit of text are provided as a preview for each scene, and download and access links for the video and image files are found just below that.

Downloadable versions of these flicks in WMV format are provided in your choice of three different quality levels. Streaming, unfortunately, is not supported here, nor are other file formats. Images can be viewed from within the members area in thumbnail galleries or downloaded in ZIP files. I found the download speed here to be fast and smooth.



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It's still a pretty small collection here at Jeans Lez Dom, but the focus is so specific that it's hard to imagine finding another site offering softcore lezdom and jeans fetish materials at all, much less at such a high quality level. This collection is definitely aimed at a very specific audience, and if you happen to be in that audience, I'm sure you won't want to miss it. It's also definitely worth checking out the upgraded membership that comes with additional similar sites.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive soft lezdom and jeans fetish scenes
  • + Very high quality HD videos
  • + Fast and easy downloads
  • - Limited download and viewing options
  • - No update info, appears to update slowly