Black Jungle Booty
Black Jungle Booty 3764 Black Jungle Booty Black Jungle Booty is a site specially tailored for those of you with a soft spot for ebony babes with a lot of junk in their trunk.
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Black Jungle Booty

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Black Jungle Booty

Short Review

Black Jungle Booty is a site specially tailored for those of you with a soft spot for ebony babes with a lot of junk in their trunk. Obviously this site is for ebony lovers and those who love hardcore content as the lovely chocolate ladies star in some of the most intense romps you're likely to see. The site is complete with both video and photo content and as a bonus members have full access to everything the Meat Members network has up it's long long sleeves!

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  • Quality: 0/15
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To be honest I was looking forward to seeing some black hotties enjoying some heated jungle sex however that the "jungle" part of the title was no more than a catchy gimmick to get ebony fans to go what the hell I want to see that shit! Anyways enough about the jungle sex because sadly there is none to be seen, what Black Jungle Booty is all about as I mentioned many times in the Short Review is smoking hot ebony babes starring in generic hardcore scenes, so basically it's your standard every day ebony site with the only difference from others being the lovely models you'll get to feast your ebony loving eyes upon. That said you're probably wondering how the ebony ladies look, well I must say that for the most part they're quite attractive though there were a few which looked a little to shemaleish for my tastes but overall the cast of chocolate skinned babes is quite decent.

Unfortunately Black Jungle Booty doesn't do all to well when it comes to updates and content numbers for that matter. See the site only has 10 episodes on offer but the most concerning part is the fact that it has been up and running since mid-way last year in 2008 which pretty much means that yes the content numbers are quite laughable. To further make things worse the site was last updated also last year only 2 months after having been launched, that basically means that the site was pretty much active for 2 months with updates then completely stopped and since this was last year and there's no information on future updates it's fairly safe to say that this is as big as we will see this site get. It's a damn good thing it is a part of a network which members gain free access to but I'll talk about that later down the track.

So the site may not be winning any awards as far as content numbers and updates go but how does it stack up when it comes to the quality of the content you ask? Well to put it simply it does pretty average. First off the video options, members can choose to stream the videos straight off the site in flash format or download the episodes in wmv and mpeg videos. Out of the 2 formats the mpegs are highest in quality at 1200kbps @ 400x300. The wmvs aren't far behind with a 1100kbps rate though the resolution is slightly higher than the mpegs at 448x352. So as you can see the videos aren't all that great either, though to be fair, even though the specs don't look that great on paper actually watching the videos isn't all that bad though there's certainly room for improvement.

In addition to the video content each episode also comes with a set of photos which come with approximately 220 pictures each. Please note that these are not screen captures as they are proper high quality photos, although the site does also provide screen captures but who needs them when you have perfectly awesome looking photos right? The photos pretty much follow the action of the videos and it looks as though they were taken the same time the video footage was shot. However softcore fans will be glad to know that the developers have also included softcore style photos of the lovely models striking tasteful poses at the start of each photo set.

So as I was saying earlier members also gain access to the very network which Black Jungle Booty is a part of otherwise known as the Meat Members network, this is certainly a damn good thing because I don't see members being occupied with the 10 episodes on offer for a decent enough amount of time. Meat Members would have to be one of the largest porn networks I have seen in a long time with a grand total of 58 sites. As you may have guessed the only problem with this is that the content numbers aren't very consistent across the sites, some are massive while others are tiny just like this one. The networks strongest aspect would have to be with the diversity of porn it offers though for the most part the categories and themes covered tend to be on the intense side of things so you can be sure that you'll only see some of the most hardcore fetish and mainstream episodes on this network.

Nav, Design & Features

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After initial login through the tour pages members are immediately taken to the main Meat Members page from where members can access and view content across the entire network. This page has all the episodes starting from the latest all the way to the first episode ever uploaded. If you want to make your way to the actual Black Jungle Booty site you'll have to use the exclusive sites drop down menu link which is found in the top navigation menu. Once on the main page for Black Jungle Booty members will find all the updates on the front page in the form of thumbnail links. Down the right side of the page are the thumbnail links to the highest voted scenes on offer. At the very bottom of the homepage are the banner links for the various bonus sites for quick and easy access.

Each thumbnail link to the episodes features a screen shot taken from the video to give members a better idea on what they can expect to see in the scene. Below each thumbnail is the name of the model along with the date it was uploaded. Clicking on said thumbnail will take you to the main media page from where members can read up on more information on the episode along with more screen shots for further insight on whether or not it's the kind of episode they wish to view. From here members can access the photo set and screen capture galleries with the option of viewing them off the site in thumbnail style galleries or downloading the entire galleries in single zip files to view them offline.

There's a navigation menu found just below the top navigation menu though however seeing as the collection of episodes is quite the small one there is no real need for it. Instead it is used to browse through the entire collection of content available on the network as a whole and seeing as there's an epic amount of content available across the sites it's a good thing that they have implemented quite a few search tools to help members hunt down the exact type of content they are after. These search tools include a drop down menu where members can choose from various categories, a favorites page, and a page which has all the content organized via starring model.



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Well it's safe to say that the main downfall of the site would have to be the small amount of content. With only 10 episodes on offer members will find themselves running out of content quicker than they would hope for. It's nice that they have access to an entire network however the thing is the other sites don't cover the ebony niche like this one which will have the fans disappointed. Other than that critical short coming the site does ok with quality, overall the site is below average.

Pros & Cons

  • + Ebony ladies are attractive
  • + Access to the entire Meat Members network
  • + Exclusive content
  • - No longer active on updates
  • - Not enough content