18-19 Foot Club
18-19 Foot Club 1420 18-19 Foot Club This is definately a site for foot lovers only, why is this.
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18-19 Foot Club

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18-19 Foot Club

Short Review

This is definately a site for foot lovers only, why is this? Well for starters you won't be witnessing any penetration in the scenes, as they involve the hot young adults showing off their feet, and playing with their tight young bodies. This site stars 21 gorgeous young adults, doing their thing with their sexy feet, so if you can get off on sexy young adults, waving their feet around, then by all means read on.

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At first I thought this site was going to include foot fucking, but as I started watching the episodes, I was left high and dry, as the models pretty much just show off their feet, and personally, I found that these episodes weren't even a tease, though the girls do get fully naked, which is a start, and some scenes even have a bit of solo play, so it's not all bad. As I said in the short review, this site is strictly for foot lovers only, otherwise you may feel a little underwhelmed as I did. But don't get me wrong, personally I didn't like the scenes, but you foot lovers will probably love what's on offer.

Ok, now that we're clear that the site is for foot lovers only, let me tell you a little more about the content. All up there are 14, out of the 21 models which offer video content, between the 14 models, there are 45 episodes on offer, these are fairly short running for roughly 3 to 5 minutes each. As I mentioned earlier, these episodes are very softcore, which usually involve teasing, flashing, and a little bit of self masturbation. Needless to say, the episodes are largely focused on the model's feet.

The videos are available to download in both Avi, and Wmv format. Obviously the episodes are only available in full scenes, as they are quite short. There wasn't much of a difference between the two formats, but the Avi versions were slightly higher in quality, this video format is available in an encoding rate of 1320kbps, in a video size of 720x480. The Wmvs aren't far behind clocking in at 1300kbps, this version is also available in a resolution of 720x480. So as you can tell, either way you go you'll be up for some great quality viewing.

All 21 models offer a collection of photo sets, consisting of high quality images available in large dimensions of up to 1024x768px. Between the 21 models, there's an impressive total of 307 photo sets, consisting of roughly 60 images each. Like the video content, these are also very softcore, and are also purely focused on the ladies feet. I was mostly impressed with the quality of the images, as they look very clear, and are quite colorful.

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The tour pages of this site had a very cutesy feel to it. In the top banner, there's a nice picture of a cubby house, and a few of the hot young adults hanging around it, and of course they're all showing off their lovely feet. Scrolling down the tour pages you'll get an eyeful of what's in store, there are thumbnails depicting what the scenes involve, unfortunately there aren't any short trailers, but the pictures will be enough to lure foot lovers in.

After logging in you'll be presented with the great looking homepage. From here you can check out the latest updates, future updates, and the links to the various bonus sites members acquire full access to at no extra cost. There are over 40 great sites to indulge in, most of which are solo model sites, and by the looks of things, all the girls on offer are absolute stunners. An awesome addition to the content available on this site, you'll also be glad to know that some of these other sites include content that is a little more hardcore.

To view the videos and picture content, simply use the respective links found in the navigation menu, this is situated just below the site banner. All the content is organized via model, each model is represented by a small thumbnail, clicking on the thumbnail will present you with all the videos, and picture galleries that model has on offer. Entire picture sets are available to download in zip files, and downloading videos is as simple, as clicking on the provided links, very simple stuff.



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I can really only recommend this site for true foot lovers, and foot lovers who can get off to very softcore content. The site does well on providing great quality content, as both videos, and picture galleries look great, but as I said, the content isn't for every one. If you're a foot lover, then you'll want to check this site out, because the young adults are hot, and the content looks great, but don't sign up thinking that there's any foot fucking porn.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot young adults
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Tons of bonus sites
  • + Content is of good quality
  • + Site is easy to navigate
  • + The site looks very nice