My Tattoo Girls
My Tattoo Girls 2347 My Tattoo Girls If you find a girl with a generous amount of ink artistically painted on her fine body a straight up turn on then My Tattoo Girls is the site you have been waiting for.
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My Tattoo Girls

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My Tattoo Girls

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If you find a girl with a generous amount of ink artistically painted on her fine body a straight up turn on then My Tattoo Girls is the site you have been waiting for. Enjoy watching the attractive inked ladies get their bodies caressed and their pussies boned to oblivion in over 18 exclusive episodes with a tasty collection of 54 photo galleries filled with superb high res photos.

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We all have your addictions whether it be watching TV, smoking a cigarette, or driving a car really fast. The sexy ladies on this site all share the addiction of getting their bodies covered with ink art and we aren't talking about those tattoos you see on so many girls which are situated just above their asses, we are talking about those large tattoos ones that could take up a whole arm or their whole back, so yeah we aren't talking about piss weak tattoos here and even the most hard pleased tattoo enthusiast will certainly appreciate the art work the lovely ladies don on their gorgeous bodies.

The episodes are fairly standard one on one outings where the girls suck and fuck the lucky blokes there's some anal to be seen and some very hot POV episodes basically the content pretty much falls under the hardcore niche with the tattoo fetish added for good measure. To show that they really hit on the tattoo theme of the content there are some episodes where we get to watch the sexy ladies get their tattoos done making this site a definite must see for tattoo lovers. Some of you may associate tattoos with butchy dirty looking girls but you'll be surprised that hotties are just as crazy about ink as your average looking girl. One girl which really stood out amongst the rest was an Asian babe named Jandi, she looks so cute but when she turns around to show off that massive back tattoo of hers you can really tell that she has a wild side to her.

At the moment there's only a handful of episodes for members to view, however seeing that the site has been up just over 3 months 20 exclusive episodes doesn't seem too bad so I'll definitely give them some slack as I'm sure if the site will grow in to a much more considerable size once it's been up and running for a longer time. My only problem with the site is the fact that members can't download the videos and are left with the only option of streaming the videos off the site. Good news is the videos look pretty damn good they're nice and clear and the default video screen is relatively good. Members have the choice of low, medium, and high quality videos with the main difference between the three versions being the video screen size as the quality stays pretty good through out the different versions. It would have been nice if they let members download the videos on offer.

In addition to the episodes My Tattoo Girls also offers 79 picture galleries filled with roughly 150 images each. There's a mix of softcore and hardcore picture galleries the former including pictures of the ladies striking poses to show off their great ink work while the latter involves the girls getting their holes plugged by some well hung stud. Now I can safely say that the photo content on this site would have to be the best I've seen ever, they're so clear that you can make out the individual strands of body hair on the lovely ladies, and measuring in at (4288x2848 pixels) they're the biggest photos I've come across. Needless to say I was more than a little impressed with this content and would even go as far as saying that it's the trump card of the site, don't get me wrong though the videos are great it's just too bad they aren't downloadable.

So that's it for now for the content on this site, like I said the site is still very new so the content numbers aren't that impressive just yet, but seeing as they plan out their entire month of updates and post it on the homepage in a calender interface it guarantees members that there's plenty more in store for them in the near future. Also as a bonus members gain access to free video feeds to mix their member's porn viewing experience. The video feeds fall under four different niches including HD Porn, lesbian, solo masturbation, and Teen porn.

Nav, Design & Features

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Those of you who appreciate the great works of ink art will be instantly hooked once you lay eyes on the ink filled tour pages of My Tattoo Girls. The top banner includes various pictures of some of the craziest tattoos and just below the top banner is a welcoming message informing potential members that the content you'll be seeing is real. As you scroll down the tour pages you'll find sample pictures taken from selected photo galleries and potential members can also watch free trailers of the girls getting slammed or getting their tattoos done.

Once you've decided to join and have logged in to the main members area you'll find that every thing looks nice and neat. The color scheme implemented includes black and different shades of grey which makes the site very easy on the eyes as you can look at it for a good amount of time without straining your eyes. All the latest content is posted on the front pages to keep members informed on new updates including the latest video and photo galleries. Down the right side of the site you'll come across a section which includes banner links to the free video feeds I mentioned earlier in the review.

Towards the bottom of the main members area is where you'll find the calender of future updates and by the looks of things they have planned out their updates all the way till October. I found that the members community is quite active and make the most out of the members forum. It looks like the site is getting a lot of support from the member base and every one seems to be pretty happy with what they have on offer. You too can join in on the conversations and have your say on what you think about the episodes or pretty much anything that comes up in your mind that's worth talking about.

To make your way to the various sections of the site you'll have to utilize the navigation menu situated just below the top banner. This menu is very simple consisting of only 4 links including the home link, a link to the photos gallery, one that will allow you access to the videos archive, and a link which will take you to the Avatar section where you can choose what your avatar looks like on the forums. Being as simple as the navigation menu and the site interface is members should have no problems what so ever with navigating the site and accessing the content can't get much easier than this.

The videos section spans across three indexed pages with up to 9 episodes per page. The episodes are represented via thumbnails which include a screen shot taken from the episode as to give members a good indication on what they can expect to view in the video, below the thumbnail is information in regards to the episode title, how many clips make up the whole episode, and the date of upload. Clicking on these thumbnails will take you to the main streaming page of the site, from there you just click on the thumbnail which will take you to a page where you can choose the video quality, once you've picked the video quality the episode will automatically start streaming.

The photos archive pretty much has the same layout as the video section only this archive spans across 4 pages with up to 24 photo galleries per page. Once you've clicked on the thumbnail link to the main gallery you'll find that it looks and functions just like any other picture gallery you've come across in the past as they haven't implemented anything new and ground breaking as far as mechanics go which is a good thing in my books because the last thing we want when we are trying to bust a nut is trying to figure out how a damn site works.



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I predict that the future is very bright for My Tattoo Girls, they've done just about every thing right, great video and picture quality, content which will really get the fans coming back for more, and gorgeous ladies. The only thing which I could recommend them changing is the fact that members can't download the exclusive episodes which I was a little surprised with because being able to download videos is a staple amongst porn sites.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great looking videos
  • + Best pictures I've seen
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Unique niche
  • + Site looks nice
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Frequent updates
  • - Can't download the videos