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Fetish Movie Vault 2100 Fetish Movie Vault If you are itching to scratch that fetish bug that has been bothering you what ever it may be then you will want to dive in to the deep depths of the Fetish Movie Vault to see what they have in store
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Fetish Movie Vault

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Fetish Movie Vault

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If you are itching to scratch that fetish bug that has been bothering you what ever it may be then you will want to dive in to the deep depths of the Fetish Movie Vault to see what they have in store for kinky fetish lovers like yourself. The Fetish Movie Vault provides hour after hour of nasty fetish content all provided in high quality videos which will have your eyes rotting from all the sweet sweet eye candy!

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Each and every one of us has got a fetish that we would rather keep to ourselves, whether it be slapping, roping up some hot chick, or a kinky foot fetish. Lucky for us the people we find in the steamy fetish flicks within this site aren't afraid to live out their fetish fantasize and perform them in high quality videos for the whole world to enjoy. The Fetish Movie Vault provides all of the above fetishes and much more, such as pregnant, female domination, and hairy fetish videos. It's all here, it's all kinky, and fetish fans will certainly appreciate what the site has up it's deep deep sleeves.

If you're a hardcore porn fan then I'm sure the concept of an online DVD archive is something you've heard of before. With more and more of these massive collections going live on the net I'm sure you've stumbled across quite a few before. What sets this site apart from the usual online DVD archive is that it is niche based, meaning it sticks to the one category and packs on the videos making things oh so sweet for the fans of the particular niche this one being fetish. So far the Fetish Movie Vault offers 83 full length retail DVD titles, this is quite an impressive amount considering that the archive is niche driven and the fact that the site has been up and running for just over a week.

All the DVDs on offer are retail so they can be found at the shelves of your local porn store. So what's the point of an online archive if you can simply go to your porn store to pick up your copy? Well for starters it's much more discreet to pick and choose your DVDs online rather than having to go to a store and search around the fetish shelves with people pointing and staring at you. But the best advantage is that you save a whole lot of money because for the price of one membership you can download hour after hour of fetish videos rather than having to pay for DVDs individually. In essence you'll be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars to quench your porn fetish needs.

Now the fact that the DVDs come from various production companies certainly plays a big factor as far as quality consistency goes. Lucky for us the media team behind this kinky collection of videos have done the best they can to keep the videos looking outstanding and consistent to boot. Just how good do the videos look? Well for the tech heads I'll give you the exact encoding rate which clocks in at an impressive (2500kbps @ 720x480). If you find yourself blankly scratching your head at those numbers just know that the videos look damn fine and are very clear even if you were to blow the video screens up to full size.

Not only do the videos look good but the developers have also made sure that the site is accessible for every one no matter what kind of bandwidth or computer you're using. Obviously though you'll want to stick with the highest quality available as the quality of the videos is one of the main reasons you'll want to join this site and you can take it from me that they're definately worth the wait. Members have the option of streaming the videos straight off the site in FLV format. But if you wish to start your own fetish video collection members can download the files in mpeg and wmv format with no DRM restrictions holding them back. If you're the avid porn viewer who wants porn on the go they've even included Mp4 versions of the videos so members can watch them on portable video players.

So there's not much else to say about the content on the site. I'm sure by now you'll know just how awesome the collection of videos there is on offer, and if you feel that 83 videos won't be enough keep in mind that the site has only been up for just over a week, plus updates come in quite frequently. But that's not all because with the membership you also gain access to 20 other sites! Yup 20 more sites filled to the brim with high quality porn just waiting to be downloaded. Like this site they're all nice based and they all provide content which is on par in quality with the videos available on this site.

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Once you step in to the tours of Fetish Movie Vault you know you're in for quite the fetish feast as there's a ton of sample pictures taken from selected DVD titles which will really catch your eye. Not only are there sample pictures but you've also got some sample clips to give you a good idea on just how great the quality is. The darker kinkier theme of the fetish niche is nicely portrayed by the dark color scheme the developers have opted for, and as far as site presentation goes the site certainly looks nice but they haven't gone overboard with the flashiness.

Down the left side of the homepage are links to the 20 individual sites on the HD Movie Club network within the column situated to the left of the site. This makes site hopping a breeze as a single click on these links is all that's needed to make your way to the members area of each of the sites. Below this column are search tools which will allow you to search through the content via studio, series, and pornstar. A great feature if you have found yourself a favorite model and wish to see all the content she stars in.

Down the main section of the homepage are where all the latest updates are situated. At the very top is the last update and has it's very own section. Here you will find two large sample pictures taken straight from the video, information on which pornstars star in the scene. Just below this section is the upcoming DVDs section which will give you a peek in to the next few days so you know which DVDs to look out for. Further down are the rest of the updates, and at the very bottom of the list are indexed numbers which are linked to the rest of the past updates.

All the DVDs are represented by their box covers. These are links which will take you to the main download area of the DVD from where you can access all the media that is needed. Once you make it to this page you'll be presented with both the front and back covers of the DVD including all the information you need about it including the stars, the studio which produced the DVD, and a short description. Scrolling down this page you'll come across large sample pictures which will give you a good idea on what the scene involves. Needless to say this is where you will also find the download and streaming links for the different qualities and formats for the various scenes the DVD titles provide.



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The Fetish Movie Vault easily gets my two thumbs up! Needless to say fetish fans will certainly want to check this site out as it's just armed to the teeth with high quality fetish videos which will certainly bring out the freak in you. Plus with 20 other sites all covering a unique niche you've got quite the porn buffet to attend to. There's just no going wrong here folks, a safe and great choice for any type of porn fan, fetish lover or not.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great fetish videos
  • + High video quality
  • + Good amount of content
  • + Site looks great
  • + Very easy to navigate
  • + Access to 20 sites