Dirty Feet Mistress
Dirty Feet Mistress 3520 Dirty Feet Mistress If you find yourself turned on by a girl with dirty feet than here's one site which will definitely have your attention.
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Dirty Feet Mistress

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Dirty Feet Mistress

Short Review

If you find yourself turned on by a girl with dirty feet than here's one site which will definitely have your attention. Dirty Feet Mistress features dominating ladies who are quite talented with their feet and share the same foot fetish as their horny lovers. The site provides both video and photo content of high quality which are all exclusive to this very site featuring a nice variety of smoking hot ladies and their sexy and dirty feet!

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Now I know there are some fairly out there fetishes around and when it boils down to it a foot fetish is quite timid in my books however the foot fetish theme of this site has certainly kicked it up a notch because instead of the ladies have nicely manicured and cleaned feet it looks as though they haven't brushed the bottom of their feet in a while because they're dirty! Yup that's right as weird as it seems the ladies have their dirty feet licked and fucked by men who just so happen to have a fetish for dirty feet! Now I'm not entirely sure how many people would have this kind of fetish as it is definitely the first time I have come across a site like this so I'll give it some credit for being original that's for sure but my only worry is how many people is it going to appeal to, I mean personally it sounds a little unappealing but hey I guess it's because it's not my cup of tea.

Given the theme of the site some of you were probably expecting to see some trashy looking ladies with dirty feet but in fact the ladies on show are quite attractive to say the very least and the good news is there's a nice variety to boot! Apart from the lovely Caucasian ladies the site has also featured Latinas and Asian babes to give the line up a little extra spice. As for the naughty things they get up to well basically the girls get their feet licked clean before they start smothering their lover's cock in between them eventually making them explode all over their freshly cleaned feet. From what I have seen there is no pussy penetration which probably isn't that big a deal for foot fetishists but if I were to put myself in to a foot fetishists shoes I would probably find these episodes to be down right arousing especially given how hot the models are.

Dirty Feet Mistress is relatively knew having been launched earlier this year in April 2009. This certainly explains the small amount of content on offer but the good part is the site is still being added to the only problem is that they don't give much information away as far as dates go. In total there are 12 models all of who have a video and a photo set each and the great news is that they are all exclusive to this site so chances are you've never come across this content before or should I say this type of content that is. Really though who'd have thought there are people out there who have a fetish for dirty feet, though it is said there are fetishes for just about everything you can think of.

Surprisingly the episodes go for longer then I would have expected with average run times of approximately 20 minutes each. Members have the option of downloading the videos in wmv and mpeg videos and seeing as they have no DRM restrictions members can choose to keep them for as long as they wish. Out of the 2 formats the wmvs are available in the highest quality coming in encoding rates of 2400kbps @ 640x480. Some of you are more than likely underwhelmed by the mediocre resolution as I was though given the decent kbps rate you can enjoy the high quality even if you were to blow the videos up to full screen. The photo sets contain 150 pictures on average they are decently clear and the colors are great though I feel they could have been more crisp and bigger in size as they measure up at 1000x666 pixels. They aren't small by any means though it's pretty average by today's standards and I was some what expecting larger.

Foot Fetish fans are going to go nuts over the fact that besides gaining access to this site the developers have been nice enough to give them free access to all the other sites on the network and the awesome part is they all revolve around the foot fetish! All up there are 7 individual sites which members have complete access to. The content on these sites are on par in quality and like this site they continue to grow and feature exclusive content. Each of the 7 sites covers a different secondary niche to the foot fetish such as reality and there's even a nylon based foot fetish site. Who'd have known there were so many twists to the foot fetish!

Nav, Design & Features

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The site has quite the very bare bones layout to say the very least, in fact it's so simple that there's essentially only one section to the site which is the homepage. All of the 12 episodes are presented on the homepage in the form of thumbnail links which feature a portrait of the starring model. It looks as though they have been organized from latest to oldest though this is just a guess as the names aren't in alphabetical order. That's pretty much all there is to see on the homepage other than a bit of information stating that the site is still active on updates. I have to say the site does look a tad plain though it does look very neat as everything is nicely spaced out across the homepage.

Below each thumbnail is a link which will take you to the model's main content page. This page contains a larger portrait of the hot model along with a description of her. Below the description is where you'll find the download links for both the wmv and mpeg downloads along with the link which will take you to the photo gallery. The photo sets are in standard thumbnail gallery format so that's all fairly straight forward it would have been nice if they included a feature where members can download the entire sets in a zip file so that they can view them offline instead members will have to individually save each of the pictures.

The only other section I can talk about is the Foot Fetish Pass network page. This section can be accessed via the simple navigation menu found just below the top banner, this menu includes 3 links which are the home page link, support link, and of course the main network page link. On this page you will be presented with all the banner links to the 7 sites on the network, along with each link is a detailed description on what the site is all about. This section also includes information on all the latest updates across the network and you can even access other extras such as an online DVD archive. All in all I appreciated the simplicity of the site layout if only more sites were this simple.



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If I can sum up this entire site in just a single word it would have to be "original". Originality is like a double edged blade though some people may not be ready for one crazy site such as this while others will welcome it with open arms. Quite a unique fetish to say the very least but good news is it's doing every thing right as far as a porn site goes. The content on offer is of good quality, the scenes are indeed very kinky, and the updates are still rolling in.

Pros & Cons

  • + Unique theme
  • + Hot models
  • + Content looks great
  • + All exclusive episodes
  • + Site is very easy to browse
  • + Access to foot fetish network
  • - No update dates
  • - Still quite small