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Short Review:

1 Dick 2 Chicks is a shitty little site with a handful of decent porn videos in relatively low quality that just fails to impress. It is, however, situated on a huge network full of so many similar sites that the quantity of videos makes it all worth the price of admission. Keep that in mind if you want to sign up, but just know that there are better sites out there for the same price or less.
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Price Details:

Trial N/A
Monthly 29.95

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Detailed Review:


1 Dicks 2 Chicks doesnt have a innovative concept, the porn is non exclusive and low in quality and theres just not too much of it on this one site. The network is still, in my opinion, worth every penny but its going to be a lackluster experience overall.

1 Dick 2 Chicks only has 20 episodes up on it so far, each one clocking in at about 20 minutes which is a good healthy jerk off time. Theres nothing special about the fuck scenes, they are just some good solid old fasioned group sex scenes with big dicks and hot chicks. Its all filmed professionally and looks nice, I really have nothing to complain about in this department.

The scenes can be streamed online, which is definitely my preference, and in an easy to deal with flash FLV (512x384). If you wanna keep the scenes on your computer, you can download them in windows WMV (512x384 @ 2000kbps) or a smaller wmv. Also, you can use the file convertor to make the files into VOB, MOV, MPEG or anything you want.

If youre into photograph content, you might be a bit pissed to learn that there just isnt any of it. They have some screen shots from the movie files on here, but those are pretty fucking useless as far as Im concerned.

The only saving grace this site has is the fact that its actually just a tiny pimple on the ass of this huge porn site. Theres enough porn here to last you for a long time, so if youre not too picky about video quality and cant find anything better youre not going to feel ripped off.

Features & Navigation:

When you get to 1 Dick 2 Chicks, you come across a very cliche porn site tour page that gives away a few free images and trailer videos that you can check out before you sign up. The members area is easy to locate and getting inside the site is no sweat.

When you log into the website, you first log into the full network where you can see updates from all of the sites as well as links to the sites themselves. There is also a link to go to the site you signed up through that brings you do a very very simple layout.

Simply choose one of the scenes by checking out the preview images and the descriptions and then click to see the download page. Here you will see the streaming video ready to go, simply hit play. You also get direct download links to each file format and a pull down menu for converting to and downloading any format you want.

The screen shot photos are also found right on each video scenes page. Just click the photos tab and then you can click the small thumbnails to enlarge them and flip through using the next arrows.

1 Dick 2 Chicks and the to the other sites on the network are easy as hell, and they all work in exactly the same way so you dont have to worry about that. The sites seem to be on pretty fast servers too, so the streams go smoothly and the downloads come in fast as well.


1 Dick 2 Chicks is by no means an impressive website and should probably be avoided if youre particular about your porn. That said, theres a whole big network of decent porn to look at thats worth the 30 bux a month. If you cant find anything else, I reluctantly approve this one for your consumption.

Pros & Cons

+ Some decent porn
+ Good network
- Not enough porn
- Low quality.
Click here to visit 1 Dick 2 Chicks and check out the tour.