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Piedi Da Favola 6537 Piedi Da Favola Piedi da Favola is a site that is dedicated to women's feet and costume play. It's European, Italian if I am not mistaken, and it holds exclusive content.
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Piedi Da Favola

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Piedi Da Favola

Short Review

Piedi da Favola is a site that is dedicated to women's feet and costume play. It's European, Italian if I am not mistaken, and it holds exclusive content. It makes all kinds of promises on the tour showing us links to models, updates, videos, galleries, a store and even clips 4 sale, and it also shows us a lot of very sexy girls in all kinds of outfits. It proclaims: Sexy cosplay girls, 6,960 photos and 556 videos, as it invites us inside.

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  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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  • Quantity: 0/15

And, once inside, you do indeed find a lot of cosplay videos and galleries with a lot of sexy girls, though not as many as the tour numbers state - because the tour is talking of runtime-minutes of film, not numbers of films. The design of the site poses some problems, which I will get to later, but as long as you are able to stay in the members' area you should find links to the movies and galleries.

I found 86 video under the Videos link, all set out on one page with sample shots stacked together in rows. Each sample showed me a lady in a costume, or at least her feet in stockings and each sample pic led to a download. In fact, there were no viewing pages, you click an image and get the option to open or save the file. This means that you get no details about the videos, no runtimes, model names, no information at all and only one choice for viewing: whatever the site gives you as a download. The ones I took came out as WMV @ 1,920 x 1,080 where they were good quality and clear.

There were 86 galleries as well, set out in the same way as the videos area. But these do have viewing pages. You click a pic and open up a page of thumbnails where there is a zip file to download if you choose to take the whole lot in one go. Thumbnails are a decent size and open up individual pics in new tabs/windows that then click up to a full size of 3,456 x 5,184 which really are too big for the screen. But they start off at decent sizes and are clear and easy to see, though you do have to open them one at a time.

You also have a model index listed in the very top banner area, but his is the same as you see on the tour. I fact if you click to it you are back on the tour pages, so you may have seen this before already, and the model index is not, therefore, exclusive to members. But it does show us 24 varied girls, in costume.

And that is the other thing to note about the site: the costumes. What we have here are good looking models dressed as maids, witches, pirates, devils, superheroes and glamour girls, and some who just seem to wear all manner of strange garb, and all the time they are posing and showing their feet. That's what Piedi da Favola is all about: feet and foot worship, especially with feet and legs in costume. There's nothing hardcore or pornographic about it, it's a simple fetish site for lovers of costumed feet, and on that level it does very well indeed.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Back to the design and layout though, and this really does need some work if the site is going to remain popular with members. There is a great deal of blurring between the public access area, the tour, and the members' area. Even when you are signed in it is hard to tell that you are in a members' area and not still on the tour. Your navigation is the same, and you jump in and out of both areas depending on what you want to see. You are constantly being asked to Join now even though you have and you are left with very little, as a member, that the general public cannot also see.

When you come to viewing videos you only have the one choice of download and that's it. There is no information, no rates, comments, add to favourites or any kind of interactive fun or functions. There is no information about the girls, their feet, the costumes or anything really and the only thing which is of interest is the fact that you can change the language of the site.

Galleries do come with zip files for when you want to take the whole set, but navigation here is a case of opening and closing the images one at a time; a bit cumbersome. There is latest news in the banner but this was two years out of date, there is contact info should you have any trouble and there are social networking buttons, but that's about it for extras.



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So, on the one hand Piedi da Favola is good for cosplay and foot fetish fans with original clips and pics with horny European girls posing; but then again it needs a redesign and could do with sorting out technically speaking. Here is no info and no viewing choices, there is no update news nor even dates, and so you are left with an exclusive collection of great quality foot fetish and costume fetish softcore movies and galleries.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Stays on feet and cosplay themes
  • + Nice models
  • + Various languages
  • - Not interactive
  • - No information