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Doghouse Digital 495 Doghouse Digital Doghouse Digital, Canadas largest adult production company, and the first to distribute internationally, was built on the demands of you, the consumer.
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Doghouse Digital

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Doghouse Digital

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Doghouse Digital, Canadas largest adult production company, and the first to distribute internationally, was built on the demands of you, the consumer. We incorporated what we knew about which content and packaging sells and took it to the next level. You see our packaging might be the first thing that catches your eyes, but its the content thats going to keep you in the Doghouse forever.

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Let me start by telling you how much content you will get inside the members area of You will get 229 Videos, and 11 Photo sets. The videos will last you a life time, you need to also remember that the site updates a couple of times per week so you will always be getting new fresh content.

Since 1989, Mile High Video, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, has been distributing adult movies to retailers across the Country. For well over a decade we have become the leading force in the Canadian market bringing the consumer products they love. We have a panel of industry veterans watching each and every movie we put on the market to ensure you get nothing but the best.

The knowledge we have gained over the years by monitoring what the market is consuming has been a very valuable tool. Armed with the power of information on what the consumer wants, we developed our own brand of hardcore gonzo, Doghouse Digital.

You will get hours of full length videos to either download or stream inside your browser, there's over 229 videos, with more and more being added each week. This site loves to give its members updates so you will always have hot fresh videos, and images to browse.

All the video content you will have access to will play in windows media player (WMV), you will be able to play most of the videos in any media player you might have ie. winamp, but I always recommend that you use windows media play for the best viewing experience.

The videos can be viewed in two types of format, you can either view them in high or low resolution. You normally choose this to pick how much quality you would like to watch the videos in, or it can also mean how big a file you want to download, the higher the res the bigger the file, and the lower the res the smaller the file. If you are on a high speed internet I would recommend that you pick the higher res, if you are on a slower internet speed I would recommend that you get the lower res file. Also I would highly recommend that everyone gets a download manager when downloading some of these files. There's nothing worse than having the files 95% downloaded only to have your connection drop out, making you have to start the download from the start.

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You have a choice of clicking the following links. Home, Friends, Videos, Store. Ok lets just say you click on the videos section, you will be taken to the video section where you will see the videos laid out right in front of you. There is 229 videos to choose from. To start a movie you will simply have to click on the resolution you wish to watch the video in, and the video should start to download, be sure to remember where you are saving it on your hard drive, so you will be able to find it, I save all the videos, I download in the My Videos section in the My Documents folder.

The video page has been laid out great, it gives you a chance to see some screen shots of the video your about to download. I love sites that do this cause it gives you a chance to preview the video before you download it. There is nothing worse then downloading an entire video to find out that the starring girl is ugly.

You'll also notice a link at the top of the website which is marked Sites, if you click on this it will load a drop down menu where you will find all the other sites which you have access to. You will be able to visit any of the 45 websites that are listed here, they are all part of the sites multi-pass network. Other than that the site is very straight forward, if you have any troubles while on the site be sure to click on the support click and email the webmasters who run the site.



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This is one of the best hardcore websites that you will find on the internet. Doghouse Digital is the leader of hardcore porn. These guys sure know what their members want. They listen to the members and make porn to suit their members needs. I have never come across a website that listens so much to their members. The site has a massive collection of hardcore videos. 229 and counting.

Pros & Cons

  • + 229 Videos
  • + 11 Image Galleries
  • + Hot Content
  • + Great Design
  • + Loads of extras