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Ballerine World 6529 Ballerine World Women love wearing ballet flats because they're comfortable and casual, foot fetishists love ballet flats because they look amazing on sexy feet and are perfect for foot dipping and toe dangling.
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Ballerine World

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Ballerine World

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Women love wearing ballet flats because they're comfortable and casual, foot fetishists love ballet flats because they look amazing on sexy feet and are perfect for foot dipping and toe dangling! Here at this highly specialized foot and shoe fetish site, you can access a small collection of softcore videos and photos dedicated specifically to beautiful European models wearing ballet flat style shoes.

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The Ballerine World collection is definitely on the small side at just nine videos and 27 photo galleries. While none of the materials are dated, a little digging around on the net reveals that Ballerine World has probably been around since 2011 or so. Considering the size of the site and how long it's been around, I think it's safe to say that they're not living up to their promise of weekly updates. In fact, I doubt that the site has been updated at all in months if not years.

The vast majority of the video and photo materials here feature beautiful Italian models in casual clothing and ballet flats. There are also a few scenes that feature the women wearing other types of shoes, like sandals. Most of the videos I watched were stamped with the name of a another site run by the same company, Passione Piedi, and I strongly suspect that most or all of the scenes offered here were originally for that site.

There are plenty of full body shots, but the focus is definitely on the models feet and shoes. Some of the models try on a couple of different pairs of shoes in a single scene. The photo sets focus on various poses of the model and her feet and ballet flat shoes, while the videos feature the models gracefully moving their feet, rubbing their own toes, and showing off different shoe styles. This is a site that is solely dedicated to foot and shoe fetish materials, not sex or nudity. In fact, none of the models here even wear clothing that is particularly skimpy, and they certainly don't take their clothes off. The shoes, however, do come off frequently to give you a full view of the models beautiful toes and soles. The women dangle their shoes from their toes, dip their feet in and out of the ballet flats, and stretch and bend to their bare feet once they've taken their shoes off.

The quality level here is pretty nice, and the videos are available at an HD quality level of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 5000 kbps. These play cleanly and smoothly and have no major quality issues even if they aren't quite as polished as studio shot stuff. The photos are usually over 1500 pixels on the long side and have a similar crisp and clear look.

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The members area here is one of the more basic I can remember seeing recently. Upon logging in, you'll see large, brightly colored buttons leading to the sites video and photo pages, and that's about it. There are no search or sort tools, and literally no information at all is provided about the scenes or the models. Each Ballerine World video is available for download in WMV format at a single HD quality level. The photo sets are offered for viewing and basic thumbnail galleries. While the site may not offer any navigation tools or features to speak of, frankly, they would essentially be useless on a site this size.



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Ballerine World offers one of the more specialized foot and shoe fetish collections I have reviewed, and while I thought they did an excellent job of sticking to the ballet flat theme for the most part, there's just not a lot to see here. You could easily go through everything in just an hour or so, especially with the lack of updates. This one might be worth joining to get access to this specialized collection, but sticking around for more than one month probably doesn't make any sense.

Pros & Cons

  • + Highly specialized, semi-exclusive foot/shoe fetish collection
  • + HD quality videos
  • - Pretty small collection
  • - Does not update as claimed on the tour pages