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Speculum Plays 1882 Speculum Plays Some people aren't content with seeing a gorgeous womens pussy. No they want the whole deal, they want to see right inside that motherfucker! And here at Speculum Plays you can.
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Speculum Plays

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Speculum Plays

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Some people aren't content with seeing a gorgeous womens pussy. No they want the whole deal, they want to see right inside that motherfucker! And here at Speculum Plays you can! Watch as the horny models get their pussies stretched wide open with a speculum to reveal a gaping pink canyon! You can also expect so see some extreme insertions within the episodes as well, it's all very intense stuff!

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Other than toys and extreme insertions I suppose you can categorize this type of content to be fetish, because I have a feeling that seeing a girl shove a baseball bat up her pussy isn't exactly mainstream...though I could be wrong! Anyway that's the type of crazy shit involved in the freaky yet arousing episodes, pussies getting stretched to their absolute limits.

One of the most noticeable aspects of the site is the diversity of models on offer. They've included women ranging from fresh young adults to well aged Milfs. They've also included all the flavors you can think of, you'll see beautiful blondes, stunning brunettes, spicy Latinas, gorgeous redheads, sexy Indians, exotic Asians, and chocolate ebony babes.

The episodes are quite varied. Sometimes you'll see two women going at it, and other times you'll see a dude experimenting on the horny sluts pussy. The main focus of the episodes involves the main girl getting her pussy stretched as though it were a rubber band. Yup you'll see all sorts of ridiculously large objects probed up their pink little holes...well maybe not too little. You can expect to see the use of baseball bats, obscenely large dildos, fists, basically anything that's long and large.

Speculum Plays has been open for just over 2 years now. According to the update logs the first ever episode was uploaded on the 20th of October in 2005. Within those 2 years the site has been loaded with over 90 episodes, each one 100% exclusive to this site. Lately the site seems to have slowed down on updates. The last logged upload was back in September 6 2007. There's no information on future updates, but I'm sure the developers have got something up their sleeves.

Episodes run for roughly 30 minutes each, all of them have been split in short chapters and are also available in full scenes. These can be streamed off the site and downloaded to your hard drive with no DRM restrictions. All videos on this site are available in two different formats, these include Wmv and Mpeg. The highest encoding rate available clocks in at a formidable (1100kbps @ 448x336) so they're definately easy on the eyes.

Unfortunately the episodes don't provide any proper photo content, though they have provided some fairly decent screen shots. I wouldn't say they're spectacular to look at, but for screen shot standards they aren't half bad. You'll still see the usual blur amongst the images but to be fair they aren't that horrible.

Members have a good reason to keep their membership live as every month your membership recurs you get access to 2 out of the 35 bonus sites on offer. Like this site these are also based on a particular niche and all over exclusive content. So if you ever run out of content on Speculum Plays "which will take quite some time" there are plenty of other sites for you to indulge in.

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I don't think I've ever seen so many stretched pussies on the one page. After loading the tours of this site brace yourself for a barrage of gaping wide pussies. You'll see all the way inside the various models pussies, very crazy shit though I can see how the fans of this niche can get off to this kind of content. Apart from the various thumbnails the tours also provide short trailers from a select few of the episodes.

You'll find all the usual information once you log in and make your way to the main members area. The first thing you'll notice is the great looking navigation menu which is situated just below the top banner. This menu includes all the essential links including a link to the exclusive content, bonus sites, live cam girls, a section dedicated to the models, customer support, and an online adult shop.

Just below the navigation menu is a ton of information in regards to the site stats and the network it's a part of. The rest of the homepage consists of thumbnail links to the most recent updates, and links to all the 30 sites available on the network. Of course you've to keep in mind that you won't be able to access the sites you have yet to unlock.

Making your way to the main content area can be done by clicking on the link within the navigation menu marked exclusive content or the link found at the bottom of the updates marked view all past updates. Upon doing so you'll be taken to a section which is made up of 4 indexed pages. Each of these pages carries up to 6 of the 17 available episodes each one represented by 4 thumbnails taken from the scene.

Clicking on the thumbnails I mentioned will take you to the main content area for your chosen episode. From there you'll come across the various download links to the different segments of the scenes, along with the streaming links, plus the links to the full scene download. From here you can also access the screen shot galleries provided, all the media you need from an episode can be found here and can be accessed with a simple click of the mouse.



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In my honest opinion Speculum Plays is a very well rounded site. The videos look great, the models are hot and horny, the episodes are arousing, and the site is very easy to use. The site doesn't have any major flaws, and if it does then it does a damn good job of hiding them. My only concern is that the updates have slowed down a little, but there's enough content on offer to keep you entertained as you wait for more. Plus there are always some great bonus sites to check out as well.

Pros & Cons

  • + Crazy yet arousing episodes
  • + Good variety of models
  • + Media looks decent
  • + Good amount of content
  • + Site looks nice and easy to use
  • + Awesome bonus sites