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Short Review:

Tail Heat offers you something completely different from your standard porn. It's totally unlike your Anime or toon porn too, in fact, we've never seen a site like it. Over 1,350 original drawings and a few animations showing characters that are half human, half animal, furry, sexy, hung, big-boobed, sometimes both It's a fetish well cared for in a fantasy site, and an original one with exclusive drawings of sexy fur-play and sexy-fur characters gay, straight and all things in between.
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Price Details:

Trial 8.18
Monthly 16.34

Current Ratings for Tail Heat:

Our total rating: 80/100

Detailed Review:


Here at Review Porn, we like to give you ideas for new sites to check out and for new genres to get into. Over at Tail Heat, I can guarantee you won't have seen anything like this before unless you are already a fan of Sexy Fur, perhaps Cosplay and definitely if you're a fan of high-end fantasy art that depicts sex with horny, unusual characters.

The content at Tail Heat comes from a variety of artists. There's a long list you can browse to see if your favourite is here, and this also means that some of the content may have appeared elsewhere, though I reckon most, if not all, of it, is exclusive. It's certainly very original. Cute furry animals, beautifully drawn, and sporting hard, over-sized cocks, for the male characters, and big, round boobs for the girls, and there are trans-characters in here too. Art knows no bounds, you might say. These guys also get up to sexy things in their images. Hung bears screw cute kitties against the wall, bunnies fuck like bunnies except these ones have human dicks and pussies, hot foxes pose with strap-ons, animals with human faces give head, and young bucks cum all over the place.

This 100% original erotica content is presented in a simple way with various sections to explore. Or, if you prefer, you can simply view the Browse area where you find everything mixed together. Here, there are 1,350 pieces of content in total. Many are solo images, some are comics (there are 52) which are added to page by page over time, there are a few animations (4), and also on top of all that, a section for 14 sexy-fur stories presented in PDF format.

So, looking at the Comics section to start with, I found 52. Some where simply drawings without words, while others were more standard looking comic layout with frames and on-going stories. These are added to over time, we are told. This section works in the same way as the others. You find a thumbnail (small, square and very colourful) and click it to be presented with the various pages, and there a further click opens the image. You are able to save these as you go, and they download in Jpeg format at 1,000 x 1,500 px in size. With other galleries, you simply click the thumbnail and get straight to the solo drawings, and from there you can click through to the next without having to open or close the pop-up.

I had a little difficulty with the animations in that I opened them (there are only four right now), and a floating screen appeared but nothing else. There were no controls - and no player, actually. I had no other hassles finding or viewing the content though, but I was left with images only.

The images are separated from the comics in the Gallery area which is stocked by year. This gives you plenty to browse through, and you can save your favourite pictures as you go. The sex continues in this artwork which varies in style according to the artist. You can filter all content by artists from a drop-down list and, back at the homepage, you can keep up to date on updates which happen regularly, often three times per week.

The other area of the site concerns the written word, and there are 14 erotic fur-sex features here which open in PDF. Tail Heat also gives you a link to Fur Planet, a store for further stories, books, magazines and eBooks that are for sale independently.

Features & Navigation:

Technically, the site runs well (apart from the animation player). There are various ways to filter and find content, and you're also able to rearrange it on the pages in a number of ways. A tag box lets you write in a tag and see what comes up so you can be as creative as the designers in your choice of terms.

Browsing through the galleries and the main collection under 'Browse', you open each thumbnail individually, and it will come up to a screen-fitting size; they are larger when downloaded. Then, you simply view or save and click to the next one, making these areas easy to browse. Where there isn't so much of is interactivity, which I find unusual for such a specialist site. You can't comment on or rate content, and there's no forum, but you can save pieces to the favourites area which you then find back on your homepage and in its own area accessed from the top menu.

As for the price of this totally unique fur-fun, fur sex site, you just need to be aware that the trial cost alters after the first month. Prices are non-standard for a porn site, and the amounts may vary depending on where you are. For example, the first week (trial) showed as 7.60 under the Euro option and $8.18 under the dollar option which is probably about right but may change depending on the exchange rate. After that first $8.18 week, however, the recurring price increases to $16.34, recurring per month, which is the standard monthly price. You can drop a few dollars per month by paying for three in one go at $43.21 and, with those updates being so regular, that could be the best way to go.


Your tail will be wagging when you check in to the magical, erotic furry world of Tail Heat. Totally original fur-fun erotica with excellent drawings, great artwork, horny charters, big dicks, waggling bottoms, pussies with pussies, you name it if you're imagination can think of it, these talented artists have probably drawn it. Updates, exclusives, good sized images and an easy to use members' area all combine to bring you a unique, Sexy-fur experience in probably the only site of its kind.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Original fur-fun-sex images
+ Erotic sexy-fur stories
+ User-friendly
+ Regular updates
+ Unique

- Animations wouldn't play
- Not interactive
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