Miss Pain
Miss Pain 177 Miss Pain Do you find yourself turned on while you are in pain? Do you believe in the concept of pain is pleasure.
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Miss Pain

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Miss Pain

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Do you find yourself turned on while you are in pain? Do you believe in the concept of pain is pleasure? Then let Miss Pain take care of you cause she is an expert when it comes to bringing you pain, but don't worry cause she'll give it to you in the most sexual way possible. If your a true bondage enthusiast then what are you doing reading this review check the site out now.

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Well this is the first bonadage site I've ever had to review so I'm not sure whether to feel glad or worried, cause I can't say really say that I've seen a lot of bondage scenes so I've got a rough idea on what I'm in for, but then again I don't know just how far this crazy lady would go. Well I had a quick look at one of the videos and uhhh..yeah they are quite strange the one I viewed was of two girls one girl was all tied up while the other girl was talking to her in a voice you would usually use if you were talking a baby than she suddenly slaps the tied up chick on the clit quite forefully needless to say that the tied up blonde chick was in some pain at this point, then the scene continues with a little bit of hot wax action...anyway you get the drift the chicks on this site crave pain just as much as they do cock.

Currently there are 76 videos full of hardcore bondage, this may not seem like much compared to those huge DVD mega sites, but 76 videos is pretty decent for a network site. All of the scenes on this site have been cut into short chapters and are available in wmv format. Members also have the option of choosing between the high and low res vids. I was honestly quite surprised with the quality of the high res videos, as they're actually quite good, even watching them through a full screen isn't that bad, the lower res videos are pretty mediocre but they're really only there to cater for members that are still on dial up and there is also the option of streaming the videos straight off the site if you don't want to wait for the download.

There are hundreds of other bonus videos that members can check out, the bonus vids available cover a good portion of the different niches the porn world has to offer, they've got videos under all of the main stream niches such as Anal, Lesbians, 18-19 year olds and Hardcore and there are also not so mainstream videos as well which include Bondage, Bizarre Fetishes and Watersport vids, so it's pretty much a gaurentee that you'll find something here that you'll like. Judging the quality of these bonus vids however would be an epic task cause there are just so many of them, but I did take the liberty in watching a few of the bonus vids and I've got to say that they aren't half bad, the bonus vids definately stretch the value of the SEG membership.

I was a little bummed out to discover that the featured picture content on this site consists of video captures. If you've read some of my reviews you'll know that I'm a little sceptical when it comes to video captures, I have seen a few good sets since I've started reviewing but for the most part I've had to deal with really crappy video captures and the vidcaps on this site are no different, they're grainy and small, that's pretty much the best way I could describe them, but who needs photos when there's perfectly good video content.

You'll notice that the bonus pictures greatly overshadows the featured picture content, as there are hundreds of different bonus photos under all the different niches imagineable, not only are there more bonus pics but the quality of them is far superior than those video captures they decided to use for featured content. This is largely due to the fact that the bonus pictures are actual proper still photos which are blatantly far better than vidcaps, these bonus pics are great for those members who love viewing picture content just as much as their videos.

By now it should be pretty obvious to you that there is a tonne of porn to be seen on this site and even if you do find yourself running out of Miss Pain videos to watch there are always the bonus vids and the videos on all of the other SEG sites to check out. The only downfall with their content is the fact that the featured pictures are lackluster vidcaps, but it's a good thing that these vidcaps are only a very small portion of what the site has to offer.

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I must admit that at first I thought that navigating this site was going to be a pain in the ass, I mean the first thing I was looking for was the videos section and looking at the navigational menu there weren't any video section links to be found, instead of calling this section the videos section, they decided to call it Models which may confuse new customers. The layout is identical to all the other sites on the SEG network, where the navigation menu bar is found to the left of the page and everything else is focused towards the middle of the page, which kind of gives the site a cluttered feel and you can't help but notice the huge black borders on both sides of the page, which in my opinion is a huge waste of space.

Information regarding updates for the network as a whole can be found on the home page. The first thing you'll come across is a thumbnail link to the latest site that was launched on their network which is currently French Fisting. Underneath this thumbnail link is a scroll down panel which includes the update schedule for the numerous sites on the network. Judging by this schedule it seems like SEG updates fairly constantly with a new video being uploaded to one of their sites every few day. Just underneath the navigation menu bar are the links to all of the different sites on the SEG network, clicking on one of these links will automatically take you to that pages home page istead of taking you to the login screen, this keeps transitions between the different sites a lot quicker. The rest of the home page consists of more update news including new features, videos and sites one things for sure members can keep themselves up to date with all thats happening to the network.

All of the Miss Pain videos can be found in the models section, this section basically consists of numerous thumbnails which are linked to the individual scenes. The thumbnails which represent the scenes are video captures, so they should give you a rough idea on what the quality of the video is like and what the starring lady looks like. Clicking on any one of these thumbnails will take you to the video downloads page for the scene. From here you can choose to either stream the videos straight off the site, or download the various video files onto your harddrive. You can also access the two different picture sets from this page and the links for both the still and video pics are situated just above the video download links.

Well there's not much else I can write about, there are a few more sections to this site which I won't bother writing about purely cause of the fact that they are pretty much identical to the other sections of the site the only difference is that the content included in these sections are all the bonus vids and pics. Anyway the site works just fine and the only thing I could find to complain about was the fact that the videos section is actually called the models section, but I'm over that now, so I guess the site does well in the navigation area so you won't find yourself scratching your head in a state of confusion.



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I was a little unprepared for the crazy content on this site, cause I haven't reviewed a bondage site before, let alone watch a bondage scene, I'll be honest with you and say that it's not for everyone. But if you love your porn kinky and rough then you'll absolutely adore this site cause thats all your going to get crazy bitches who love to give and take pain!

Pros & Cons

  • + Great Quality Miss Pain vids
  • + Tonnes of bonus content
  • + Full access to other sites
  • - Featured pics are video captures