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Fetish Girls 6691 Fetish Girls The thing that struck me about Fetish Girls was how interactive the site is. You sign up for free and browse around the various areas, then you buy credits (at $1.
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Fetish Girls

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Fetish Girls

Short Review

The thing that struck me about Fetish Girls was how interactive the site is. You sign up for free and browse around the various areas, then you buy credits (at $1.00 per credit, so it's easy to calculate) and spend them on a variety of things: videos, live cam shows or even having your own movie made. And the girls are hot and up for anything, they are also at your disposal; as long as it's kinky and sexy they will do it for you. So, a mix of a site, an open,honest and unusual site.

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Giving you an accurate rundown of the content may be a little tricky as it is so varied. There are live webcam shows, an archive of live recordings, video clips, video diaries and a model index to check through. You will see, at the home page, the top lists and update news and many images of the girls you saw on the tour. Actually, Id say the home page in the members' area was the same as the tour right down to the join button.

So, heading through the available content and the Fetish Clips to start with. The first page of samples shows you girls smoking, painting their nails, wearing various outfits, masturbating, playing with their nipples, shaving, using toys, and even some rubber play and sling action. There were 1,975 clips when I was checking the site, all displaying their upload date and all coming in on a good update schedule. You click a sample pic and find the video. I have to say, these are not cheap movies. I found eight minute clips at $8.91 and six minute clips at $5.94, and the only way to view them is to buy them. There were no trailers or samples to take, just descriptions.

In the live shows area there were 17 recordings dating back to 2013, which kind of suggests the live shows are not very regular. Live show archive videos cost around $5.00 each. However, it looks like these are a decent length and cover some nice kinky fetish action. As far as I could make out, the site has something like 930 models with three live on line at a time, though that number is going to vary of course. All the shows are premium, that is, live one to one with the model, so no free group chat first. I am told there's no audio, its text chat only, the models do have some images to tempt you but not a lot of other info, and you will have to stock up on credits before you start chatting of course. The quality of your internet connection is going to be very important here and you will want to be on the fastest possible.

The only other area of the site I could easily access was the model index. Here there were 24 girls per page and over 860 in total including redheads, brunettes, most in their 20s and 30s, some gagging on gags, others in leather and rubber gear, some posing full on other showing face pics; a very varied collection. It is here that you can see how many clips the girl has and how much she charges for a live session, some examples being: $3.50 per clip, $4.50 per private session and $3.50 for the recorded one. I assume that's per minute for the private session? If so, that's pretty costly. Its also on the model index pages that you find the girls clips and videos, and her diary, which is like a collection of stats and details. What you then do with the girl is, of course, up to you.

Nav, Design & Features

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The site is very easy to navigate and I have to say I had no issues with Fetish Girls, and you will be fine as long as you are willing to pay as you go; and pay you must! Its easy to add credits, there are links on the pages and in the main banner. Click that and head to the pay page to find you can add 20, 40, 60 or 100 credits in one go; each credit being the equivalent of one dollar, so thats easy enough to work out. Once you have run out you top up again so there is no rolling membership fee plan.

One of the main attractions of the site is the Custom Video area. Here you pay to have your own clip made by sending in written instructions of what you want to see. The site will then, if it can, make it for you. Its a neat toy for true fetish fans and you can even suggest which model you would like to have in your video. You're able to see examples of the latest requests too, so you can easily see how it all works.

There is also a private message service for the girls and you can send them notes via their model index entry pages. These were well stocked with info and, in the main, images and clips of the girls and this area is probably the best way to search and filter through the site. Take a look at the varied, amateur, everyday fetish ladies, check out their stats and then be prepared to pay to have some quality fun with them.



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I reckon that Fetish Girls is fine for fans of amateur, home-mom, leggy lady, 20-something fetish action with sexy ladies from all walks of life if you have the cash to spend. Some of the clips and archives are a bit costly and the one to one cam shows can add up too. Whats here looks good, there's lots of information and it seems there are lots of girls. How often they appear, and how much you can afford to pay them is up to you.

Pros & Cons

  • + Lots of fetish girls
  • + Variety in what they will do
  • + Easy site to manage and use
  • + Good information
  • - Can be costly
  • - Not much for free