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Short Review:

Ladies in Leather Gloves features a 100% exclusive collection of video and photo materials featuring amateur models and sexy leather gloves of all kinds. The site combines the leather gloves aspect with other titillating clothing and fetishes including smoking, masks, other leather clothing, femdom action, hand jobs, and more. Even better, members get free bonus access to two other sites specifically dedicated to beautiful women in leather.
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Our total rating: 83/100

Detailed Review:


The Ladies in Leather Gloves collection is a pretty impressive size with over 200 videos and over 2200 galleries available so far. Only the most recently added video and photo set inside the site are dated, but the tour pages of the site to offer an update log. According to this update log, it looks like new materials are being added to the site about once every 7 to 10 days. When you factor in the two included bonus sites, both of which focus on leather clothing of one type or another, you can expect several new updates each week.

Ladies in Leather Gloves covers quite a bit of ground within the general leather gloves theme. In fact, they have their photo section broken into various categories that include boots, femdom, fur, masks, uniforms, guns, smoking, erotica, leather clothing, putting on gloves, and raincoats. While the vast majority of what you'll see here stays firmly in the softcore posing realm, the "erotica" section does feature a little bit of masturbation, some hand jobs, and some sexual touching between the leather clad ladies and various men, as well as some lesbian touching. Femdom is probably the most commonly recurring theme here. The dominant ladies in gloves make both male and female slaves worship them and serve them and deal out punishment that include spankings with their leather covered hands.

The women wear all kinds of different leather clothes with long, black gloves being the most common type. I also saw blue leather gloves, driving gloves, wrist length gloves, military style gloves, winter gloves, and gloves I don't even have names for. There are literally hundreds of different pairs of gloves featured on the beautiful models here.

The photo sets here can be quite small with as few as eight or so individual images, and the videos are typically more like video clips than full scenes. The materials here seem to span at least a decade or so, and the earliest added scenes come at far lower specs than the more recently added stuff. The recent video I downloaded came at 1280 x 720 pixels and with bitrates the top 8000 kbps. The earliest scenes on the site, on the other hand, are offered only at very small sizes and specs of around 320 x 240 pixels. The photo sets seem to have experienced a similar increase in size and quality over time.

Features & Navigation:

The members area here is rather amateurish and overly basic in nature, and while a plain and basic site can easily get the job done, this particular one isn't exactly set up in the most user-friendly way. The photo galleries are divided into a dozen categories, and there's no way to simply view a list of all of the galleries available on the site without exploring each section individually. Furthermore, the individual category sections are often further broken down by page number and can offer hundreds of galleries each. The videos, on the other hand, are all listed on a single very long page. There are really no search tools available on the site at all which is a pretty major detriment to a collection this large.

Each video here is offered for download only in a single format and a single quality level. Earlier scenes were offered in WMV format while more recent scenes are offered in MP4 format. The image galleries are offered for viewing from within the members area, and ZIP files are not provided.


I enjoyed the razor-sharp focus on hotties wearing leather gloves here at Ladies in Leather Gloves, and I've never reviewed another site specifically dedicated to leather gloves. The inclusion of the two bonus sites, both of which are also focused on women wearing leather, really helps to add to the second value here. Although there are a few nitpicks I could make about the members area and the various features of the site, the specialized fetish materials here speak for themselves.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive leather glove fetish collection
+ Overall good quality level
+ Updates a couple of times per week
+ 2 bonus leather sites included
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