Bubble Gum Freaks
Bubble Gum Freaks 2392 Bubble Gum Freaks If you're looking for something a little different but still as arousing as the usual hardcore type porn then here's a site which offers some of the most unique porn around.
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Bubble Gum Freaks

Reviewed 2008-09-30 l Last update on

Bubble Gum Freaks

Short Review

If you're looking for something a little different but still as arousing as the usual hardcore type porn then here's a site which offers some of the most unique porn around. What you can expect to witness within the episodes are some of the most gorgeous ladies chewing on gum as they get slammed or are pleasuring themselves. Members are treated to a number of exclusive episodes including video and photo content.

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Now I've reviewed my fair share of sites in my time as a reviewer and up until now I've only ever come across one other site which is dedicated to hot girls chewing on gum as they get themselves off with toys and what not. I suppose you can classify this content under fetish as I'm sure it's not the most mainstream of niches around, and I must admit it does take some getting used to watching a girl getting herself off as she blows bubbles with her gum it does look a little unnatural but hey as they say if you can think it someones got a fetish for it and it just so happens that these girls have a fetish for bubblegum. How do the girls look you ask? Well they are attractive though I wouldn't say they're stone cold stunners, they are more the girl next door type with cute faces and oh so fuckable bodies. Although the site may not be brimming with content just yet they have done a pretty good job on mixing up the ladies with every thing from redheads, blondes, brunettes, and Asians blowing bubbles for your viewing pleasure.

As I said earlier the site is a little small at the moment but with the lack of information on dates in regards to when the episodes were uploaded it does make it hard to figure out how the site is doing on content numbers, I mean for all I know it could be a brand new site and has only started it's quest on becoming a massive monster of a site. All up there's a current total of 9 exclusive episodes which are available for members to download, there is information at the bottom of the page which claims that there are more Bubblegum Girls coming next week though I'm not entirely sure on how accurate that information is. It's a good thing members are given access to a ton of extras including 32 reality sites, endless amounts of video feeds, and a massive DVD archive consisting of over 4000 DVD titles! Now this may not seem too impressive for members who were specifically after bubblegum content only however the plethora of niches covered across all the extras gives members the luxury of diverse porn viewing.

Now although the site doesn't do overly well on quantity for now, it certainly makes up for it with quality as the videos on offer look gorgeous. The episodes are fairly short running for roughly 6 minutes each, all episodes can be downloaded in wmv format with no DRM restrictions so once they're on your hard drive you can choose to keep them for as long as you wish. All the videos have been encoded in impressive video bit rates of (1500kbps @ 640x480) now if those numbers don't mean anything to you just know that the videos look superb, I personally had no problems with how the videos look. Now they just need to work on their content numbers and this site will certainly become a must see for bubblegum fans.

You may remember me mentioning in the short review that each of the episodes come with a set of photos, well they do and they look pretty damn decent at that. The galleries come with approximately 40 images each which are decently clear and fairly colorful even though the lighting wasn't the best I've seen around. I felt they were a little small though with the images measuring in at (870x578 pixels), not the biggest dimensions I know. So overall I felt the picture content was fairly average especially if you were to compare them to the awesome quality of the video content. Average or not it's still nice to see that they've decided to provide actual photo content rather than just sticking with screen captures which so many other sites do.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour pages are drenched in the color pink which I did find appropriate given the bubblegum theme of the site. I've to say I was quite impressed with how the tours look straight up I can say that it will certainly grab potential customers attention with the cute drawings and awesome looking top banner. As always the tour pages are covered from top to bottom with sample pictures taken from the episodes to give potential customers some insight on what they can expect to be watching after signing up. I did find it a little unfortunate that there aren't any free trailers on offer as they would have really reeled in more customers however some may feel that the sample pictures are enough to seal the deal.

If you want a bare bones interface then you can't get any more bare than the set up on this site. Things don't look as flashy as they do on the tour pages however as the main members area does look kind of dull luckily I'm not too fussy about how the site looks as I prioritize on how easy the site is to navigate and well you can't get much easier than this as there is really only one page you'll be using to access all the content and that's right on the main members area. The navigation menu at the top probably won't get used much at all, the only use I found out of it was to access the various bonus sites and extras. There are other links on the navigation menu which will give you access to live cam girls and online personal adds however you have to pay to take advantage of these services as they are all third party.

As I said all the featured content can be accessed straight off the main members area, once you've logged in through the tours you will immediately be presented with the list of episodes as you scroll down the page. Each episode takes up a small section of the main members area, included within this area is a thumbnail featuring a portrait of the starring model blowing a bubble, there's also a short description on what the episode involves, they've also provided the link to the video download and photo gallery within this section. One thing I should mention though is that you'll have to right click and choose the save link as option if you want to download the videos because if you were to left click it you will be taken to another window where the video will automatically stream in.

Well there's not much else to be said about the navigation of the site because as I said it is very bare bones and I'm sure you can see that from this part of the review. Also viewing the picture galleries is pretty standard so no need for explanation there as I'm sure all of you have browsed a picture gallery before. One thing they could improve on is the cosmetics of the site as it does look pretty dull but having a good looking site is just a bonus in my books, what counts is if the site is easy to navigate and well you can't get much easier than this folks.



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The main reasons why you'll want to be joining this site is for the unique fetish and the great quality videos, the site does have a few short comings the main one being the low content numbers. It would have been nice if they gave out more information in regards to update dates because for all I know it's a brand new site which would be a legitimate reason for the humble collection. So that's my only gripe with the site, the low content numbers as it does well on just about all other aspects.

Pros & Cons

  • + Unique content
  • + Videos look nice
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Site is very easy to navigate
  • + Tons of extras
  • - Needs more content
  • - No information on dates
  • - Site looks dull