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Short Review:

You'll want to be joining this club if you've a thing for horny young adults who love licking on a male's furry asshole as though it's going out of fashion. Ass Licking Club is a brand new site based on one of the more kinkier niches fetish porn has to offer. You'll be treated with high quality videos, and picture sets which are all 100% exclusive to the site, mmmm finger licking goodness! visitors get a special price of just $19.95 per month instead of the regular $29.95!
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Definitely one of the more extreme, and some what disturbing niches in my book. I always thought this kind of sex act was only ever done in porn, but one of my mate's roomie openly admitted that she enjoys licking ass! I was a little turned off, but being as hot as she was it was a little arousing to here "why are the hot ones always so crazy?". Anyways Ass Licking Club is a very new site, it went live roughly a month ago, since then the site has been filled with 10 episodes, and 10 picture galleries, which obviously doesn't seem like much, but in all fairness the scenes are exclusive, and the site is very new.

Although the site isn't filled to the brim with videos just yet, the stuff they do have is of very good quality, and as far as ass licking content goes...well I'm sure the fans will really get into these, as you can probably tell, I'm not the biggest fan of the niche, though I can appreciate the quality of the episodes. I was actually pretty surprised to find that the episodes run for roughly 25 minutes each, now that's a damn long time to be licking on an ass. Aside from all the ass licking, you'll see the girls yanking on the dude's cock, for the most part the scenes are shot in the POV angle, giving you the sensation that your ass is being licked.

All the episodes are available to download in both wmv and mpeg format, the scenes have also been split into short chapters for downloading convenience. Quality wise the episodes look great, and stay consistent through out the episodes to boot. Both the Mpegs and Wmv versions come in a great video bit rate of 1600kbps, with a resolution of 480x360. With this high encoding rate they've squeeze a fair bit of quality of out the videos, and you can really tell by watching them, you'll be able to see the hairs on the dude's ass hehe.

The picture galleries on offer look as though they are counter parts to the video content, you'll notice that the same models star in these sets, and the watermark on the images has the same title of the video. The photos are nothing short of breath taking, they're sharp, and colorful, and the photography work is top notch, capturing the best angles of all the ass licking going on. The images are available in sizes of up to 1000x667, which is very decent in my books.

So the content numbers have probably got some of you thinking twice right? Well I don't blame you, but don't turn away just yet, as the bonuses come by the truck load. In addition to the great content on this site, members are bombarded with tons of bonus DVD titles under 19 popular and fetish niches. But the best part is members also gain access to the entire Elite Dollars network. Including this site, there are currently 10 sites to go through, with new ones constantly being developed. All this for the special Review Porn price of $19.95, well that looks like a damn good bargain if I say so myself.

Features & Navigation:

As soon as you lay eyes on the tour pages of the site, you know you're going to be in for some ass licking fun. The young adults portrayed on the tour pages look as though they're having the time of their lives, and have the impression on their faces you only see on ice cream adds. you'll also see that some of the girls have t-shirts on stating whether they're ass licking rookies or pros. I've got to admit some of the more hairy asses were a little off putting, but I'm sure you ass licking fans will love what you see. At the bottom of the tour pages you'll find propaganda on the bonus sites, this will really get potential customers interested.

Once you've decided to join up and log in, you will first be taken to the home page for the entire Elite Dollars network. This is a great place to keep up to date on the latest updates across all the sites, and have a sneak peek on what new updates are on the horizon. Members can also access the bonus DVDs from this page, the link to these can be found towards the very bottom of the site, all the DVDs are organized via niche.

To make your way to the actual Ass Licking Club site, you'll have to scroll to the middle section of the home page. This is where all the links to the 10 sites can be found, each link is depicted in a thumbnail of the site's main banner, and a brief description on what the site involves. Clicking on the thumbnail link will direct you to a section which includes a drop down menu, this menu gives you the option of browsing the videos, or images available on the site.

After you've made it to the main galleries, every thing else is pretty much straight forward. You can choose to view the pictures individually, or watch them in a slide show, and the video sections will present you with the various download links, a simple click on these and your download will automatically start. There's really nothing to it, it's so simple to the point that any average Joe can pick it up as they go along, very easy stuff.


At the moment there's not a whole heap on offer, but like I said the site is very new, so we're sure to see things pick up soon enough. Besides the content on offer should be very appealing to ass licking fans, and there's also a heap of other sites to check out while you wait for new episodes. The price tag is very easy on your wallet considering that you get access to a total of 10 sites for the special price of $19.95 (normally $29.95).

Pros & Cons

+ Special Price (Save $10)
+ Great ass licking content
+ Tons of bonus content
+ Videos look great
+ Picture content is stunning
+ Full access to 10 sites
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