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Short Review:

Zoli is the main dude behind this site of craziness. Apparently he deludes young adults, and amateur girls into thinking that he will make them big stars. Now this guy is into all things kinky, and this site is definitely not one for weak stomachs. You'll see some of the most daring sex acts performed on this very site. So if you like anything but the norm, this may be what you're looking for.
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Our total rating: 65/100

Detailed Review:


Holy Crap! when I first got an eye full of the tour pages of the site, I knew I was in for some porn which is a little out there. Now I'm personally not into crazy acts of sex myself, I prefer the more traditional approach of hardcore fucking, so the site is a little extreme for me to say the very least. But for those of you who like all that crazy shit, then you're going to go nuts over what's available.

Okay so when it comes to porn, the term crazy is very broad, so what exactly will you be seeing on this site I hear you ask? Well for starters there's a lot of peeing going on, and I don't just any old peeing content here, I mean the guys pee in the girls mouths, the guys drink pee, basically everyone has a mouth full of the yellow fluid, insanely crazy stuff!! Besides the waterfalls of pee on the site, members are treated to fisting, cum swapping, speculum play, fuck machines, crazy insertions, extreme blowjobs, and basically anything thats crazy, and involves sex has made it on this site.

Now the models...well for starters they're a little on the crazy side if you know what I mean. Despite being a little crazy, for the most part they're very attractive, I didn't spot any familiar faces, so that doesn't ruin the whole "amateur" theme of the site. There's also a nice mix of middle aged hotties, and adventurous young adults. The ladies come in all shapes, sizes, hair colors, basically the variety of women on board is quite diverse. So there's definitely no shortage of beautiful, crazy women on show.

I was very impressed with the amount of content on offer. Currently there's over 1400 exclusive episodes, most of which run for a lengthy 40 minutes each! Now that my friends is a shit load of crazy porn to go through, and considering that it's all 100% exclusive to this site, that's a very impressive effort. Updates come in daily, with no signs of slowing down, definitely good news for members.

Apart from having impressive numbers, the content is also quite decent in quality. All the videos on offer are encoded in Mpeg format, which are available in an encoding rate of 1100kbps, with a fairly decent screen size of 400x300. In straight out English, that means they're a great watch, probably doesn't stack up to HD content, but they're definitely easy on the eyes.

Most of the episodes on offer also come with a set of screen captures. Aside from the screen captures, there are also proper photos showing the girls peeing, and doing all the other crazy stuff they love to do, in high quality images. First off lets get the screen captures out of the way, as they were pretty mediocre. You'll see the usual blurs, and faint lines on these images, which is not unusual for screen captures. Anyway with perfectly good photo content around, who needs them right?

Now the actual photo content is a whole lot better. They're crisp and colorful, feature great photography, and lighting, and basically they're just a great view. I was also impressed to see that the proper photos aren't counter parts of the videos, meaning they don't feature the same scenes, and models you'll find in the episodes. Apart from looking superb, the images are also quite large, measuring in at 1280x551 pixels. Picture lovers are going to fall in love with the images on offer.

Chances are, some of you may need a break from all the crazy shit going on in this site. So you'll be glad to know that members gain free access to other great bonus sites. Unlike Zoli's site, these ones are a little more tame. They do feature hardcore scenes, though they're a little more traditional compared to the ones on this site. All up there are 13 of these sites to go through, these include Pix and Video, 21 Sextury, Club Sandy, Lust for Anal, Lusty Busty Chix, DP Overload, Sex City Asia, Bootyfull Babes, Babe Bitch Club, Intermixed Sluts, Squirting Files, Enslaved Girls, and Oral Quickies.

Features & Navigation:

I had no problems with the look of the site, it looks very neat, and the color scheme gives off a cool vibe. The homepage is also very informative, and includes all the appropriate links to access the content. The only part I wasn't too fond of, was the layout of the galleries, some of you may like it, but I personally found it a little fiddly. Anyway I'll get into that a little further down, right now let me tell you a little more about the homepage.

Ok so on the homepage, you are first presented with a greeting message from none other than Zoli boy himself. You'll also come across some of the bonus site links here, along with thumbnails links to the various models available. Members can also keep up to date on the latest uploads, these are situated down the length of the left side of the homepage. The navigation menu is made up of links which direct you to the galleries, updates, links to other bonus sites, and models. Clicking on the link marked Gallery will take you to the entire archive of updates.

Now here's what I found a little strange, some of you may prefer the set up they've implemented, but I personally wasn't too fond of it. Ok so the episodes have been organized in a calender, each day presenting the content uploaded on the date, with future dates marked as Surprise. I suppose the great thing about this, is you can keep track on just how active the site is, though I felt the thumbnails were a little small, and going through the different months is a little tedious. Other than that though, it's not so bad, and I suppose it really emphasizes on their daily updates.

Other than the unorthodox approach to the archive, downloading the videos, and viewing the pictures are fairly straight forward. A simple click on a download link, and you're set. The only weird thing about the picture galleries is that you don't have the option of viewing them within the browser. Instead you are obligated to download the sets in a zip file, which is no doubt convenient, though I'm sure some of you would like to have the option of viewing the images through the site.


Other than a few unorthodox approaches to the navigation, Zoli Boy is one very impressive site. Although I'm not into all the crazy going ons in the scenes, I appreciated the fact that the site does very little wrong. There are tons of episodes to go through, updates come in daily, and lovers of crazy porn will love what's on offer. This site easily deserves the "must see" status. Though it's strictly for kinky fetish fans.

Pros & Cons

+ Very crazy porn!
+ Tons of content
+ Daily updates
+ All exclusive
+ Content looks great
- Tedious gallery browsing
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