Couples Seduce Babes
Couples Seduce Babes 960 Couples Seduce Babes Ever wonder what it would be like if a horny middle aged couple seduced a babe aged 18 or 19 years into a hot steamy threesome with them? No.
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Couples Seduce Babes

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Couples Seduce Babes

Short Review

Ever wonder what it would be like if a horny middle aged couple seduced a babe aged 18 or 19 years into a hot steamy threesome with them? No? Well believe it or not this kind of content can get pretty damn arousing and it's quite amusing to see a curious slut learning from an experienced older couple, weird but equally arousing stuff here guys come check it out!

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First off let me just state that this is the first time I've come along this kind of content, so right off the bat I've gotta give the site points for originality and extra points for horniness as this kind of content can get really hot. Essentially this kind of content can be categorized under young adults and threesome groupsex as the episodes involve a horny couple getting an 18-19 year old slut to join in their naughty sex acts.

The younger models and older couples on this site love sex and are all quite attractive, for the most part the couples look to be middle aged while the younger models are fresh and barely legal so you know that they don't have much experience as far as fucking goes, so you'll also get to see them learn some new moves that the horny couples teach them. The 18 to 19 year old babes also come in a nice variety of flavors including redheads, blondes, brunettes, Latinas, ebony babes, and exotic Asian hotties.

At the moment there are 84 episodes available and judging by their update schedules there will be a new episode added each week, so here's hoping those updates don't stop rolling. Video content is a mix of downloadable and streamed vids, it would have been nice if all the scenes were available for download but unfortunately this isn't the case so if you wanted to make the most out of this site I'd suggest joining only if you have a decent connection as a fair bit of the episodes can only be streamed which would definately be a problem for dial-up users. The developers have been nice enough to include dial-up versions of their streaming and downloadable videos, but to be honest I'd rather stick with the broadband versions as they look far better and are well worth the wait.

I couldn't have been more pleased with the picture content on offer as all the galleries provide some awesome looking screen shots which even the most hardened picture critics could appreciate. Each of the episodes come with a picture set which were taken around the same time they shot the video footage so in a way they're like screen captures only they're a lot higher in quality and you can sometimes tell that the models are posing for the shot, all in all they're quite easy on the eyes.

After your well and done with the content this site has to offer, or simple need a rest from all those horny couples there's still a whole heap of other stuff you can check out in the form of extras, including helpful sex advice articles, adult comics, interactive sites, bonus video feeds, and best of all over 50 bonus sites which you gain full access to on sign up.

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You'll definately get a taste of things to come just by checking out the tour pages of this site as you can browse through several thumbnails taken from their episodes but best of all potential customers can treat themselves to some scorching hot free previews if they need some extra convincing, and you can take my word for it that those trailers are expert negotiators.

At first glance the main members are and the site in general looks a little cluttered, and to be honest it was a little too busy for my liking. In my opinion there were too many unnecessary links which seem as though they're trying to make the site look bigger than what it actually is, which can make the site a little confusing to navigate at first, but once you know where everything is it ain't so bad.

The content area of the site is pretty simple, each of the episodes are represented by a small thumbnail of the starring model and a link to the picture and video gallery of the episode. The video section obviously consists of the various video downloads and of course the streaming links available for that scene, and the picture section is where you can browse the gorgeous pictures, these galleries work like a standard picture gallery works.

The main members area is where you'll find all the information you want in regards to updates, and from here you can also access the various bonus sites, and extras like the sex articles and bonus video feeds. Just like everything else in life the site does take some getting used to at first, but once you know how everything works and where everything is it will all fall into place like pieces to a puzzle.



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Well I must say that I really enjoyed viewing the episodes on offer, sure they may not be top of the line HD quality scenes and some of them can only be streamed, but damn are they hot to watch! and sometimes that's what matters most in porn, I say sometimes cause there's gotta be quality there as well, I mean who could watch a blurry porn and bust a nut over it, thankfully this isn't the case with the content on offer as they are a fairly decent watch.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot seductive content
  • + Curious babes
  • + Picture content is great
  • + Access to over 50 sites
  • - Layout of members area