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Cinema Erotique 3133 Cinema Erotique A little bit on the artsy side and a little bit hardcore, if you love your porn to start off with dialogs and have some sort of storyline leading up to the steamy sex then you will absolutely love Cin
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Cinema Erotique

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Cinema Erotique

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A little bit on the artsy side and a little bit hardcore, if you love your porn to start off with dialogs and have some sort of storyline leading up to the steamy sex then you will absolutely love Cinema Erotique! The site offers a nice collection of videos and photos which like I said are quite artsy yet very hot at the same time!

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It's quite rare nowadays to see sites which are dedicated to movie type porn, I mean with all the straight out hardcore and reality sites around who wants to sit through some boring story lines right? Well it turns out that there are quite a few people out there (especially girls who love porn with a romantic side to it) who go nuts over this kind of porn. Members can expect such porn themes such as thrillers, dramas, comedy, and many more. Definitely quite a different twist to the usual hardcore site and I have to admit I actually find it quite refreshing.

Unfortunately the site doesn't provide any information as far as update dates go so I can't really give readers an educated answer as to how long the site has been up and running for and further more whether or not it is still active on updates. What I am certain of though is that there is a current total of 32 full length movies on offer which are all exclusive to the site. I am certainly hoping that the site hasn't completely stopped on updates as the avid porn viewer may find themselves running out of porn a little more quicker than they'd have hoped.

Splendid is the first word which comes to mind when it comes to the quality of the movies on offer. Members have a few video options given to them though I felt there could have been more, there's the option of downloading the videos in wmv and mov formats though they are only available in full scenes which could be intimidating for members on slower connections due to the large sizes of the videos. On a brighter note there are various qualities on offer to try and make things as convenient as possible for all members. Wmvs are available in the highest quality with encoding rates of up to (2800kbps @ 1920x1080), oh and I should also mention that the videos don't have DRM which essentially means members can choose to keep the videos for as long as they want.

As a side dish to the great videos on offer the site also has a collection of equally gorgeous pictures for members to indulge in. The lovely models look so damn gorgeous in these photo shoots thanks to the high clarity and rich colors which really bring the photos to life. Apart from looking great the photography work is awesome which is to be expected from a site which tends to lean to the artsy side of things. Also the pictures measure in quite well with decent dimensions of up to (1000x700 pixels). They are certainly a nice addition to the awesome videos on offer.

So that's pretty much it as far as content goes on Cinema Erotique, there are a few extras such as a few peep shows from some of the models from the featured videos which is certainly a nice bonus. Overall I was very pleased with the content, not only due to the refreshing twist of the the artsy/movie side of it but also due to the amazingly high quality. A big thumbs up from me!

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The tour pages of Cinema Erotique sort of reminded me of news agencies, well the porn magazine section of the news agencies at least. Why is this you ask? Well the content has been presented in thumbnails which look like magazine covers. There are also some sample pictures taken from the galleries which are also presented in thumbnail form and a free trailer for potential customers who want to see the content in action. Potential customers can also check out other free trailers and the line up of gorgeous models on show.

The homepage or "foyer" as they call it includes links to the various sections of the site. These include links to the movies, the models section, photo gallery, and other features such as the trailers page, the peepshow section, and the member's forum. To check out the movies section is as simple as clicking on the movies link within the navigation menu. This area also contains thumbnails which look like magazine covers, each one of these thumbnails represents the individual movies.

Clicking on the thumbnails I mentioned above will take members to the main media section of their chosen video. From here they will be presented with the movie cover yet again along with a trailer to the movie, information on the video including the bit rates, how long the movie goes for, director and stars, and a short description. Obviously the download links are situated on this page as well. The photo gallery is pretty easy to work out as it has a fairly standard layout, so if ever used a photo gallery on a porn site before which I'm sure you have, you should have no troubles with working these ones.

Well there's really not much else to say about the site as that is pretty much all there is to it. Quite a simple site and the layout is very neat as well. Site presentation is simple which nicely complemented the basic layout of the site, and the site is draped in the colors of red black and white. Overall it was a very easy site to navigate, the site presentation is great, and overall a great site to browse.



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I was quite pleased with this site to be honest, even though it doesn't have a huge collection of videos at the moment and no information on future updates I still loved the high quality and artsy feel to it. Definitely a nice change from the usual hardcore sites. Overall I was very impressed and I give this one a full recommendation on anyone who likes a bit of story line with their porn.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great movies, entertaining yet hot
  • + High video quality
  • + Pictures look awesome
  • + Site is easy to browse
  • + Models are hot
  • - No update logs