Exxxcellent 2488 Exxxcellent Exxxcellent hammers down on hardcore porn and there's a huge selection of secondary niches to keep things interesting.
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Exxxcellent hammers down on hardcore porn and there's a huge selection of secondary niches to keep things interesting. Enjoy scenes available in glorious HD starring some of the most gorgeous women doing some of the most nastiest things known to man. There's also a mix of softcore and hardcore pictures for members to indulge in not to mention the seemingly endless amount of bonus video feeds members have the luxury of viewing.

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To put it as simple as possible Exxxcellent is a general hardcore site, though don't let that fact turn you off because there's a myriad of secondary niches the episodes cover other than the dominant primary hardcore niche. Obviously they offer straight hardcore scenes involving a foxy lady and a studly dude, though you'll also come across some arousing solo masturbation scenes, threesomes, steamy lesbian outings, gooey cumshot endings, and great POV porn. If you're a hardcore fan you're pretty much set here with a nice amount of content and a diverse selection to choose from too.

Not only are the naughty acts of sex diverse but there's also quite the buffet of different types of pussy to indulge your eyes with. They've included fresh faced teens to middle aged milfs, perky titted wonders and massive melon wielding broads. They're also available in different flavors from exotic Asians, beautiful blondes, chunky assed ebony ladies, brunette goddesses, feisty Latina hotties, and raunchy redheads. Needless to say no matter what kind of women you prefer there's bound to be more than a couple here that will strike your fancy, and from what I've seen they all put up quite a good performance.

The first featured episode was uploaded all the way back in 2006 on January starring a lovely blonde teen getting ganged on by two guys. 2 years later and the site is still very active on updates with new content pumped in to the site on a daily basis, some days there are even two updates and with information on upcoming episodes and when their ETAs are members can sleep easy in knowing that there's always something new to look forward to. In total there are 145 full length scenes, 530 hardcore photo sets, and close to a thousand softcore photo sets. Now I'm fairly certain that I have seen some of the episodes on other sites before so the content doesn't seem to be exclusive to the site, some of it may be though they haven't pointed it out, though it may be the reason why they have managed to conjure up such a huge archive of content within 2 years. At the end of the day you've got a massive collection of porn at your finger tips which is more important for some people rather than the exclusivity of the content.

It looks as though the people behind Exxxcelent have been working tirelessly to keep up to date with video standards, see back then the highest quality videos come in encoding rates of (800kbps @ 640x480) this version is still available to stream and download off the site though if you're after quality you'll want to head straight to the HD content which are available in ball busting encoding rates of (4200kbps @ 1280x720) so yes they are true HD videos unlike some sites which say they have HD but fall a little short on the specs. Like the older versions the HD videos can be downloaded in wmv format with no DRM restrictions, or streamed off the site in flash. To be honest I was actually quite surprised to find HD content on this site, pleasantly surprised of course. All 145 episodes also come with screen shots though they weren't that impressive, especially considering that they were taken from the older videos. If however you're after quality photo content you'll want to head to the hardcore and softcore photos.

Adding both the softcore and hardcore galleries together there's a grand total of close to 1540 individual photo sets to browse through (which could take quite some time) and seeing as there's a new photo set uploaded every one to two days that collection is going to take quite some time to finish. When it comes to quality I've to say that the consistency isn't that high, well as far as clarity, colors, and lighting goes they're all quite decent it's when we come to the issue of size where things start to rise and drop especially with the older photo sets though I'll be honest and say they never get too tiny. The newer photo sets however offer some decently sized images sometimes measuring in at (1600x1066 pixels) and given the superb clarity of the photos they're quite pleasing on the eyes to say the very least. Anyway the bulk of the photos are great while the older ones tend to be average.

With a massive collection of porn to go through bonus content would pretty much be overkill but they've gone ahead and given their members some bonus feeds to play around with anyway. All up there are 48 feeds to go through, each one covers a different niche so there's quite the variety of porn you have at your disposal. Keep in mind though that they aren't available in the gorgeous HD content like the videos on this site plus they aren't downloadable. Either way it's always nice to have bonus content just in case you want to mix things up a little and need a break from all the hardcore goodness happening on Exxxcellent.

Nav, Design & Features

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In two words the tour pages for Exxxcellent are mouth watering! Amongst all the beautiful naked ladies within the top banner there is also a generous amount of information regarding their content and they have really emphasized on the HD content as well (as one would of course). As you make your way down the tour pages you'll be treated with delicious sample pictures of some of the hottest ladies available on the site. Now if the sample pictures don't do it for you (which they probably anyway) non-members have the benefit of taking a sneak peek of the HD quality and what kind of content they can expect to see within by playing the free trailers. The tour pages will certainly do their job and dare I say is one of the more inviting tour pages I've seen in a while.

Things tend to dull down a little once you make it to the members area, it looks a lot less flashy than the tour pages but at least the site does look neat thanks to the set up they have where every thing is nicely spaced out the site never looks cluttered. They've used a blue black and white color scheme which actually looks quite nice. So even though the home page may not look as modern and as flashy as the tour pages it's still very easy on the eyes. At the top there's a simple top banner with the Exxxcellent HD logo. There are a few ads though they are quite small and are found towards the bottom of the site so they don't obstruct the view.

Once members have fired up the main members area they will immediately be presented with a list of the 30 latest updates including both video and photo set uploads. The top right corner of the main members area dons the navigation menu, this includes links to the softcore and hardcore photo galleries, the featured videos gallery, and the bonus feeds portal page. Below the navigation menu is a simple search engine, members can pick what kind of media to search through i.e pictures, movies, etc. and type in keywords such as model's names and niches doing so will present members with a list of all the content which have been tagged with those keywords.

Other things situated down the right side of the site include links to both the picture and movie of the day, and a list of the next 12 future updates. The middle section of the homepage includes your history showing members the last 12 episodes they checked out. At the very bottom of the members area is the top rated list for the video feeds, these were obviously voted by other members so you can be sure that they're the best of the best.

The video gallery currently spans across 15 indexed pages containing up to 10 scenes per page. The scenes are presented via 5 thumbnails which feature screen shots taken from the video file to give members a rough idea of what the scene involves, below the 5 thumbnails are links to both the video stream and download section, and the screen shots gallery. On clicking the link marked watch full movie members will be taken to a page with the video stream window smack bang in the middle of the page. Below this window members can choose what quality they wish to stream the video in by utilizing the links. At the bottom of this page is where the download links are situated, simply clicking on these will automatically start the download.

Both the softcore and hardcore picture galleries are pretty much identical in set up. Like the video gallery these galleries also span across indexed pages with up to 40 photo sets per page. The photo sets are presented via single thumbnail which features a lovely portrait of the gorgeous star. Information about the gallery can be found below the thumbnails including the name of the model, when the photo set was uploaded, the general rating of the gallery, and how many pictures are available in the set. Browsing through the individual images can be done in browser and it's a pretty standard process so if you've ever browsed a picture gallery before you won't have any troubles here. The only feature worth pointing out is that members have the option of downloading the entire gallery in a single zip file.

So that pretty much does it for the features and navigation of the site aside from looking simple the site itself is simple to navigate as well. I didn't come across any bumps which I found annoying enough to bag out as the site was designed quite well. Accessing the pictures and videos is simple and even though the search tool available was basic I still found use out of it. All in all I give the features and navigation aspect of Exxxcellent two thumbs up.



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To be honest I was actually quite surprised with how great a site Exxxcellent turned out to be. Of course it's the quality of the HD videos and the decent size of their archive which makes the site so appealing. Also worth mentioning is the nice variety of hardcore content members have access to and the mountains of picture content was also quite a treat. With new updates being uploaded on a daily basis their huge archive is only going to get bigger and sweeter.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great HD videos
  • + Nice variety of hardcore scenes
  • + Good amount of content
  • + Daily updates
  • + Access to tons of video feeds
  • + Site is easy to navigate
  • + Diverse line up of sexy hotties