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All watersports and peeing fans want to do is get closer to their fetish. Well, at Virtual Pee, you can get about as close as you're ever going to, with gorgeous Czech and European models in 3D, VR pissing movies. These are all exclusive, HD and come with set-ups for all kinds of VR goggles and viewing. You can even watch 2D and still zoom in and look around. It's a relatively new site that's growing week on week and offers you streams, downloads and good quality.
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Our total rating: 74/100

Detailed Review:


Virtual Pee is a bit of a one-theme site, but that means you don't get confused or lost or side-tracked. Sign-up, log in, and you will find, currently, 35 exclusive videos where the girls are hot and the action is wet. These babes are from the Czech Republic, and they are all babes. Slim, youthful, with shaved or trimmed pussies, slender bodies, long hair, blonde, redhead, brunette, in their 20s and with perfect shapely bodies. They look as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, but there is a darker side to them.

In their videos, they pose and pout in clothes, before, at some point during the six-minute movies, they pee themselves. They sometimes do this naked, in a squirting style and it goes everywhere. In other videos, they wet themselves through their clothes, and you can see the patch spreading as you watch. In others, they strip and play and pee and then, stripped and posed, they play in their pee. It's what I'd call a mild watersports fetish site because theres little pee drinking or swapping, and only every now and then you have a duo scene; otherwise, its all solo work.

It's all excellent quality though, and the site has been adding new content every week since it started up, 35 weeks ago as I write. The homepage shows you whats new and theres a complete video list spread over two index pages with large sample shots and details. You simply click through, chose your downloads and away you go. You can also stream online at 1,920 x 1,080, and you'll need a decent connection to get that to run seamlessly, and an even better one to stream the higher resolution versions as it looks like 1080p is the lowest res weve got here.

Here are some technical details:
Movies can be streamed/downloaded in three resolutions, 1080p, and then 2,560 x 1,440, and 3,960 x 2,160, in Mp4 files, and they are al 60 fbs. When streaming, you can zoom in and out using your mouse scroll, or keyboard commands, and you can also look around 360 degrees, as you would if you were wearing a headset. You can use the movies with headsets, of course, you just need to make sure you have the right ones. The site is set up for the five main players: Oculus Rift. HTC Vive, Smartphone, PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear - and you may also find the Virtual Reality works with cardboard Google goggles. There is a How-To page on the site that leads to instructions for each type of headgear, so you are not far away from help.

Back to the actual content and sad to say thats it. 35 VR movies that are high quality, HD, VR, 630 degrees and that feature sexy, solo, sometimes duo, girls in six-minute scenes where they pee. There are no galleries or bonuses, but there is a model index with 16 babes to check out, and they have some stats and details and links to their content.

Features & Navigation:

Getting around Virtual Pee is easy. There are only two areas really, the model index and the videos list, which is now expanded to two pages. There are descriptions of videos, linked tag words to aid your browsing, upload dates are shown, and members can rate and comment, and add videos to a favourites area. So, the site has all the usual and good navigation and interactive options. Members can view their profile, see what you've got in your favourites area etc., and there are the help and support pages. Everything you need is there, just don't expect any bonuses or extras.

Theres a good introductory price in operation at the moment as well. You can access the site for $19.95 for your first month, down from the usual price of $29.95. It reverts to that after the first month, but it's still a good and low-cost way to check things out and see if Virtual Pee is for you. Go longer term and the price works out at $12.49 per month, paid in one annual instalment. (There is also a six-month option.)


Virtual Pee delivers on its promises, and you get what the tour says you will get in the members' area. These are high class, high-quality movies that are shot and shown in 3D VR with good sound and the files are there for any VR device. There are only 35 videos of around six minutes each at the moment, but updates are weekly. There are no extras or images or bonuses, but there are some hot (and wet) Czech girls willing to wet themselves for you and with your VR gear on, it's like being there.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive movies
+ High quality
+ Suitable for all VR headsets
+ Easy to use
+ Hot Czech babes
+ Weekly updates

- No images or extras
- Videos are quite short
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