Lethal Lipstick
Lethal Lipstick 4861 Lethal Lipstick Here at Lethal Lipstick, you are far more likely to find yourself face to face with a loaded weapon than a set of bare tits.
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Lethal Lipstick

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Lethal Lipstick

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Here at Lethal Lipstick, you are far more likely to find yourself face to face with a loaded weapon than a set of bare tits. This site is a strictly fetish collection that offers photo sets and short video clips of sexy women with guns getting their way. Whether they're overpowering a home intruder or carrying out a paid hit, these ladies always shoot their man! Though not a gory site, it is quite extreme in the sense that it does depict lethal shootings. Want to know more? Let's get inside the exclusive members area and take a peek.

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Lethal Lipstick launched at the beginning of 2005 and has built up an impressively sized collection of about 320 photo galleries and 350 videos so far. New video and photo updates are coming weekly. Updates typically consist of a video averaging 5 minutes and a photo gallery averaging about 50 images.

For the most part, the materials here don't even remotely fall into any category that could be considered porn, though they are certainly for mature audiences only. Some of the older scenes feature some brief nudity, but sex is simply nonexistent. Each video features a short scenario involving home intruders, gangsters, street robbers, insurance scammers, jilted women, and others engaged in a life or death gun scenario. The women sometimes dressed casually on the street or at home, other times they wear sexy lingerie or alluring gangster outfits, among others. Here at Lethal Lipstick, the women ALWAYS win and most if not all scenes in with the male character being shot to death off-camera with the shots being seen from the victim's point of view. I was actually a bit surprised at just how cinematic these are.

Quality here is very good overall. The newest releases come at 960 x 540 pixels, 4000 kbps. Earlier in the site's history, you'll find materials offered at 960 x 540 pixels, 2000 kbps or in MPEG format at 352 x 288 pixels, 2200 kbps. The photo size has increased, first from 750 pixels to 1024 pixels on the long side and most recently to over 1400 pixels on the long side. These images are crisp, clear, and look great.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour pages for Lethal Lipstick have a fitting dark look and, appropriately, a lipstick shaped logo. The site offers many preview images and accurate, factual information about the size of the collection. They even list the updates right here on the tour.

On the main members' area page, you'll see the sites most recently added materials and models as well as a sidebar that provides easy access to top-rated scenes in the collection. A menu near the top of the page allows you to navigate to the photo and video sections, the model index, the members' only forum, and even a section where you can make requests for what you'd like to see in the next Lethal Lipstick video.

The materials here are listed in the order of the date they were added to the site, and there is a basic keyword search box that can help to narrow down the collection considerably. That being said, I do think they need a more extensive search and navigation system here. They could also use some additional options when it comes to accessing the videos. Each flick here is offered for download in a single file format at a single quality level only. Streaming is also supported, but it buffers slowly and I wasn't able to skip around within the scene. You do have more choices when it comes to the photo sets. These can be viewed in basic thumbnail galleries, downloaded with a single click and it ZIP file, or viewed as an automatic slideshow with a variable speed control.



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Lethal Lipstick is a very, very unique site. I have never reviewed a site with such a cinematic feel to it, and I have certainly never reviewed a site that specifically featured women with guns shooting then. There's lots of cool talk and hot poses from these sexy women before they pull the trigger, and I think any man who enjoys seeing a sexy gal with a gun can appreciate Lethal Lipstick.

Pros & Cons

  • + Unique, exclusive girls w/guns concept
  • + Interesting cinematic feel to the movies
  • + Overall good quality
  • - Quality is lower for older vids
  • - Search/nav needs work