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GGG Sex Box 6174 GGG Sex Box GGG Sex Box is the same site as GGG Devot, and is devoted to German Goo Girls; girls who like goo and piss and watersports, and hardcore fucking in groups with sleazy guys in leather and all things al
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GGG Sex Box

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GGG Sex Box

Short Review

GGG Sex Box is the same site as GGG Devot, and is devoted to German Goo Girls; girls who like goo and piss and watersports, and hardcore fucking in groups with sleazy guys in leather and all things along those fetish lines. Sound good? Well, it is, it's DVD quality content from an exclusive supplier and it is content that stays on target. As long as you've not already joined the other site then you're going to enjoy this one for all its original, nasty, messy orgies and extras.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

There are a few items in your main menu which are, basically, up-sells to other sites; like Chat and Hot Sites. Your main content list is found in the side, left, menu where you have: 34 John Thompson Videos, 645 images, 907 free clips, 32 streaming videos, 171 erotic stories and 76,839 bonus images.

Taking that apart a bit, what you have that is exclusive are: 34 videos, of which 32 also stream, and then six galleries with 645 images. The rest is bonus content and the list doesn't include the 12,456 full length bonus videos that you can also find from your main menu. So the bottom line really is: the videos you saw advertised on the tour are here and number 34, you can download them and stream most of them, and they are all full length movies, up to and over one hour in length. These are full DVDs if you like, and you can take all of them.

When you come to download you find you've got some DVDs that are DivX files that are in three qualities up to a 1,753 kbps bit rate. You also find that some movies come as Mpeg 4 files up to 3,233 kbps. It looks like it's either Mp4 of Div X, each DVD has its own format. They also have medium and lower quality resolution choices too, which is just as well as some files here were over 2Gbs in size, and that's a lot to download in one go. There are no scene breakdowns, so you have the one choice only: the full length DVD in one file.

You can stream them as well, and the main menu separates out streams from downloads. Here I found Flash files in use at 640 x 480 @ 1,200kbps, with two smaller options as well. Again there is variation as other DVDs came with only two choices to stream, one of which was 896 x 504 @ 1,500kbps. Somewhere in the mix should be something to suit just about all connections though.

When you do finally get to download a movie, or stream one, you find exactly the kind of action the tour was talking about. A lot of filming takes place in seedy night clubs in, I assume, Germany, and most of it seems to have been filmed in 2007 and 2008. Groups of guys gather around one or more girls who kneel open mouthed and get pissed on, and in. There are hardcore fuck scenes, blowjobs, gang bangs and then towards the end, the facials and cum-pig and cum-play action that the German Goo Girls are famous for.

The quality is reasonable; sometimes it's a bit dark as it looks like some scenes are filmed on the fly, but thats ok, it adds more realism. The scenes are unscripted as far as I saw, with the girls and guys simply getting on with what they like doing best. It's a bit like being in a fetish club in that respect. But overall you get reasonable DVD quality movies that run on for good lengths of time. The photos reflect the action and also give some cut-aways with high resolution screen caps and shots up to 1,000 x 562.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

I didn't have any problems navigating this members' area. You have the two menus, the one across the top and the one at the side; both contain most, but not all, the necessary links. Across the top you can separate out your downloads from your streams, and you can access the galleries, but you can also access the Bonus videos, those 12,000 plus full length and very varied DVDs. This is a third-party plug in so not exclusive, but you certainly get a load of extra content for your money there and it's a good set-up. Easy to view, stream, download and with information about the movies.

The main, exclusive movies of the site come with only the basic info: titles, year of production, list of tag words, runtimes, and links to the models. These links and the tag words help you find more movies with similar or the same girls and themes. Not difficult when you have only 30 or so in your list. What they don't tell you is if or when any more may be added, there's no update schedule and no update news or dates.

There are good search and sort options and you have category lists to use to help you find what you like to see. You can arrange the content to show you more, or fewer, details and the pages are interactive in that respect. You can also rate the DVDs and add things to a favourites area, but I didn't see any comments or forum, so no direct interactivity that way.

And one last bonus that is almost hidden away can be found in the left menu on the home page. Bonus Sites gives you further access to some hardcore piss and cum slut action with content from 12 feed sites on various themes, though related to your main fetishes, and these open in new windows with streaming movies available.

All in all; a lot of extras built around some basic content and it is easy to navigate and gave no technical problems.



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So, GGG Sex Box contains 34 downloadable, full length, hardcore DVD releases. It's all about watersports and cum play, facials and guys pissing on girls, and anything associated with that fetish. The site stays on niche and you get a decent amount of DVD content for your bucks. You also get a load of extra and varied hardcore DVDs to stream and download and some galleries. The site works well, and as long as you've not joined the same site under a different name, you're in for a wild time.

Pros & Cons

  • + Full length DVD
  • + DVD quality
  • + Lots of extras
  • + Easy site to handle
  • + Stays on niche
  • - No update news
  • - Big files only
  • - Inconsistent file types
  • - Same site as GGG Devot