Indian GF Videos
Indian GF Videos 6850 Indian GF Videos All the content here features hot Indian amateur babes doing the nasty dance with their BFs, or with each other, or simply flashing and showing off solo style.
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Indian GF Videos

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Indian GF Videos

Short Review

All the content here features hot Indian amateur babes doing the nasty dance with their BFs, or with each other, or simply flashing and showing off solo style. This content must come from all over the web and it's gathered here in an easy to use member area where you get to access the entire network of 29 sites, and they are all on the amateur, self-submit theme. Updates are happening and there are pics and vids to view.

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You have to wonder where they find this content and I can only assume that it is pulled from tube sites and free self-submit sites around the web. That means that we are not looking at anything exclusive here, but it does mean that someone has done the hard work for us. Instead of trawling free sites and getting all those pop-ups and adverts, you simply sign up here and there you go: all your amateur Indian girls in their own home made porn movies.

There were 283 such videos when I was in the site and, looking at the upload dates, a new one is being added every day or so. You actually enter to the network home page and there you see whats most popular from the complete set up of over 12,900 videos. Use the left menu to find Indian GF Videos (you may need to expand the list with the more tab and get to the sites page), and from then on it's plain sailing. You can put the content in various orders, and each video is sown with a sample shot that changes picture when you put your pointer over it. Click to find the viewing page.

One of the drawbacks of this network is that the viewing options are limited. There is only the one stream and you only have one choice of download, so it's not really a choice I guess. The stream worked fine for me and ran smoothly in a JW Player. The Mp4 download was easy enough to take and the file size depends on the length of the clip. Some are only a few minutes while others play out more like full length porn scenes, at 20 minutes or so. Resolutions for movies varies depending on how it was filmed, but expect a rough average size to be around 640 x 480 @ 800 kbps.

The quality is as varied as the action and some clips are a bit dark. Others are fine. Some show chubby Indian girls playing with their pussies, some are sex in public moments and others are full on hardcore from start to finish. A few of the videos I saw were apparently uploaded by members, though I didn't see a way of doing this. Others were upended by Amaland, the company who controls the network.

When you want galleries, you head to the top of the page and find the link it's not in the main menu to the left. There were 53 image sets and these were also a mixed bunch. You have some that are one girl or one couple, and other that are a mix, with various different girls collected in one image set. Numbers per set vary to, as does quality, but these pics were generally fine to view. These are the kind of images you see on the tour, so it's here that you find the horny temptresses who temped you inside. Images clicked up to 796 x 1,062 which looks to be a standard size to fit the template online, so there may be some distortion as all images, no matter what their original size, are fitted into this box. There are simple navigation tools and zip files for full set downloads.

And then you have the rest of your network which is packed with amateur home videos and images. There are 29 sites in total in the network, and although Indian GF Videos is one of the smaller ones, it does hold some pretty rare and hard to find, home movies and galleries as shot by Indian girls and guys, so it is still a bit of a find.

Nav, Design & Features

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You access the bonus sites form that left menu, so they are all easy to find. You have all kinds of niches covered within the general Amateur Home Movie set-up. There are big boobs, Milfs, teens, oral, selfies, Asians and ebony, as well as several others. With over 12,962 videos promised and over 16,077 galleries, you have a huge amount of content to get through. Each site works in the same way and in the same window so it's a really easy network to use.

Members can get a bit involved too. There are places for comments, and you can see what anyone else may have written. You can vote on content too and add things to a favourites area. There are ways to reorganise the index pages and there is also a tools link in the top menu. This lets you change your profile and I did think I would find some way of uploading images here, but no. So I am still not sure if you can fully join in and send in your own content.

I had no technical trouble with the site. It looks pretty basic, but everything works, there are some adverts to contend with, and some promotions linked from the left menu. Also over there you find a random feature; when you can't decide what to watch, click this and you'll get well, you'll get something horny, amateur and self-shot.



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It's always a pretty rare thing to find, Indian porn, but Indian amateur homemade porn is probably even rarer. Here there is a small but hopefully growing selection of videos and pics for you, plus access to a huge collection of all kinds of other amateur, self-shot footage and images. Therefore, it's good value. It is also easy to use and varied, though that means varied quality too. But, for some genuine, sexed up Indian girls and couples showing off their personal bedroom antics, it's fine.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hard to find Indian amateur porn
  • + Network access included
  • + Updates
  • + Downloadable videos
  • + Nice variety
  • - Variable quality
  • - Not exclusive
  • - Small site
  • - Limited viewing options