Jeans Orgasm
Jeans Orgasm 6465 Jeans Orgasm Jeans Orgasm is a highly specialized site focused on young Eastern European models masturbating while wearing tight jeans.
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Jeans Orgasm

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Jeans Orgasm

Short Review

Jeans Orgasm is a highly specialized site focused on young Eastern European models masturbating while wearing tight jeans. This is a pretty specific category within the masturbation genre, and the site offers exclusive video/photo combo updates with nice-looking HD videos. Let's go inside the members area for the full scoop on these denim-clad masturbating ladies!

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While I'm not exactly sure when it first launched onto the net, I do believe that Genes Orgasm has probably been around for at least three or four years. It looks like most of the other sites run by the same company has been around since about 2011. When we visited the site in late February of 2014, there was a collection of 84 videos/photo combo updates, and none of them featured any information about when they were added or when updates are made. After visiting the site a few times over the course of a week or so, I believe that that collection is probably updating about two or three times per month. Some firm update information would certainly be appreciated here at this blue jean themed masturbation site.

The models here seem to be mostly Russian, and the videos are very straightforward. None of the flicks I downloaded had any kind of plot or dialogue and instead focus solely on watching these sexy babes posing and playing in their blue jeans before rubbing and vibrating themselves to orgasm while keeping their jeans on the entire time. It's a little bit unusual to see masturbation with no nudity, but that's the name of the game here at Jeans Orgasm. Some of the models have large holes or slits cut into the back of their jeans, exposing their thighs and the lower part of their ass, but that's about as far as the nudity goes here. Sometimes the babes simply rub themselves through the genes, other times they're equipped with heavy-duty vibrators to vibrate their clips through the denim. You'll get plenty of shots of their luscious rear ends in the tight jeans as they soak them through with their pussy juices.

This seems here tend to be somewhat on the short side at an average of around 5 minutes each. The videos are accompanied by an image gallery averaging about 50 pictures. I was more than pleased with the quality here. Although the videos are filmed in a somewhat amateur style, they play at an impressive 1920 x 1080 pixels, 5000 kbps and are perfect for full-screen viewing. All of the photos I viewed more 1500 pixels on the long side and look just as good, if not better, than the videos.

Nav, Design & Features

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I found the members area for Jeans Orgasm pretty simple to use, but they don't really offer a lot in terms of search and navigation tools. Scenes are listed five to a page, and you can view a list of all of the models in alphabetical order and see all of each models seems listed together, as well. There are no search tools at all, and the site may really start to need them as it continues to grow.

While no streaming versions of these flicks are provided, DRM free downloads are offered in your choice of three different quality levels in WMV format. You can save these high definition videos to your hard drive to watch forever. The image sets are available for viewing in basic thumbnail galleries and can also be downloaded in ZIP files.



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While there are certainly a few tweaks I'd like to see here, such as the addition of search tools and streaming vids as well as firm update information, I definitely appreciated the razor-sharp focus on the blue jean orgasms theme. The HD quality videos are a nice touch, and the site does seem to be growing some. In the end, I think the fact that there are virtually no other sites out there focused on babes in blue jeans masturbating makes this one perfect destination for fans of denim diddling.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive jean fetish masturbation vids
  • + Very high quality HD videos
  • + Fast and easy downloads
  • - Limited download and viewing options
  • - No update info, appears to update somewhat slowly