Piedi Velati
Piedi Velati 6538 Piedi Velati If you love to collect photos and videos of sexy girls feet, then you are going to want to add Piedi Velati to your collection of sites that you have to visit.
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Piedi Velati

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Piedi Velati

Short Review

If you love to collect photos and videos of sexy girls feet, then you are going to want to add Piedi Velati to your collection of sites that you have to visit. It is all and only about feet in stockings, and bare, at this Italian site that features sexy Italian models showing their feet and legs. There are original movies to download, and there are galleries to collect. The site is very simple to access and use and it has a blog which is kept up to date.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

What you find on the tour pages is what you have as a member. In fact, once you are signed up and inside the site there is no difference, except that you can see more as a member. The look and navigation are the same, and you can still access the public areas, like the Blog and the Clips For Sale areas, the Model index and the Shop.

When I was in the site the members' area had news items on it that were over a year old. The content itself didn't come with any dates on it so I don't know if the site is still updating or not, in fact there is no information in the members' area about anything, you will have to run the blog alongside in order to see if what is on there reflects what is in here. But I was able to access set of videos and a set of galleries.

There were 103 videos when I was in the site and they are all shown on one page with square sample shots of the girl involved, and her stocking feet. You simply click a square and then can run or download the file. There was only one file per download but the quality I found was up at 1,920 x 1,080 in size and the quality as very good. The movies were short, around five minutes, and simple: a girl posing and the camera exploring her legs and feet. There's nothing hardcore or even nude about the content here it is pure foot worship with an accent on stockings and feet, pantyhose and long legs belonging to gorgeous ladies. The files were all WMV and the file sizes were around 200 to 250 Mbs. There were no hassles getting to the movies, though there was no choice of file type, resolution and there are no streams.

The photos have the same kind of content and stay on the theme without exception. There were 183 photo sets set out in the same way as the videos. They came with zip files for easy downloading and you can also view them online. Click a square sample and you get the full set of around 50 pics, and the click the one you want to see. This will open in a new tab/window and so you have to pen and close each one as you go. The sizes were at 458 x 611 to start with but this is scaled down from the full size of 1,224 x 1,623 in the older pics and a huge size of 3,067 x 4,615 in the newer sets.

The overall quality of the pics and vids here is fine, it is what I would call decent amateur production standard with flash in some photos, basic lighting and setups for the models shoots and videos. The whole thing is very basic and there are no details about anything, though there are some stats in the model index. But the thing about Piedi Velati is that it offers you photos and videos of pretty Italian ladies in stockings, shoes, and showing off their feet and that is exactly what the content is. It would be nice to know about updates, but the blog looks to be current, and there is a lot here for you to star off your collection with.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Like I said, what you see on the tour here is what you have in the members' area as the two things are the same. Even when you are signed in you see no difference, there is still the same right column with links to the blog and shop and tour, but there is also a Comments link there if you want to send feedback to the site. That is about the only interactive options I found, apart from any comments that the blog may allow you. You can though chance the site language in to a few different European languages (and Brazilian!).

Click through the top menu and you find the model index with 34 girls and here you are told a few basic stats and whether the girl is still available for more photo shoots or videos. You can also find her shoes and stockings for sale if you click to the custom shop which is a neat idea. Similarly, if you want to get some clips but don't want a membership you can enter the Clips For Sale Studio and simply buy certain clips of certain girls instead.

The site is easy enough to handle though here is a lot missing that bigger and, probably, better financed sites might have: rates and favourites area, information, extras, bonus sites, and so on. But it all works and technically, though there were few viewing choices, it all worked fine.



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This site is one of three that appear to be run by the same company (all with Piedi in their title) and all three are pretty similar and as basic. There are no viewing options here, you download the one file you are given for videos and click the images open one at a time, but you do get to the exclusive content very easily. And the content all stays on niche with gorgeous Italian ladies in stockings and shoes showing off their feet. Foot fetish heaven can therefore be found at Piedi Velati.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Easy to use
  • + Decent amount
  • + Stays on niche
  • + Includes a shop
  • - Technically very basic
  • - Not interactive in the usual way
  • - Very simple site
  • - No update info