Doctor Adventures
Doctor Adventures 739 Doctor Adventures Ever wonder what doctors get up to, when they close the doors to their office, they could get up to anything you know, and I'm sure many doctors, have patients, that look cut out to be pornstars, and
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Doctor Adventures

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Doctor Adventures

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Ever wonder what doctors get up to, when they close the doors to their office, they could get up to anything you know, and I'm sure many doctors, have patients, that look cut out to be pornstars, and women are usually attracted to doctors, cause they're smart, and have a good paying job, so there's bound to be some chemistry right! Well there sure was! and they've got it all on tape, on this steaming hot site, watch as doctors get up to no good, and fuck their horny patients!

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I've heard of this type of porn before, but I haven't actually watched any myself, so this is something new for me, and I must say, it does look a little strange...but I can see, how people can fantasize about this kind of stuff. There's definately a lot of role reversals, when it comes to their content, as sometimes the models a patient, sometimes, shes a nurse, and sometime she's the doctor, doing all the seducing.

The line up of sexy women, they've provided is quite diverse, they've got seductive blondes, elegant brunettes, fiery red heads, spicey Latinas, and ebony sluts. Unfortunately I didn't see any exotic Asian ladies in the mix, but with the variety they've got on offer, it doesn't seem to matter.

All up there are 64 steaming hot doctor vids, which will have you, wishing you were a doctor. All of the videos are available to download in full scenes, or short clips, in both wmv and mpg format. It's nice to see that they included the short clips, as this makes things a lot more convenient, for people on slow connections, plus members can choose, to skip the foreplay segments, if they want to dive straight into the hardcore fucking.

The quality of the videos provided, are awesome, not only are they crystal clear, but they run flawlessly smooth, and they still look half decent, if you were to watch them through a full screen. They've also provided a version of their episodes, which are lower in quality, but significantly smaller in file size. These videos aren't too bad to watch, you can certainly tell the difference in quality, but being small in file size, makes them ideal for dialup connections.

Bonus content on this site, is truly on an epic scale. They've provided tonnes of bonus scenes, and picture galleries, but the best part is, the bonus content on offer, covers 20 different categories, so the variety to choose from is huge!

Aside from all the great content on this site, members have been granted full access, to a further 39 bonus niche sites! That are just as good, if not better than this one! Now if that isn't enough to get people to sign up, then I don't know what will.

Well there's quite a bit of content available on this site, and a huge variety to choose from too. Plus all the options they've provided, as far as video formats, and sizes go, will really make the task of downloading, a lot more easier on people with slow net connections. Definately a must see, if your looking for content that's a little different.

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Now if you haven't seen this kind of content before, the tour pages are going to seem a little strange to you. Don't worry the models aren't hideously ugly, or nothing like that, in fact they're all drop dead gorgeous. But seeing a doctor, getting down and dirty, with their patients is kind of a turn on, and if the mouth watering pictures don't interest potential customers, then I'm sure the free trailers, certainly will.

All of the information you'll ever want to know concerning this site can be found on the homepage. On this page you'll come across information on the latest uploaded video, thumbnail links to the highest rated featured videos, news on updates for the upcoming week and links to their entire collection of scenes. They even have a members poll asking what type of scenes members prefer viewing so they know what type of scenes to upload in the future, talk about looking after their customers huh?

The featured videos, can be found towards the bottom of the main members area. Each scene is presented by a thumbnail of the starring model, a short description, on what the scene is about, and the links, to all the different media platforms, the episode provides, such as videos, screen caps, and streams. Clicking on any one of these links, will take you to that episode's, main downloads area, which I've explained in detail below.

The various media platforms, for each episode has been organized into 6 separate tabs, the bottom half of the page will change depending on which tab you click on, for example if you were to click on the Watch movie tab the bottom half of the page will change and provide you with the streaming links for that scene, or lets say you wanted to check out the picture gallery for the scene, simply click on the High Quality Pics tab and the bottom half of the page will turn into the picture gallery, a really great and innovative set up they got here. All up there are 6 different tabs to choose from, these include, high quality pics, screen caps, download movie, watch movie, 1 minute clips and comments. So you can pretty much access all the different types of media for that episode on this one page, which I must say, is quite convenient.

So that's it as far as the site mechanics go, it's all very simple stuff, and you should have no problems, making your way around the site. Traversing the bonus sites, is nice and quick, as they've eliminated, the process of having to re-enter your login, everytime you enter a new site. Navigation, isn't going to get much easier than this folks!



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Well the content on this site is certainly different, that's for sure, it's strange, yet very arousing at the same time, so if your into strange sexual things, then you'll love the content this site has to offer. Plus with all the bonus content available, they've broken the niche barrier, so not only does the site cater for people with doctor fetishes, but also for people who like porn in general.

Pros & Cons

  • + Wide variety of bonus content
  • + Access to over 30 sites!
  • + Quality of content is great
  • + Easy to navigate