Euro Fetish Freaks
Euro Fetish Freaks 338 Euro Fetish Freaks has some of the hardest extreme content that you might ever come across.
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Euro Fetish Freaks

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Euro Fetish Freaks

Short Review has some of the hardest extreme content that you might ever come across. There is all types of fucking on this site, you will find every thing from your fetish style fucking to your straight anal fucking with young babes.

The site is loaded with tons of videos for you to download straight to your own computer and keep for a life time. You will be able to play the videos in your windows media player. There is also tons video feeds you can also watch but you cant download.

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All things Euro will be found on this site, everything from blowjobs to hardcore fetish sex. This >ethnic porn site has so much to offer in all different types of content.

You will see the dirty little goth type of sluts that love to get their gear off and suck some random guys cock, and then you will find the nice young college girl who needs to get cock on a daily basis.

The content is mainly all videos or video feeds, but there is also tons of images for you to browse or download straight to your computer. The videos are all high quality and will play via your windows media player or what ever media player you are using.

Most of the videos have been chopped up into small clips which makes for easier downloading as well as having very large files available which do take awhile for the people of slower internet to download. The video feeds are unable to be downloaded and will only be able to be streamed inside your browser. This is quite good because its quick loading time and easy to view and you will get to pick which speed you would like to view the feeds at, you can also fast forward through the video feed.

Some of the best feeds you will get are:

Her First Lesbian Experience:
We take these hot girls and get them to lick their first pussy! You won't believe how easy it is to get these babes to lick it out for the camera!

Desperate Babes XXX:
Hot babes desperate for a few quick bucks go from stripping to sucking hard cock for a bit more hard currency, and get it all over their face just a little more!

Real GangBangs XXX:
These hot chicks can never get enough cock! Watch them get taken back to the apartment to have all their holes pounded hard! We leave them gasping for more and covered in cum in these amazing videos!

And thats just to name a few. There are tons more for you to view inside the members area. Be sure to come over and check it out sometime soon. You will not be disappointed.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10 has been laid out for anyone to be able to use, from the first timers to the porn kings. As soon as you log into the members area you will have all the porn you will ever need right there in front of you.

The first section of the site that you will see has all your main Euro Fetish Freaks videos that you will be able to download. Most of the main videos will only be downloadable and not streamed. The videos that you will be able to stream are the video feeds, but don't worry to much there is plenty of content for you to stream or download, this should keep everyone happy.

On the left hand side of the screen you will see 4 main links, these will take you to either Video, Feeds, Games or photos, simply click on one of these to access the content you wish to view and it will load you straight to that page.

Some of the best features are that you can choose your internet speed when viewing the video feeds. You can also fast forward through the movie without having to watch the boring parts. Well there are no real boring parts when it comes to watching porn but you know what I mean.

If you find that you have come across any trouble inside the site or you just need to ask a question, simply click on the customer support link and send the webmaster an email. They will be able to help you with anything you need.



Members Area Screenshots

Conclusion is a pretty good site with loads of content that you will be able to download or stream from the comfort of your own home, it sure works out better then buying a porn dvd.

The site has more videos feeds then you will ever get a chance to view. The site also updates each week with more fresh content for you to download.

I would highly recommend this site for anyone who wants a good style ethnic porn site with tons of content to download.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great video and image content
  • + High Quality videos
  • + Nice layout and easy to use