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Sexy Stiletto 7408 Sexy Stiletto Sexy, charming, Asian and all about high heels and stilettos, Sexy Stiletto offers you a weekly, exclusive and HD video showing gorgeous Chinese women in selected footwear.
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Sexy Stiletto

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Sexy Stiletto

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Sexy, charming, Asian and all about high heels and stilettos, Sexy Stiletto offers you a weekly, exclusive and HD video showing gorgeous Chinese women in selected footwear. The videos are in three sections concentrating on the shoes, feet and legs of these hot babes. It's a softcore, fetish site that will soothe your ache for high-quality foot fetish content, it consistently updates, and offers good quality content and member interaction.

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Beautiful Chinese girls pose in hotel rooms, at home on the couch, and in gorgeous footwear. This site isn't about stripping down and showing what you've got, it's about the elegance and beauty of slender legs leading to perfect feet covered by slinky footwear. There are high heels and stilettoes, fashion shoes and shoes of all kinds - as long as they have heels. The girls have shapely, trim bodies, wear slinky outfits and are not over glamourised; they don't need to be, they are stunning and know how to pose to show off their stockinged legs, nylons or bare flesh when they point their feet and turn their shoes so you can admire every angle.

Sexy Stiletto started online in 2012, and since then they have added 3 new videos every single Friday. This brings their collection to 1,113 videos now, each one downloadable with an option to stream, and with each one, members can comment and then check out the girls in a model index. It's a simple site with no navigation or technical issues, but what exactly do you get when you sign in?

You're met by a home page which like the tour, is neat and well arranged. There is a brief welcome that explains how you can see the models, how the site updates each week (and it does), and it even lets non-members buy the videos rather than pay to join. After that, you've got a simple videos section and the model index, some account services and various ways to see the content arranged.

Each of the 1,113 videos runs for seven minutes and is in three seamless parts. First, the girls appear, and we concentrate on the shoes as they walk, sit, pose or take their shoes off. In the second section there's some leg stoking or foot play as they are tickled and teased, but not overly so, and towards the end, we return to the main theme. This gives you a chance to get to know at least the bottom half of each girl and particularly her footwear. Movies can be streamed or downloaded, but there's only one choice of each, and movies are at 1,920 x 1,080 HD. Files are not huge though, but there are no smaller, mobile files, so watch your storage space. The quality is crystal clear and the filming natural.

There are no images with the site, but a message does say that images are coming soon. There are though, images of 54 girls in the model list, 'By Girls.' Here, you have large face pics, and then, when clicked, these lead to each girl's videos. There's a list at the bottom of this page that also helps filter the content.

On the face of it, Sexy Stiletto is a simple site with a large and exclusive video collection and a model index. There is no bonus content, and there are no images, but there sure is plenty of the promised, gorgeous stockinged feet, shoe-wearing babes from China and a good Asian feel. And all that comes along with the high-quality videos of girls posing in and out of high heels and stilettoes.

In the last few minutes of 95% of all of our videos, there are plots that tickle the feet. this point is very important. Because the design of our video is to show the overall beauty of the model first, followed by close-ups of legs, shoes, feet and other parts, and finally to play beautiful feet and scratch the feet. Only in this way can the relatively conservative Chinese girls have a richer response. Thus trying to get the viewer the ultimate satisfaction.

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This is a very simple members' area to navigate and will give you no hassles. The videos' list is spread over several index pages, making navigation simple, and each one comes with a list of linked tag words so you can easily find more of the same. At the bottom of the pages, you also find other great navigation tools. There's a list of videos by type, and by girl, a list of videos per month so you can work through chronologically, and then if you carry on scrolling down, you find other important info and news. It's a well-packed home page that doesn't look cluttered and which offers lots of site/member interaction.

On the downside, it would have been good to have more information in the model index as I didn't find out much about the girls or the shoes they were wearing. Members can leave comments though, and there are various ways to contact the site, so if you have something to say, you've got plenty of opportunities to do so. You can also make up your own profile including your avatar.

When it comes to signing up, things get a bit odd. You register for free, it seems, and then you can enter the site and buy videos as you go. Or you can take an ongoing membership. Here, I only found two options with three months at $49.99 which then reverts to a monthly payment of $24.98. There is also a one-year option at $89.97 which does not recur. You will need a valid email address to receive your login details, and after that, you can browse the members' area (or most of it) before you decide to sign and receive all 1,113 + videos as included in the low-cost price.



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Sexy Stiletto sticks to its guns and has its feet on the ground. It offers 100% foot fetish, high heels and stiletto footage, with shoes as worn by gorgeous, dressed Chinese models. It's HD and exclusive and updates every single week as it has done for seven years now. Register for free, take a look and then sign up for downloads and streams, the model index, community vibe and the hot vids. It's simple, well put together, consistent and gives what you are promised on the tour.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive videos
  • + HD
  • + 100% footwear fetish
  • + Easy to use
  • + Interactive
  • + Free registration
  • - Only two downloads at a time
  • - Not a lot of info
  • - No images