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Ticklish Spots 3092 Ticklish Spots Ticklish Spots offers porn which is a little more light hearted than usual.
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Ticklish Spots

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Ticklish Spots

Short Review

Ticklish Spots offers porn which is a little more light hearted than usual. This site was obviously designed for those of you who have a tickling fetish, you'll see the lovely ladies on this site get held down and tickled to the point you think they had peed their pants. The site provides a decent amount of content available in media which is just above average in quality. So if you can't resist a good old tickling session this site certainly won't disappoint!

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First and foremost let me just state that this is a site which hardcore lovers probably won't be able to bust a nut too as there is little to no penetration involved in the light hearted episodes on offer. Don't get me wrong you'll still get to see your fair share of ample titties and tasty pussies, it's just that instead of the pussies getting penetrated they are getting tickled so I guess you can say the episodes definitely have a fun factor to them yet they are arousing thanks to the sexy models.

Yes the ladies are hot enough to make tickling episodes with no sex involved very hot, so there's certainly no shortage on eye candy that's for sure. Also there's a nice mix of ladies on show ranging from cute blondes, elegant brunettes, fiery redheads, luscious Latinas, bubble butt Ebony babes, and exotic Asian ladies. So given the diversity of women on show I'm sure there's a women here to suit just about everyone's taste.

Like I said earlier there's little to no intercourse involved in the episodes on offer though I'm sure tickling fans won't mind that given the amount of tickling going on. Of course the girls get nice and naked which certainly make the episodes more arousing than just fun, they usually get tickled by two fellas who use their hands and other instruments of tickling sensation such as feathers. There are even a few girl on girl tickle scenes which certainly spice things up quite a bit, overall the episodes are certainly arousing yet fun at the same time.

Ticklish Spots first launched back on the 6th of March in 2007 with the first episode featuring a gorgeous brunette named Tiffany. Currently there's a total of 52 episodes on offer which are all exclusive to the site. The site looks as though it's still being updated as the last one occurred on the 20th of March this year 2009. So it's been a few weeks since they've updated though looking at their past update patterns it seems as though their updates are spaced out quite a bit so here's hoping the next update is just around the corner.

Members have 2 choices of video formats to choose from being wmv and mpg, both these formats can be downloaded and they aren't held back by DRM restrictions so members can choose to keep them for as long as they want. Back when the site was still new the videos were available in (1500kbps @ 480x360) that goes for both the formats. It's good to see that the developers have decided to keep up with the standards as they now have their new episodes encoded in much more formidable resolutions of 640x480, true they may not be ground breaking but they're certainly a step up from the older videos.

Each episode comes complete with a set of pictures which are directly related to the videos, in fact it looks as though they were taken around the same time as the videos were as they feature the same location, models, and they even follow the kinky tickling action. The clarity of the photos is quite high and the colors are great, there's also some artificial lighting used so that the pictures didn't end up too dark. Apart from looking great the pictures measure in quite nicely at (1024x683 pixels) so all in all the photo content on offer is quite good.

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Right from the get go you get the feeling that this is one fun site. You'll see so many pretty girls on the tour pages with huge grins on their faces from being tickled. Of course they're showing quite a bit of skin in the sample pictures posted through out the tour pages and I'm sure these pictures will certainly get the attention of potential customers. If the sample pictures aren't doing it for you though you can always check out the free trailers which will surely do a fair bit of convincing.

Once you've logged in and made your way to the homepage you'll immediately be presented with all the latest updates. Members are also presented with the most popular movies and pictures available according to other members. Towards the very bottom of the homepage there's a massive collection of banner links to sites which I'm pretty sure members gain free access to. At the top of the page there's a navigation menu which includes links to the picture archive, video archive, msg board, and bonuses.

The video archive spans over 4 indexed pages which contain up to 16 episodes per page. All episodes are presented in thumbnail form to give members a rough idea on what the episode involves, there's even a detailed description below the thumbnail along with the model's name and when the episode was uploaded. A click on the thumbnail will take you to the media selection section which includes links to the videos, pictures, and screenshots of the episode.

The videos are easy enough to download as a simple click on the provided links will automatically prompt your download. Also the picture galleries are fairly standard so those are pretty self explanatory to utilize. In fact the site as a whole is really basic to use and I'm sure even the most novice of net surfers should be able to browse this one with ease. Also the nice layout and site presentation makes it a pleasure to browse.



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Ticklish Spots is certainly doing quite well and if they keep the updates rolling in this will certainly be a site ticklish fans will love. At the moment though it does have a few rough edges, the videos do look decent though there's certainly room for improvement there. The photos on the other hand look quite nice and the tickling scenes are great. Just more content and some tweaking with the video specs and the site will become a must see.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tickling scenes are great
  • + Regular updates
  • + Photos look awesome
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Lots of bonus content
  • + Easy to browse