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My Tiny Dick 4608 My Tiny Dick My Tiny Dick is a small penis humiliation fetish themed site which features exclusive videos.
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My Tiny Dick

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My Tiny Dick

Short Review

My Tiny Dick is a small penis humiliation fetish themed site which features exclusive videos. One large guy with an itty-bitty penis gets degraded, masturbated, and sometimes even sucked and fucked by amateurs and the occasional porn starlet as his dissatisfied wife looks on and participates in the humiliation. This site has a very specific focus and manages to stick to it quite well, but is there enough here to warrant a monthly membership? Let's get all the details and find out!

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  • Quality: 0/15
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First things first, My Tiny Dick is, no pun intended, a tiny site. I won't go so far as to "humiliate" the site, but 20 scenes just wont cut it these days. What's worse is that the collection actually seems to get smaller instead of larger over time. When I visited this collection about a year ago, they had nearly double the number of videos. This is a video only site with no image content, and no bonus materials or sites are included. This is a very small site even by specialized fetish site standards.

One thing My Tiny Dick definitely has going for it is its unswerving dedication to its very specific small penis humiliation fetish theme. The 20 videos, averaging about 15 minutes each, feature similar setups. With Mr. Tiny Dick lying naked on the bed, his wife invites in a friend or porn starlet to play with his miniscule man meat. The gals are very obviously amused, and usually spend the majority of the video talking and joking with the wife about her pathetically small dicked hubby while jacking him off. Some scenes progress to blowjobs and even fucking with the verbal humiliation carrying right on through to the end.

Quality is a below average compared to new release materials. The flicks I downloaded came at 640x480 pixels and had bitrates in the 1500-2200 kbps range. Theyre shot in a somewhat amateur style and arent crystal clear professional productions, but they look pretty nice when left at their normal size.

Members of the site can also access a My Tiny Dick message board where you can talk to men who have small penises or share pics and videos. The forum does not seem particularly fast paced, but does offer some interaction.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
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My Tiny Dick has a blue, purple, and white color scheme which begins on the sites tour. You can see a single preview video and peruse some small thumbnail images from several of the scenes, but they dont fill you in on the size of the site or the fact that it doesnt update.

The members area is incredibly basic. There are no search or sort tools, and scenes are simply listed five to a page with a paragraph or so of descriptive text and a few preview thumbnails for each. The forum is accessible via the menu at the top of the page, as is a third-party live webcam service at an additional fee.

The videos here are offered for download in WMV format. You can opt for a full length version, or brief clips. Although its not mentioned in the members area, I found that a single left click will allow you to stream the flicks through your Windows Media Player.



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Its a shame that theres not more to this site, and that scenes seem to have disappeared over the months, because they have a pretty good thing going here. Fans of small penis humiliation porn will certainly want to check out My Tiny Dick for its exclusive videos despite the shortcomings, but there probably isnt enough here to keep you around for too long.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive small dick humiliation scenes
  • + Decent quality
  • + Small penis humiliation forum
  • - Small collection
  • - No updates
  • - Collection smaller than when I last visited