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Facesitting Mistress 7782 Facesitting Mistress Enter the world of Miss Jessica Wood, aka, the Facesitting Mistress.
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Facesitting Mistress

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Facesitting Mistress

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Enter the world of Miss Jessica Wood, aka, the Facesitting Mistress. This British dominatrix offers us a very specialised and unique site that's not only one of a kind but also allows its members to get close to their dominatrix through photos, videos and in person. This is a home-run site with a truly personalised feel, offering specific non-sexual facesitting experiences for everyone into the fetish. You will find downloadable videos in 1080p HD, images and news.

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If you've been searching for ages to find a genuine fetish site where the webmistress is a real dominatrix and not a porn actress pretending, then you will be thrilled to know that Jessica Wood is just that person. From the word go, you can tell that this is a home-run site put together by an expert in her fetish who presents you with her content in an honest fashion. Don't expect pages of studio-produced porn (there is no porn here), and don't expect false promises, glitzy temptations and banners, bonus sites or any of those other trappings that adult site tours promise. You see on the tour at Facesitting Mistress exactly what you find in the members' area.

The Mistress offers you 239 video 'clips' at the moment, and a clip can run for anywhere between five and 20 minutes. 79 of these are filmed by a cameraman and 160 are what she calls real session clips filmed with a fixed cam. In other words, they are videos of sessions that took place with eager guys begging to be sat upon, and that means you get the real, raw deal and not porn studio fantasy. That's the thing about Facesitting Mistress; it is a real-deal site with no pretensions, and provides genuine footage for fetishists.

To find it, you need to sign up, sign in, and head to the Members' Site link in the menu. The members' area looks identical to the tour, and you can be forgiven for thinking you haven't signed in because both areas are so similar. However, once signed in, the members' site section leads to full scenes and not just trailer clips, and these are set out over long index pages with four sample shots each and a write-up. Read the details and download the clip, and there you have it. There is no streaming, and there are no individual viewing pages, so it's basic, but therefore, easy to handle.

Videos come down in Mp4 format, with newer ones being at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and although downloads can be slow, they are worth waiting for. Mistress appears in various costumes, talks to her sub and treats him as she sees fit. In one, video, for example, she plays a nurse tending to a patient and using a specific breathing treatment. She administers this in her uniform by sitting on his face and rubbing her satin panties across his mouth and nose, holding there until he is subdued. She's talking all the way through, leaving him gasping and breathing in her scent. She faces both this way and that, so sometimes her bottom is smothering him, and at other times, his nose is pressed down by her (covered) pussy. This particular scene ran for 10 minutes and was extremely intense.

There are also a few images to browse under the Photos link in the menu. Here, I found two galleries with small thumbnails that led to full-size images at 642 x 800 px. You browse them one at a time. The quality is of a decent amateur standard, and the galleries show you Jessica at work. Dressed in lingerie, she sits on her willing, wanton guys while wearing heels and only lets them out to breathe when she thinks they are ready. Sometimes the images are from her point of view and sometimes, they are from the point of view of the sub being sat upon. Therefore, you not only have the full experience but also some wonderful shots of your mistress' suffocating bottom as it descends to smother your face.

The content count at Facesitting Mistress might not be that high, but it is 100% on-niche and on-promise, completely exclusive and original, and I can't think of any other site that brings you this close to the real thing. In fact, read on to discover how you can get even closer.

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Mistress Jessica offers a personal touch. She runs a service in the UK, where she is based and can arrange Facesitting sessions. Hit up the 'Sessions' section of the site, and you will see a list of her appearances, some with dates and others to be confirmed. She travels from her home in Hertfordshire to places as far afield as Glasgow and Belfast, and, I notice, even Amsterdam. You can take part in these sessions, some are 'double-dom' with other dominatrixes, and there are links to other services, including dungeon hire.

The way to be interactive at Facesitting Mistress is to be physically interactive and book a session, but Jessica also offers direct contact via email, Twitter and other platforms for those guys who are genuinely interested in exploring the fetish. That's what makes the site work so well; it is 100% honest and, as I've said, on-niche. There are no extras, as such, but there are links to where you can buy and download other clips and facesitting souvenirs such as used underwear, and you come away from the experience feeling as if you have been sat upon. And that, after all, is what it is all about.

This is a UK site, so the membership price shows in the text as 15.00 per month. That's currently $19.76 for each 30-day period, and that is your one sign-up option. It recurs, is paid through the reliable company CCBill, and there are no hidden charges.



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Facesitting Mistress must be one of a kind. It is 100% genuine, run by and for fans of the fetish, deals with non-porn facesitting scenarios shot with genuine fetishists, and now offers 239 downloadable videos, plenty of which are in HD. The quality is good, there is plenty of contact available, including personalised sessions, and members can contact their mistress and join in. It's not a large site and has a quirky, old-fashioned appeal, but it all works, and is 100% on-niche.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive
  • + Niche-specific
  • + 100% genuine
  • + HD movie clips
  • + Personal interaction
  • + Genuine facesitting fetish content
  • - Navigation can be confusing
  • - Not a large site