Operation Escort
Operation Escort 7203 Operation Escort There are guys out there upholding the law while breaking it a bit, and arresting hookers on the street.
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Operation Escort

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Operation Escort

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There are guys out there upholding the law while breaking it a bit, and arresting hookers on the street. If these girls don't want to go to jail, and they don't, then there is a way out: get used and abused by Officer Brick and his colleagues, get fucked and get rewarded with a shocking face-full of cum. That's the theme at Operation Escort, a great new site from the Fetish Network. With reality fetish scenes, 4K HD movies, galleries and hot chicks, this site also comes with 13 bonus sites.

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Porn producers are always pushing the boundaries of what's new in the wonderful world of porn, and over at the Fetish Network, they have done it again with Operation Escort. Here, the set-up is that there are cops on the street whose job it is to clean up those streets and that, in this case, means getting rid of the hookers and escorts who ply their trade out there. The scenes are set up with a spoken chat from the officers at the start, some great reality style filming as they go out looking for the criminals, and then reality-style, fly-on-the-wall sections where the girls are interviewed. Interrogated more like. These end up with the girls forced to take cock and get wild and messy with hot cum shots - so we get the porn element well played out as well.

There are various sites out there that cover this kind of fantasy/reality fetish, but this one does it well. Each of the 35 + minute movies feel real, but it also gives us the hardcore porn we want to see. The filming is high quality and so are the production standards, and the videos give you exactly the kind of sexy adventure the tour promised you. The thing to remember, though, is that the site is still fairly new. It's growing with one new video per week at the moment, and the content count stands at 14 movies.

But that's 14 exclusive movies that are also in 4K HD. You have a top resolution at 3,840 x 2,160 @ 40,000 kbps - which may produce some mighty files, but you also have 1080p, medium and low-resolution files to download with the smaller ones being suitable for your mobile devices as they are Mp4 format. There are also the streams to run in the same options. Quality is good, the sound is also fine and natural, and the overall effect is just spot on. You find the videos from the list of 14 sites your membership lets you access, and they come with large sample shots, and some written info.

There are also galleries to go with them which you can browse online, and the pics here come out at 1,600 x 900 px. You're able to view them and take them one at a time, and there are around 30 to 50 + pics per set simply set out for easy viewing. I didn't see zip files, though, so you do have to take them one by one.

Because Operation Escort is still new and growing, you're going to want more for your $39.95 per month. That seems like a lot and, indeed, it would be for only 14 videos, no matter how exclusive they are, but the thing is, the membership also comes with access to the Fetish Network, and that has a total of 14 sites and over 4,200 of its own videos, plus around 1,350 galleries. You will be able to easily access sites such as Latina Patrol, the new and excellent (but small) Hostel XXX, Teen Creeper and Teens In The Woods - among many others. I single those sites out because they also take 'styles' or themes in the reality vein. They base themselves on cinema movies, like the 'cabin in the woods' style of horror, and build in unlimited BDSM and fetish action. They are also filmed rather brilliantly, and so you get more than your classic dungeon BDSM and hot wax fetish action, you get characters and stories as well.

All that adds up to an amazing and yet different fetish collection which still manages to give us the classic stuff, while offering us new and original, inventive movies and sites that fulfil all our fetish desires, and some of them are pretty hard hitting too.

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Once inside the members' area, you find a page that lists all your sites. You can find Operation Escort from there if you want, or you can also use a 'featured sites' link. It's easy to get to your content which is then shown with large sample shots leading to good viewing pages. At the top of the screen, you find your streaming options, and a download drop-down, with plenty of file choices, though all Mp4. You also find a link to the pics and a place where you can rate the scene and add it to your favourites collection. The only thing I thought was missing was a comments box so you could offer feedback. Also, there was no model index to use.

There are search options, and navigation generally is easy. I found a few adverts popping in from time to time, and you get lots of ideas for other scenes to go and view, but the pages are not too messy in that respect. There are also links off to up-sell chat and cam sites if you what to explore them, and other discount membership offers.

Your sign-up prices work out as fair because you have 14 sites with over 4,000 videos to watch in the network. There is a free trial, but it's a limited one, though it comes back at only the standard monthly rate, so that's fine. Watch out for a cross sale and consider a longer-term sign-up as you will need plenty of time to see all that Operation Escort and the Fetish Network have on offer.



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Porn gets inventive and real with Operation Escort. There is a strong theme, and the site fits neatly into the reality niche, but with plenty of forced sex, or blackmailed sex fetish action. It's exclusive and at 4K HD looks amazing. There are weekly updates so far, and although the site is small, you have access to 13 other top fetish sites in the Fetish Network. Together, that adds up to over 4,000 videos, exclusives, galleries, hot models and masses of wild and painful fetish action.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Great theme
  • + Excellent quality
  • + Reality and fantasy combined
  • + 13 network sites included
  • + 4K HD and mobile
  • - Still a small site
  • - Cross sale on sign-up
  • - Limited trial