Tiny Fetish Fun
Tiny Fetish Fun 6380 Tiny Fetish Fun Tiny Fetish Fun is an extremely specific fetish site that features giantess fetish videos starring British amateurs.
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Tiny Fetish Fun

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Tiny Fetish Fun

Short Review

Tiny Fetish Fun is an extremely specific fetish site that features giantess fetish videos starring British amateurs. These dominant giantesses tower over tiny people, hardly larger than ants, and force them to do their bidding. They could get squashed underfoot, shoved into cleavage, sat upon, or even gobbled up by these lovely giantesses.

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Tiny Fetish Fun offers a 100% exclusive collection that featured 42 scenes when I visited in November of 2013. Although the site displays a few scenes in its recent updates section with current dates, based on my previous visits here, I know that the collection has remained approximately the same size for quite some time. While I would certainly prefer to see ongoing growth here, it is a little bit easier to overlook on this kind of highly specialized site than it might be otherwise.

Each scene here features a single beautiful giantess along with a large group of her teeny, tiny victims. The oversized women often seem surprised to find the tiny little people hanging around in their house. In one scene, the ant sized victims have entangled themselves in the gorgeous giantess' pantyhose after she gets ready for a night on the town. In another, they all get devoured by the very hungry Penny Lee. The itty-bitty people get breast smothered, stomped on by bare feet, sat on, thrown around, and eaten, and all the action is narrated by the giantess herself as she lords over her miniscule victims.

Each video here is offered for download at 960 x 540 pixels, 2400 kbps. While there is certainly a lot of attention to detail, I'd say these are still filmed in a somewhat amateurs style. That being said, the quality level is pretty nice and I was able to enlarge these for full-screen viewing with no problems.

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The members area for Tiny Fetish Fun is pretty basic, but they do offer a handful of helpful sort and search features. Themes can be ordered by date, name, or popularity, and there's also a basic keyword search box. The site also uses a category tag system for terms like "foot fetish," "POV," and "butt crush." The scenes are displayed five per page.

The Tiny Fetish Fun videos are only offered for download with no streaming option available. These flicks come only in WMV format at a single quality level. Download speeds are pretty fast and the files look quite nice, but some additional options for accessing these giantess fetish would certainly be appreciated.



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While I was a little surprised to see that Tiny Fetish Fun doesn't seem to have grown much since the last time I checked out the collection, it remains a high-quality destination for an extremely unique niche of smut that we almost never see. This particular collection is made all the more unique by the fact that all of the performers here are British. The cost is reasonable, and I'm sure that fans of lovely giantesses will want to check it out right away!

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive giantess fetish videos
  • + In-depth scenes with dialogue and variety
  • + Good price
  • - No streaming, members' area is plain
  • - Doesn't seem to grow