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Cute Girl Feet 1408 Cute Girl Feet Here is a site for those of you who are into young adults with cute little feet. Cute Girl Feet offers content primarily based on young adults who know how to turn on men using only their feet.
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Cute Girl Feet

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Cute Girl Feet

Short Review

Here is a site for those of you who are into young adults with cute little feet. Cute Girl Feet offers content primarily based on young adults who know how to turn on men using only their feet. Most of the episodes on offer is of softcore nature, but you'll still get to see a gracious amount of nudity none the less. The site is complete with quality video, and picture content, all exclusive to the site!

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I've got to say, I never really was a feet fan, but after going through so many of these type of scenes, it's really starting to grow on me, and with a site like this featuring some of the most gorgeous young adults showing off their sexy feet, I was more than looking forward to see what Cute Girl Feet had to offer. Now I wasn't kidding when I said the models are gorgeous, each one is hot enough to turn on any man using only their feet. I also appreciated the nice variety of girls on show.

Now being a foot fetish porn site it's obvious that the lovely girl's feet get most of the lime light. You'll see the girls suck on them, oil them up, lick them, shove a toe or two into their juicy slits, and basically just having a good time with their sexy feet. The girls also play with themselves using their hands, so solo masturbation fans can look forward to that as well. Although the scenes are of softcore nature, they're still very arousing none the less.

The last update was loaded on the 23rd of August, and there's news of future updates, so members can be sure that there's always something new to come back to. Currently there's a total of 31 exclusive episodes, which isn't a whole heap, but like I said, updates are coming in nice, and steady, so I'm sure we'll see more acceptable numbers in no time.

I was kind of expecting the scenes to be short episodes, as there's not a whole lot the ladies could do using only their feet. At least you won't have to wait for ages to download the scenes, as they are generally pretty small in file size. That being said, there is a download restriction of 600MBs in a 2 hour time frame. But given the small file sizes, I'm sure you'll rarely reach that amount.

All the individual episodes are up for download, and you'll be glad to know that there are no DRM restrictions, meaning you can keep them for good. Seeing as the episodes are quite short, they're only available to download in full scenes. The videos on offer are available in two different formats, including Wmv, and Avi. There's not a whole lot of difference in quality between the two formats, though the Avi's are slightly better in quality. This video format comes in an encoding rate of 1320kbps, with a video size of 720x480. The Wmvs aren't far behind, clocking in at 1300kbps, also with a video size of 720x480. So either way you go, you're up for some quality viewing.

The picture content on offer is also worth a mention. This collection is significantly bigger than the video collection, as there's a total of over 200 picture galleries to browse through. The sets come with roughly 100 images each, some of which can get up to (1024x768 pixels) in size, so they are quite large. That, and they're also very clear, and feature vibrant colors. Definitely a worthy addition to the great video content, and will no doubt please the picture lovers.

Now I'm sure even you feet fans want to dabble in some normal porn, and you'll be glad to know that there's a ton of it to go through. That's right members are also treated with a mountain of bonus sites, 21 of them to be exact. You'll also be glad to know that these sites are just as great, if not better than this one, and some of them get updated quite regularly, so you can be sure that you'll never have to worry about running out of porn. Most of the bonus sites revolve around solo models, and you'll wet yourself once you see the mouth watering line up.

Nav, Design & Features

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In a word, Cute Girls Feet looks great. The site looks nice, and clean, every thing is nicely spaced out, and the navigation menu looks awesome. The great color scheme is also worth a mention, and is very easy on the eyes. At the top of the homepage there's a nice banner of a cute chick with glasses licking on her foot, and just below you'll find the great looking navigation menu.

The rest of the homepage mostly consists of information on updates, and the bonus sites on offer. There's even a section dedicated to the next three updates, always good to keep the member's morale up. Towards the very bottom of the homepage is where you'll come across the links to the bonus sites. Each one is depicted in a thumbnail link featuring a picture of the model. A single click on these, and you'll be directed straight to the homepage.

Accessing the video archive is as easy as using the link found within the navigation menu marked videos. Once you have done so you'll be taken to a page primarily made up of thumbnail links. Each of these thumbnails represents the model, or models who star in the episode. Upon clicking this thumbnail you'll be taken to another page with a single thumbnail. This thumbnail will allow you to download the episode, a single click on this, and it should automatically start.

The picture galleries are also quite similar in layout to the video archive. Like the video archive, you can access this area through the navigation menu. Afterwards you'll be presented with a similar looking page to the video archive. This time however, clicking on the model's thumbnail will bring up all the galleries the model stars in. The images are available to view individually, or can be downloaded in a zip file, which is very convenient I might add.



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Cute Girls Feet was certainly made to impress. The quality of the foot fetish videos are great, the picture content is just as impressive, all the models are hot, and updates come in at a steady flow. There's not much this site does wrong, in fact it's bordering on perfect, it just needs to gain more content to be a true killer site. Until then there's a huge collection of great bonus sites to keep members entertained as they wait for updates.

Pros & Cons

  • + Lots of hot girls
  • + Sexy feet
  • + Videos look nice
  • + Lots of great quality photos
  • + All exclusive content
  • + The bonus sites are awesome
  • + The site looks great
  • - Could do with more content