Ladies in Leather Gloves
Ladies in Leather Gloves 6630 Ladies in Leather Gloves Chic, sleek, elegant and damn sexy, that's Ladies In Leather Gloves, one of three sites in the Leather Network.
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Ladies in Leather Gloves

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Chic, sleek, elegant and damn sexy, that's Ladies In Leather Gloves, one of three sites in the Leather Network. In this site, we're looking at gorgeous models wearing long gloves, usually leather, including opera gloves and forearm length, and while wearing a range of other horny fetish wear and showing off their bodies both clothed and nude. It's midrange quality, amateur-style content with, photos, videos, updates and bonuses.

  • Monthly: $14.95
82/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 10/10
  • Quality: 13/15
  • Speed: 14/15
  • Quantity: 12/15

Raif brings us the content at Ladies In Leather Gloves, one of the very few sites that concentrate on this site of the clothing/leather fetish. We've all seen dominatrixes wearing such things, but we're usually too busy watching other parts of the anatomy to notice the finer details. That's what Raif does well at this site, he attends to the clothing details and gets as much eroticism from a single pair of gloves that some webmasters manage to extract from a whole range of outfits and models.

There's something very sexy and slinky about it all, you can feel the brush of satin when the leggy, gorgeous babes are wearing the material, and you can hear the creak and rustle of leather at other times. In some of the 600 + videos, they wear nothing but gloves, and pose and play naked, sometimes with two girls together (though this is not a hardcore site, as such). In others, they are also wearing long boots, basques, and other sexy lingerie, while posing, rubbing their pussies through the material, checking their boobs, smoking, dominating semi-clothed men, or simply posing for the camera. A good way to see the niches within the niche is to check the photos page where you find 123 categories of images including Boots, Masks, Fur, Erotica and Smoking. More than just the glove fetish is explored here.

Unfortunately, there's no way to filter the videos, and they are set out on one massive index page which you have to scroll down to find your next video. Content dates back to 2002, and at times, the quality isn't up to much. But in more recent years, it has improved, and we're now looking at a decent amateur quality of filming, though a very basic presentation. You should find some scenes or clips at 1,920 x 1,080 HD or 720p. All the latest videos here can be downloaded or streamed here, which you can either click on the image of the girl in the picture to stream the wmv video or you can right click and save the video to download. If you want the MP4 version, you just either click on the mp4 player to stream or right click and save to download. (This applies to all 1920 x 1080 or 720p more latest videos in the members area). There is a short description with each one, and that's it. Updates, though, have been regular, as advertised.

Movies run for around five minutes so are clips rather than full scenes, the lighting and sound are natural, and the girls stand out, as does the leather and the costume, including the gloves. One of the videos I tried (a fairly recent one, posted 8th November with Danni and Lucy Z) led me to a tour page rather than a movie, so there is at least one bug which needs fixing. The others I tried led to the promised clips. As you go further down the videos page, you find that a click to view leads to a download box and there are WMV files but no streaming. The WMV files I downloaded there were at 720 x 576, but I can't tell you the date or release as there was no info only the description.

The videos are fine to view though variable quality, but they are not very well arranged. The image section though is slightly better organised. You have these ten category headings, and each one leads to a different number of galleries, making it hard to count exact numbers, but well over 2,000 by now and the tour promises over 250,000 individual pics. There were 26 galleries in the Masks section and 150 in the erotica section, for example. They hold various numbers of images each and the pics I downloaded were at 666 x 1,000 px. The quality was fine, but there are no slides or zip files, and you can only save pics one at a time.

Your members' area also includes a link to some stories which led me to a tour/sign up box. Odd. Still, I'd recently seen the other sites that are included as bonuses, Girls In Leather Boots and Leather Fixation, and I have seen the stories there where they were more accessible. You find these sites under tour Bonus tab, and you will need your login details to enter.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 7/10
  • Features: 5/10

Ladies In Leather Gloves sticks to its promises of the tour, but it falls down slightly on its presentation. It's a long-standing, amateur-run site by the looks and could do with a revamp. There is very little info about the videos, none about the girls that I could find, and the movies are spread over one page with no search or sort options. There is no search at all, actually, and no interactive options for members. It seems you can either stream or download depending on what's been decided for you or both in the newer versions, and it's either Mp4 or WMV, with a choice between them again with the newer videos.

You will find a link to a newsletter called Raif's World, but it has not been updated since 2015. The stories led to the tour, and you have to find them under your bonuses, and those sites require a further sign in (with your existing details). You see? It's a bit clunky but this kind of brings out the amateur enthusiasm and, when you're really into the glove, leather, fetish and lingerie theme, you will be more interested in the visuals than everything around them.

The pricing of Ladies In Leather Gloves is discounted. You sign-up for $14.95 for your first month, and then the price goes down to $24.95 per month. Updates are coming in, so longer-term is an option though all the three and 12-month sign-up options are for non-recurring memberships.

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You certainly get what the tour promises you at Ladies In Leather Gloves, and the site is big, specialised and updating. It could do with a redesign as it is clunky and basic, with no interactive options. It's decent amateur quality, older vids are small, while the modern ones are HD. More info, more interactivity, and an up to date blog would help, but at the heart is a passion for leather, gloves, lingerie and gorgeous softcore girls.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Specialised leather glove fetish
  • + Some HD movies
  • + Decent quality images
  • + Two fetish bonus sites
  • - Not interactive
  • - Clumsy design
  • - Variable quality