Wild Fuck Toys
Wild Fuck Toys 3380 Wild Fuck Toys Wild Fuck Toys is a site that shows horny women how to get the best orgasm of their lives. No Dick necessary.
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Wild Fuck Toys

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Wild Fuck Toys

Short Review

Wild Fuck Toys is a site that shows horny women how to get the best orgasm of their lives. No Dick necessary! They have every toy and fuck machine ever needed to help women who are having trouble reaching the big "O". In addition to the toys you're used to seeing, you will also find heavy duty machines that need more than mere batteries to operate. Let's see how many watts it will take to make these girls go off like 4th of July fireworks.

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Have you ever wondered how a woman gets off when there's not a cock in sight or if they are simply too horny to wait until their dick comes home? Well I can tell you it's NOT the way they show it off at Wild Fuck Toys. Even though they call them toys, the majority of them are not exactly the kind you just put in a drawer after you're done with them. Some may not even fit under the bed while the rest will deliver a pussy pounding Superman would envy. They also don't get tired, loose a boner or forget to call in the morning so you can appreciate the appeal they have on horny women.

The chicks that you will see at Wild Fuck Toys are having trouble reaching orgasms and go to this clinic "The Center of Orgasmic Studies" to get help with their very annoying problem. Lucky for them this clinic is one of the bests in the field and they have any imaginable gizmo to help them get better. Cool thing for us viewers is that all the chicks are hot and willing to try anything to reach their goal. Each scene starts out with a consultation explaining the reason why they aren't able to reach orgasm. From there, the Dr. recommends a treatment that varies from woman to woman. You get to see some hot masturbation, glass dildos, vibrating wands and of course they also have the big toys. One of these is called the Thrill Hammer and it does exactly what you would imagine it does, it hammers and drills that pussy all the while the chick can't help but scream with pleasure.

Each clip is around 30 minutes in length and currently, there are just over 130 action packed episodes available. The episodes are divided into clips and are only available for streaming in WMV. The most recently added episode has a download option as well as a better quality stream. Sadly this episode was updated months ago and no other updates have been added.

Each episode comes with a set of around 170 average quality pictures. Some seem to be digital stills while others look more like screen caps. You can download any picture set as a zip file.

While awaiting new updates and perhaps the addition of more downloadable scenes, you can check out the bonus reality sites that come with your membership. There are some that have great quality content to download even some HD episodes.

Nav, Design & Features

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The members area of Wild Fuck Toys is simple designed in a two column navigation design that is easy on the eye despite all the information you can access here. Your latest update with pictures, thumbs and description will be at the top of the page followed by more thumbs arranged in chronological order that will allow you to jump to the previous updates.

There is more information as you scroll down the page that you definitely want to check out from time to time as it keeps you up to date with what's going on in the rest of the Network. Also you can see when and what content is being added to the bonus reality sites. Here you can see that the whole network is updated daily despite the fact that there hasn't been an update to Wild Fuck Toys in quite some time.

The left column is where you will be heading for live customer support, episode requests and to search for your favorite content. The search functionality comes in handy as it searches through the whole network with each query. Polls, top rated sites and top rated bonus content links can also be found on the left column.

If you go back to the top of the page, there is a link where the latest update is that will take you to all Wild Fuck Toys episodes. While you are there, all the options to access the content are in plain view and all you have to do is pick your speed from one drop down box, choose a clip from another and click watch. There is also a Help button that takes you to a very comprehensive help page with screen shots on how to fix just about any issues you may have. As said above, there is only one clip available to download but that doesn't change this page much, you will just see the download options below the streaming options. The pics are also on this page along with the link that allows you to download the zip file.

The bonus reality sites use the same exact navigation and design as Wild Fuck Toys so no matter where you are you will not have to accustomed yourself to a different navigation. The bonus content on the other hand varies, some are dating services others are live webcams and are usually offered by a third party. While they start out being free, if you like what you see and want more there will be a separate fee since they are not part of the network.



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The content of Wild Fuck Toys is exciting and unique, sure we've seen women masturbate but this is whole other ball game. I would like to see them adding more content but with over 130 episodes and a huge network, it's definitely worth checking out. Another thing I would like to see is more scenes with download options. If a variety of reality sites is your thing then access to this network is worth the membership.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive Content
  • + Bonus Reality Sites
  • - No recent Updates
  • - Only One Scene To Download