Fuck Me In The Bathroom
Fuck Me In The Bathroom 3085 Fuck Me In The Bathroom As if steamy hardcore sex wasn't dirty enough the developers of this site thought they'd make it extra filthy by shooting them in bathrooms.
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Fuck Me In The Bathroom

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Fuck Me In The Bathroom

Short Review

As if steamy hardcore sex wasn't dirty enough the developers of this site thought they'd make it extra filthy by shooting them in bathrooms! Yup you can witness some of the most gorgeous ladies getting their holes tampered with in some of the most arousing hardcore sex scenes you'll see. There's really not a whole lot of content at the moment as the site is still fairly new but they do make up for it with quality and deliciously hot scenes.

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You'd think that public toilets would be filthy and smelly but the toilets you'll see on this site are so damn clean you'd think someone scrubbed the entire thing using a toothbrush. Obviously these scenes were shot in a studio made to look like public toilets because there is no way public toilets could look this clean. Anyway enough about the toilets for now, because most of your attention will probably be targeted towards the beautiful ladies starring in them.

Alright so the ladies on this site aren't exactly going for the cutesy or seductive look. They're looking more like ladies who would bite your head off if you tried to start shit with them. They've got tattoos, piercings, dark and dyed hair, and basically looking a little more hardcore than usual. They aren't lesbians though as they certainly love the cock, however I wouldn't mind seeing these girls get down and dirty with another babe but sadly the site is more focused on guy on girl content.

Besides the fact that the ladies are getting slammed in the bathroom the episodes could pretty much be classified as general hardcore scenes starring a guy and a girl, you'll witness the usual foreplay session, pussy and anal fucking, and some endings can get quite sticky to say the very least. So there isn't a whole lot of diversity going on in their collection of episodes, but at least they are pretty damn hot.

The only problem I had with the site is thankfully one which can be fixed given time. See the site only has 5 episodes on offer which needless to say isn't very impressive at all, even for a site which has just been launched. On a brighter note the episodes are exclusive to the site which is always a plus though there's certainly room for growth that's for sure. My only concern is that the site hasn't been updated since it was first launched on the 28th of Jan 09. I'm certainly hoping they get more episodes up and running because members obviously won't be impressed with only 5 videos to keep them busy.

Although the site does lack on quantity they some what make up for it by providing some relatively good looking videos. Members have the choice of downloading 3 formats including wmvs, movs, and mp4 video files. I wouldn't say the videos are ground breaking as they don't quite reach DVD standards however they are still looking quite nice with the highest encoding rate being in (1300kbps @ 640x480), this encoding rate is available for both the wmv and mov files. The mp4s are available in low bit rates of (500kbps @ 320x240) however this is excusable as the mp4s are specifically encoded to play on portable devices and the low encoding rate still looks great on a small screen.

In addition to the hot videos the episodes also come complete with picture sets which are looking damn fine. The sets come with roughly 50 images each which are looking pretty damn fine. You can tell these are directly related to the videos as they feature the same location, models, and hardcore action. Clarity is high and the colors are so vibrant it feels as though you're in the same toilet where all the hardcore fucking is going on. These are certainly a great addition to the nice videos on offer, and I'm sure photo lovers will certainly be pleased with the quality.

Well that's pretty much it as far as content goes on the site, there's not really that much I know but hopefully they are still going to continue with updates however not having been updated for a few months now has really got me worried. Though I think the developers have something up their sleeves, they're probably just taking their sweet time because I'm sure no developers in their right minds would only provide 5 episodes and stop there.

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I'm still not certain whether it's a good thing they allow non-members to browse through the site as though they were a member, especially given the fact that there are only 5 episodes currently available. Well at least we can say the developers are honest unlike some sites which promise tons of content on the tour pages but deliver only a handful of episodes. So I suppose we should be thankful for that, however with the gorgeous ladies on show and the steamy bathroom fucking going on I'm sure some on-lookers will be convinced either way despite the small numbers.

So once you sign-up and have made it to the homepage you'll notice that the nothing has changed from what you saw as a non-member. The exclusive episodes are situated down the length of the homepage each with their own sections. This section includes a collection of sample pictures to give members a rough idea on what they can expect to view, there's also a detailed description and of course links to the various downloads for the videos and a link to the picture gallery.

Downloading the videos is as simple as clicking on the provided links so that's pretty much self explanatory. The picture galleries are in flash form which I'm not too fond of as they usually don't show the pictures in their full sizes and this gallery is no different. It would have been nice if they provided a photo set download but no luck their either.

So that's all there is that can be said about the navigation of the site. As you can no doubt tell the site does have a very basic layout, this is mostly due to the fact that the site doesn't have a big enough collection of content to implement a more elaborate setup. The site presentation is great though, I like the background which is reminiscent to the wall of a public toilet which I found quite appropriate for given the site's nature. Overall site presentation is great, they've kept it simple and haven't over done it.



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Well I must say the site certainly has a unique niche that's for damn sure but I feel the developers should really look in to uploading more episodes because the 5 videos on offer really left me high and dry. The site does well on quality though and the standards of their models is quite high. I'm just waiting for the site to grow in to a more acceptable size before I can give it my full recommendations.

Pros & Cons

  • + Unique episodes
  • + High model standards
  • + Quality of content is good
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Site looks great
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Access to 8 bonus sites
  • - Needs more content