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Moms That Cheat 2235 Moms That Cheat Ever wondered what horny housewives moms do when their husbands go to work or go out for a while.
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Moms That Cheat

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Moms That Cheat

Short Review

Ever wondered what horny housewives moms do when their husbands go to work or go out for a while? This site gives you a path inside the secret world of desperately horny bitches the things they do when their mans back is turned. Membership of the Moms That Cheat site gives members access to 19 Adult sites and 1 Celebrity Fake photo video content site. The MTC site belongs in the All Elite Pass collection and members are able to download over 32,000 videos picture content in MPEG and WMV.

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The poor lonely sluts on this site seek out cocks when their husbands are busy. How could you blame them, if they just happen to meet some hot stud that gets her pussy all juicy. Locked up at home all lonely, nothing to do? That doesnt stop the hotties on this site from having a good time, these horny sluts have a way of finding a way to pass the day away.

I found that the content wasnt easily accessible and the navigation of the site was a little difficult. This is disappointing because the site and the idea for the content is actually pretty good, but I think the fact that members cant access the content easily is a huge downfall. The video and picture content is not displayed in the usual layout style of an Adult site. To view the video content members just scroll down the main page and select the scene/ clip that they would like to view. There is no clear or separate easy to access section that contains the videos or the picture content. If members just click on a video scene display image, this selection will not bring up the entire download options. Members need to select the Download Full Movie option and this will bring up the entire download options including scenes that have been split into parts. Not all of the video scenes on the site have matching picture sets, but if there is a set from the video scene members want to view it is well worth the look at the hi quality images.

I watched Alanas scene on this site and I thought it was really funny and really well done. Alana and her rescuer have fun with this scene and they make an attractive couple to watch while they fuck. Alans roadside helper, helps her break in her new tits while her husband is gone and she really knows how to give a good headjob too. Alana proves to be a bad little horny housewife that will do almost anything for a good fuck.

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After signing in members will be taken to the All Elite Pass main page, members will need to scroll down the page and select the Moms That Cheat site from the collection displayed. The Teen Tuggers site is located on the right hand side of the Elite Pass page, three rows down from the top of the display. Alternately members can use the Quick Site Change drop down menu to be directed to the Moms That Cheat main members page.

Located at the top of the Elite Pass main page there is a navigation bar that remains at the top of all of the Elite Pass site collection members pages. The options in the navigation bar are Home, Updates, Exclusive Sites, DVD Archive, Search, Find a Date and Live Chat. All of the options displayed in the navigation bar are self explanatory and with the Quick Site Change drop down menu in the top right side of the page members will find the navigation of the site relatively easy. The navigation features on this site are disorganized and it makes navigating around the site and viewing the content difficult.

To view the video content members will need to scroll down the main page to the video scene display images and click on an image. By just clicking on an image from a video scene the format options are to download the full video using MPEG and Windows Media Video. The live streaming option on the site is not working at the moment. If members select Download full movie instead of clicking the display image, members will be directed to a page with the same display image. At the bottom of that page is the option for members to download the video in part scenes, unfortunately the scenes once downloaded only run for about 26 seconds.

To bring up all of the video content member will need to click on the View All Videos option that is in blue underlined text at the top of the Latest Video section on the main site page. This will bring up more video selections, but down the bottom of the screen there is a choice for members to select what page they would like to view. This choice option is not functioning at the moment and members arent able to select a different page of videos to view. I recommend selecting the Download The Full Video option or members can right click and add the content to their own private collection. The video screen size using WMV is 480 x 360 with the option to increase the screen to full size and the download speed was 64 kbps.

The picture sets of the video scenes on the site are not available for every scene, if the scene has a matching image set members are able to view it by clicking the View the Gallery option under the Photos section of the scene. If there are no images for a scene there will be a (No Photos Available) display in the photo section. Members can also download in a zip file the picture gallery of their choice, if they choose to rather just viewing the pictures on the site. The size of the pictures on the MTC site are 158671 bytes and the dimensions are 818 x 1226. The pictures are quite large and are hi resolution.



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I was disappointed with the navigation features and the slightly confusing way the content was displayed. But I was impressed with the content quality and the creative content ideas on this site. Members that join this site get full access to 19 Adult sites and 1 Celebrity Fake Video & Photo site. Something that members should be aware of is that I got some funny internet explorer windows, that displayed actions simular to mouse trapping.

Pros & Cons

  • + 100% exclusive content
  • + Access to 19 Adult sites
  • + Access to 1 celebrity fake video photo site
  • - Content is not easily accessible
  • - Navigation is confusing